Best flagship killers 2021 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 30 June 2021

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p40 Lite has a 60hz lcd, in an age where even a 90hz oled is not satisfactory.
Lamith, yes they should probs add Mi 11i or 11T, and Realme GT neo (just wait a bit)
M1, they are more than just marketing 'fluid' amoled means it has high refresh rate and super amoled has a range of benefits such as deeper blacks and wide viewing angles.

  • Balu420

Arshiya , 16 Sep 2021Where is the pixle 4xl That phone is 2 years old, and backtgen it was a flagship 😄

  • Arshiya

Where is the pixle 4xl

  • Benne

I need to say that this phone is certainly one of the best phone I ever experience ! The top quality is amazing and performance top class ! This has now an unbeatable price ! Bravo to OnePlus !

  • Saharsh

Realme X7 Max /Realme GT neo is also a flagship killer

  • zafeer

Lordaine, 15 Aug 2021I guess there are an error here for realme gt 5g, they said... moreyou're definitely right
I was going to post but I see you did

  • Anonymous

huawei p40 lite needs to be in list no google service fast charging 40w 6gb ram only for 150$

Ahem! 🥴 Why I'm not seeing iQOO 7 Legend here?
Great aesthetic design
Great cameras
Very good display
Good stereo speakers
Good selfie camera
Decent Battery life with FlashCharger in the box 66W.
Improved UI and Interface.
Lastly, Below 40,000 INR/roughly translating to $536- USD

The check ✅ list for this mobile device easily makes it eligible to be in the Flagship Killer segment.

  • Lordaine

I guess there are an error here for realme gt 5g, they said it has a dedicated microsd slot

Isn't the Mi 11i more of a flagship killer than the standard 11 right now?

Said Abdelmohsen, 31 Jan 2021What is the difference between all models.. Kb2001. 2.3.5 ... moreboth are amoled, 'fluid' 'super' are just marketing terms.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Flagship killers need to have great value but that doesn't mean they have to be cheap as long they provide a powerful specs for reasonable price they count and since we live in world where top end phones have 1200 to 1400 dollar price tag providing similar specs for almost half the price should be counted as a flagship killer

Tall Asian, 31 Jan 2021nahread the title genius

What is the difference between all models.. Kb2001. 2.3.5
I noted low brightness at the Indian global version. Why?
Really there is a big difference at resolution vs Samsung phone.. Which is better fluid amoled or super amoled?

AnonD-973296, 21 Jan 2021no, these are flagship killersnah

  • AnonD-973296

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021It is not a flahshipno, these are flagship killers

  • Anonymous

It is not a flahship

  • SAMY

When the mi105g is near 450 eu,G20fe5g is 100 eu more i don'dt see any reason for G20FE to be Flagman killer.GSM arena,pls think....

  • Anonymous

Leonid Ivanov, 06 Dec 2020Why pft ?same performance as to Mi 10T Pro minus the IOS, less storage and lower megapixels(better camera sensor though). And it is only for $350-$500(depending on where you purchase it). The standard Mi 10T definitely is THE flagship killer of 2020 the same way that Pocophone F1 was the flagship killer of 2018. The price to overall build quality and performance ratio is really just that good.

X50 5G PRO for 400€ on and! 8 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM version

For some context: MI 10T PRO 540€, ONEPLUS 8T 600€

My decision is made.