Google Pixel 4 review

29 Nov 2019

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  • 09 Dec 2019

One of the worst things about the Pixel 4's camera is its white balance. Google needs to give us the option to turn machine learning white balance off and bring back the white balance presets.

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    • 08 Dec 2019

    I am using a lot of phones in the moment huawei pixel samsung and testing them everyday, only can say nothing come close to iphone 11 pro max, the best phone ever made, smooth performance with anything you can imagine even the most intensive apps that lags sometimes on other phones, 11 pro max can handle everything. A13 is beast and the others need a few years to catch up, the camera is really good and video quality is the best on the market, and the battery is amazing love this phone, i am not fan boy love ios and android both.

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      • 08 Dec 2019

      hey google its 2019 !

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        • 07 Dec 2019

        Did it just say 2800 mah?

          AlexG, 06 Dec 2019iPhone 11 doesn't even come close to Pixel 4... Pixel 4 is ... moreBuild quality: iPhone's side frame is made out of stainless steel, whereas Pixel uses soft aluminium frame that bends and snaps thanks to horrible antenna band placements. iPhone 11 Pro wins the first round.

          Display: Pixel 4's panel has a higher refresh rate, which is nice, but iPhone 11 Pro has a higher resolution and can get twice as bright, while also being more colour accurate with no calibration issue whatsoever. iPhone also wins here.

          Camera: They are equally good in daylight and nighttime photos, in some scenes Pixel performs better, in others iPhone does. However, iPhone 11 Pro has a third UWA lens and massively superiour video recording capability. iPhone wins easily.

          Battery: According to GSMArena's battery test, iPhone 11 Pro lasts 38% longer in browsing and 35% longer in video playback. And in standby iOS drains less juice compared to Android, which is especially the case when you have opened a lot of apps in the background. iPhone wins, again.

          Biometrics: Although Pixel 4 is on an equal ground to iPhone 11 Pro when it comes to face unlock speed, the former is still waiting for an update that prevents a random stranger from picking up and unlock your phone even when you're sleeping. For now iPhone wins.

          Performance: SD855 vs A13, enough said. iPhone wins.

          Software: Each of Android and iOS has their own pros and cons. It's up to a personal preference, so it's a tie. As for the file management system, iOS has a pretty decent file system now and I don't think it'll cause an issue for most users.

          Ecosystem: No other companies beat Apple in this category. iPhone wins.

          Pixel 4 can't compete with or even remotely get close to iPhone 11 Pro, sorry. You see a huge difference in price between those two because in this case the more expensive one is an overall better phone. At best Pixel 4 is a close enough rival to the regular iPhone 11, but still not exactly on the same level.

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            • 06 Dec 2019

            Nick Tagataka, 06 Dec 2019If people around me were looking to buy this phone, I would... moreiPhone 11 doesn't even come close to Pixel 4... Pixel 4 is a direct competitor to iPhone 11 pro even though there big price gap between two phones. iPhone 11 pro only better in wide shots as it has third Len and battery, while the Pixel better AI, photos, face unlock with the new feature and file management as it always been.

              Dolanescu, 06 Dec 2019I have a Pixel 2XL and a Pixel 3... both phones are great..... moreIf people around me were looking to buy this phone, I would recommend them to buy an iPhone 11 instead, for real. There's no real benefit of buying this thing over Apple's offering (which is especially true for this year) - Top notch SoC specs for at least next 2 years, minimum of 4 years of software support, quality display, great battery life, premium build quality, powerful ecosystem... none of which are being offered by Pixel 4. Oh, and iPhone retains value for longer period of time and is more affordable than Pixel. What's not to like about it?

              Overall, there's no way to deny that Pixel lineup has been Google's miserable attempt to copy iPhone, and this time around it's more pathetic than ever. There are plenty of Android phones that are more attractive than Pixel 4: S10, Mi 9, OnePlus 7T, etc... Heck, personally I would even buy Xperia 5 or Google-less Mate 30 Pro over this phone.

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                • 06 Dec 2019

                What a joke. Incredible the blind fans. Now if a phone is not updated with new software features is a "brick" after one year... I have 5 or more years old phones never updated that works like the first day and perfectly useful today even with old Android versions, even one with the Android 4.2.1 and it rocks and more confortable for my pocket that the big actual whales i own too.

                This phone has a poor hardware for its price and that can't be hidden by software. Several Pixel phones already have a poor history with a lot of hardware failures, bad displays, microphone issues, antennas, bad audio, etc, that needed to be addressed by their poor and slow custom services. Not even worth consider buying a Google Pixel out of USA due to that too.

                  I have a Pixel 2XL and a Pixel 3... both phones are great... no competition on the market...

                  With pixel's your phone is always updated and receive more functions...
                  I have on both Android 10... Night Sight/Astrophoto/digital zoom/Live focus/ live caption/Google Recorder... etc... etc...

                  Compare this with an S8/S9 or other phones in the same years(not with Chinese craps where after one year your phone will be an expensive brick with nothing new)...

                  If you buy a Pixel you will be happy over 3 years... if you buy any other android phone... you will be happy maximum in the first-year ;)

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                    • 06 Dec 2019

                    Anonymous, 05 Dec 2019You cannot want a relatively small phone and then buy one w... moretotally agree. i'm a big fan of google (in general) but this is not how 2019 phones look like

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                      • 05 Dec 2019

                      Anonymous, 05 Dec 2019It's a lovely size though. Apparently, lots of people still... moreYou cannot want a relatively small phone and then buy one with large top and bottom bezels. Get a proper Galaxy S10 or S10e instead of that rip-off.

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                        • 05 Dec 2019

                        Wolty, 01 Dec 2019 Battery life sucks, overall system performance is average... moreIt's a lovely size though. Apparently, lots of people still want a relatively small phone, so that's one good point.

                          3a was better because it was cheaper and was basically the same phone

                            I've seen some great smartphones last 24-48 hours on the front page. Why is this pathetic joke of a phone getting so much airtime?

                              Usage2Pro, 03 Dec 2019what is google management thinking? 1 year once flagship mo... morewhy lcd

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                                • 04 Dec 2019

                                worst phone ever period.

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                                  • 04 Dec 2019

                                  Geric.770, 03 Dec 2019There's so much to hate this phone. But I still give cre... moreThat is probably the only credit. For a phone that booast of its photo quality, lease they could do is update the sensor as well to keep themselves competitive.

                                  I don't hate it, i just find it out of place for the pricing they are asking.

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                                    • 04 Dec 2019

                                    Anonymous, 03 Dec 2019A: Xiaomi is 4th in world, ahead of oppo and vivo B: Just ... moreJust typical Google Pixel users who try to defend its phone because it's extremely hideous.

                                    Yes Xiaomi is the top brand in India, the Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro was so successful (there is news for that) just like the older Redmi Note 7 sometime ago, because it sells so fast. Xiaomi and certain Chinese OEMs are stepping up in reliability and quality.

                                    Maybe I'll just stick to my iPhone and Realme X2 Pro. Enjoy your Booble Pixel with that mediocre hardware.

                                      what is google management thinking? 1 year once flagship model became a joke of the year?
                                      it's should be 5 mics , 5 camera , 5000mah , 6" LCD , 4 speaker , with Cree LED 150lux flashlight , latest wifi , 5G or even latest . and bundle with BT5.0 bluetooth earbud

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                                        • 03 Dec 2019

                                        Anonymous, 03 Dec 2019A: Xiaomi is 4th in world, ahead of oppo and vivo B: Just ... moreA: edited, xiaomi is around oppo these days, it was not the case for past 3 odd quarters
                               So I can read this, you can have a read too...
                                        B: If you are going country route, check market share in india as a bonus......