Google Pixel 4 review

29 Nov 2019

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3a was better because it was cheaper and was basically the same phone

I've seen some great smartphones last 24-48 hours on the front page. Why is this pathetic joke of a phone getting so much airtime?

Usage2Pro, 03 Dec 2019what is google management thinking? 1 year once flagship mo... morewhy lcd

  • Anonymous

worst phone ever period.

Geric.770, 03 Dec 2019There's so much to hate this phone. But I still give cre... moreThat is probably the only credit. For a phone that booast of its photo quality, lease they could do is update the sensor as well to keep themselves competitive.

I don't hate it, i just find it out of place for the pricing they are asking.

  • I'mPhone

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2019A: Xiaomi is 4th in world, ahead of oppo and vivo B: Just ... moreJust typical Google Pixel users who try to defend its phone because it's extremely hideous.

Yes Xiaomi is the top brand in India, the Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro was so successful (there is news for that) just like the older Redmi Note 7 sometime ago, because it sells so fast. Xiaomi and certain Chinese OEMs are stepping up in reliability and quality.

Maybe I'll just stick to my iPhone and Realme X2 Pro. Enjoy your Booble Pixel with that mediocre hardware.

what is google management thinking? 1 year once flagship model became a joke of the year?
it's should be 5 mics , 5 camera , 5000mah , 6" LCD , 4 speaker , with Cree LED 150lux flashlight , latest wifi , 5G or even latest . and bundle with BT5.0 bluetooth earbud

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2019A: Xiaomi is 4th in world, ahead of oppo and vivo B: Just ... moreA: edited, xiaomi is around oppo these days, it was not the case for past 3 odd quarters So I can read this, you can have a read too...
B: If you are going country route, check market share in india as a bonus......

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2019Did you read my comments before? Although I didn't show num... moreA: Xiaomi is 4th in world, ahead of oppo and vivo
B: Just because it is in your city, does not mean it holds true elsewhere in the world too.. that is like me saying that since there are 5 rolls royce between 100 people in my locality, there are 350 million rolls royce in the world. Again get back to me when you have actual numbers that measure actual metrics of what a defective smartphone is.
If I were to go to your route, xiaomi is number 1 india, and 3rd most trusted one too, right after apple and samsung. Can't have trust without reliability
There is economic times article for same too...
lastly, you are replying to wrong person on wrong topic, While I might not be the person whom you addressed your link to (what you referred to as previous comments), that link was pretty useless in measuring manufacturing defects or hardware induced failures

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Kuba, 03 Dec 2019useless phone. Google should check Meizu 16s to see how not... moreI agree with you.

  • Kuba

useless phone. Google should check Meizu 16s to see how notchless beautiful display should look like. the look of pixel 4 is ridiculous.

This phone series could have been epic if Google just decides to go that extra mile and offer users a little more than what they think the users need.
Eg: if Google thinks 2800 mAH is sufficient, give users at-least 3500 mAh.

  • Toad

Its really seems like a waste of money and resources to manufacture this phone....

There's so much to hate this phone.

But I still give credits to Google for including Astrophotography on their GCam though. :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2019Mind sharing percentage, proven and verified? Otherwise you... moreDid you read my comments before? Although I didn't show numbers but it can give you clear perception of HOW MUCH. Do you think manufacturers will show you numbers of their defective/failure rate itself? Of course they won't unless somebody else doing that.
Here's what I know, this is only limited in my city, oppo sales are in par with samsung, and at least it twice (or more) than xiaomi sales. But the total failed xiaomi units are still far higher than combined oppo+vivo here, oppo+vivo cases are both software and hardware issues while xiaomi cases are mostly hardware failure related only (not including replaced parts because user's fault such screen crack from accident drops). That's my claim, although not specific numbers.

Btw your previous claims about "Xiaomi also sells more than Oppo and Vivo" is what we called worthless claims as anecdotes that fit with what you said before. although oppo/vivo/xiaomi sales are on the same level (on global rank), but oppo sales often wins over xiaomi, and vivo sometime can win against xiaomi.

And specifically in my country (on national level) oppo sales got 22,7% market share while xiaomi only 13,8%

Im turning back your words here. Don't make claims that worthless as anecdotes, please

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Nick Tagataka, 02 Dec 2019Pixel 4 always uses Google's machine learning AWB system th... moreBrighter shadows isn't the only reason for purple shadows of the Pixel 4. A Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 doesn't suffer from this issue so much. Google seems to expose worse and I think the new noise reduction algorithms handle purple shadows worse.

  • Anonymous

I'mPhone, 02 Dec 2019That article you mentioned is actually biased. Failure r... moreyou based your opinion based from you knew some people around you who got their xiaomi and no problems, now I came showing you with a bigger sample and numbers of evidences also some articles too, and you still fooling yourself..

remember what you said that "Besides, you already know more people are using it all over the world, second to Samsung or Apple" while everyone here knew that position was filled by Huawei, then the next position are in tight by oppo/vivo/xiaomi. I gave you some correction here too.

Now, remember what you said first?
"Just some crap I'm hearing from you.
There are hardly any battery issues, unlike its Vivo and Oppo counterpart. Also, I know some people using the Redmi 4a and Note 4/5 here and the phone still goes strong with almost no issues. Educate yourself, please"
Based from how many facts/evidence i gave you it shows and your not-convincing-evidence you gave, its prove that you have some serious problems here. How about you help yourself first? Im turning back you words back to you, educate yourself first, so you won't give some crap here

  • Love the Community

I'mPhone, 02 Dec 2019Can just get a great 90Hz display phone with $100-200 less.... moreThe Tencent and Indian original version (8GB/128GB) is 60% of the Pixel 4 XL price and is still more souped up than it except the camera of course, rather no, screw that because specs wise, RoG Phone 2 a la Zenfone 6 cameras are better than Pixel 4.

GCam can make it better than Pixel 4.

  • I'mPhone

jtrogr, 02 Dec 2019Why is everyone so hyped for the 90Hz? Its something you st... moreCan just get a great 90Hz display phone with $100-200 less.

Asus ROG Phone 2 costs about the same and yet has 120Hz display.

Depends on your preference actually but I won't recommend the Pixel.

  • I'mPhone

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2019first of all, oppo sales here in my city are far higher tha... moreThat article you mentioned is actually biased.

Failure rates mean even small drops in performance? S7 and S8 having the highest failure rates? Of course it's because there are a lot of people using those phones. Build quality (and/or even repairability) has improved in most brands. S7 is actually quite a tough phone. And remember, phones that are older will certainly perform less well (battery, speed, etc.), even the iPhone does.

So please, give me a better article as citation so I can at least correct myself.