OnePlus 7T long-term review

11 Dec 2019

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  • Anonymous

No one buying this at the price they offer.
Better phones out there

  • alfaxavier

How can I customize the One Plus shelf for Google Discover without rooting?

The best $200 I have spent in a while was picking up a 6T earlier this year. Liked it so much decided to Preorder the 7 Pro McLaren 5G. What a beautiful device.

  • Mg

das, 12 Dec 2019What about reception, ear piece, microphone and speaker per... moreNice one 😂

  • Max Payne

Absolutely agree, Oneplus is definitely giving the best user experience among android phones. Paying a bit of premium and buying a last or last to last generation Iphone X/Xs can also give a great user experience as well at similar cost. Yesterday Best Buy was retailing the Iphone Xs for $650 unlocked, which I believe is subjectively a better deal, but its a one off deal. I have used both & I can vouch that the OLED screen on the iPhones is quite a bit better than OP7T, although the refresh rate does make it up a bit. Still OP7T and the 7Pro(not T) are the best full price smartphone deals one can get above $600

  • das

What about reception, ear piece, microphone and speaker performance/quality?

Some of us still talk on phones......

  • Anonymous

we need long term review for redmi note 8 pro and asus rog phone 2.

  • Tyrone Ty

Very satisfied with my OnePlus 7T! Truly the overall killer phone!

  • Anonymous

Coming from a year of use of Mate 20 Pro, I can really say that I have no regrets in switching to OP7T. My overall OnePlus experience has been great so far, no questions asked, no complaints whatsoever. Thumbs up OnePlus on delivering good android experience to us customers.

  • Anonymous

Been using this phone daily since I received it a few days after launch. I've fallen completely in love with it. First purchase I've made in years that has exceeded my expectations. It's been a joy to use. I've been getting better battery life than stated in the review: a little over 4 hours of screen on time with 50% charge used (I try to keep the battery between 75% and 25% - it has only been fully charged once). Try one out if you can.

  • Anonymous

Thank you for those last two paragraphs, I wish a lot of people on this page understood that.