Best flagship killers 2021 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 20 October 2021

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  • SAMY

When the mi105g is near 450 eu,G20fe5g is 100 eu more i don'dt see any reason for G20FE to be Flagman killer.GSM arena,pls think....

  • Anonymous

Leonid Ivanov, 06 Dec 2020Why pft ?same performance as to Mi 10T Pro minus the IOS, less storage and lower megapixels(better camera sensor though). And it is only for $350-$500(depending on where you purchase it). The standard Mi 10T definitely is THE flagship killer of 2020 the same way that Pocophone F1 was the flagship killer of 2018. The price to overall build quality and performance ratio is really just that good.

X50 5G PRO for 400€ on and! 8 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM version

For some context: MI 10T PRO 540€, ONEPLUS 8T 600€

My decision is made.

Optional, 15 Nov 2020Mi 10t: pfftWhy pft ?

  • Optional

Mi 10t: pfft

don't forget bout the lg's flagship the v50 and v60 thinq and there's the headphone jack.

I'll define flagship killer as "extremely cheap phone with flagship chipset". So yes, even if you give me a Nexus 5 with a Snapdragon 865 chipset, I'll still consider it a flagship killer all right. So these are the 7 cheapest:

Redmi K30S/Mi 10T
iQOO Neo3 5G
realme X50 Pro Player Edition
Redmi K30 Pro/Poco F2 Pro
iPhone SE (2020)
Black Shark 3
iQOO 3 5G

how come poco f2 pro or k30 ultra is not in this list?

  • Endrukk

Last time I checked the price of a flagship killer it was cheaper than a flagship. If a Flagship killer is $500+ I'm buying a flagship for 600. OR an Iphone for 700 and no problem for thee next 3-4 years

Don't get why every chinese manufacturer wants to be the new huawei

  • Anonymous

What about 200-300 pricerange phones?

nomoreflagshipkiller, 17 Aug 2020if the flagship killer cost more than $500 bucks its not a ... moreWhen flagships like s20+, ultra, Note20Ultra arecosting ~1000$ +, then surely 500$ realme is a flaghsip killer. Its half the price.

nomoreflagshipkiller, 17 Aug 2020if the flagship killer cost more than $500 bucks its not a ... moreInflation and expected features have changed a lot since 2014. The One+One was half about half the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that came out the same year.

$500 is quite a bit less than the high end flagships out there now. Sure, you can get phones cheaper than $500. But they're usually not trying to compete with the $1400 flagships.

  • nomoreflagshipkiller

if the flagship killer cost more than $500 bucks its not a flagship killer, remember when the One+One came out that was flagship killer ,

  • Anonymous

Noob, 21 Apr 2020Sir which flagship has an sd card slot?Samsung Note series, 8, 10 etc

  • Pele

In my usual scenarios i don't need 5x telefoto, record performance and very fast charging. But i need wireless charging to put phone on the night table before sleep without searching for the wire and aiming at the connector. Yours best flagship killers don't have this.

The Realme X50 Pro's new update means it can now record in 4K 60fps

  • Noob

SkyPunisher, 31 Dec 2019How they can be "Flagship killers" if they don't manage at ... moreSir which flagship has an sd card slot?

  • oPaGanDasTyle

well, Mi9 are not in "flagship killer" list, at 450 euros, and have it all, it should be in that category. since Mi9 SE is in compact section, Mi9 deserve a place in this too!

For 450 when launched you have 1080p AMOLED screen, IR blaster, SD855, Fast Wireless Charging, IDFS...whats wrong with you guys?!

Mi9, sure the most underated phone of the year...of the last year, and even this year will be, we can find the 6/128GB for less than 350 euros, so is for sure a flagship killer!

How they can be "Flagship killers" if they don't manage at even putting the basics right, like a freaking MicroSD expansion slot, that even mid-low range phones does have.

Letrix, 04 Dec 2019559$ was the launch price for OP7Price today is less than $400. All the prices shown are very recent prices, not launch prices. The oneplus 7t can be now found for a little over $400.