Motorola Moto G8 Plus review

13 Dec 2019

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  • Henus

Samuel, 26 May 2020I have Two Moto G3 mobile past from 4 years i am using it w... moreI used to have a moto G5 which was one of the first phones that was released when they collaborated with Lenovo, and its now broken beyond repair but if it was still in a good condition, it would have probably been a bit slow but fine in general

  • Samuel

I have Two Moto G3 mobile past from 4 years i am using it without any problem. Now i am worried to buy Moto G8 plus, bcoz of lenovo collaborated. Help me whether G8 plus is good to buy or no.

  • Vlado-99

Is Moto G8 Plus working with car infotainment?

I tried hard to connect my Moto G5 Plus (Android 8.1) to Skoda (VW group mark) infotainment without success. Probably there is some problem with mirrorlink, because phone's screen is not visible on car's tablet.

I need this mainly for Google maps navigation.

Will upgrade to G8 Plus solve my problem?

  • Anonymous

Does it support dual volte

  • th3aman

MaxsoundCarAudio, 19 Dec 2019At the end of the day for £239 a phone with great bat... moreFrom the Droid 1 then 2 to Motorola G 4..e 5 plus...G7power....Every one of them were very good and some great. For the$ you can't get a more reliable better quality and easy to operate phone than a Motorola

  • Ric

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2020motorola mobil is veary good smart phune i.lick this mobil ... moreI think Motorola phones really last lomger like nokia.. I have been using Motorola g5 plus and it's still fast and works smoothly.
But due to repair work the screen has been pull out and now I am 😫 experiencing issues with the options and notification.

  • Anonymous

Moto is very good mobile's i have a Moto c plas

  • Anonymous

motorola mobil is veary good smart phune i.lick this mobil i using moto c plas 5 yr it is no problem .theaks motorola

  • Um

smartphone junkie, 07 Jan 2020The redmi note 8 is €128 at aliexpress. The moto is twice ... moreRedmi note has 2 cameras and this one 4 plus xiamoi has less ram and is made cheaply.

The redmi note 8 is €128 at aliexpress. The moto is twice that price. Can you compare those two?

  • Rosssinc

Unfortunately I have upgraded from my G6 plus as I tend to do every two (had the G4 plus before that) to the G8 plus. The camera performance is EXTREMELY disappointing. Sharpness and detail are sadly lacking and the G6 plus left it standing in those areas. Great battery life, nice screen, good sound, rubbish camera sums it up.

No doubt the blind fanboys club of huawei, xiaomi, realme, vivo etc id getting bigger, as overall idiocy everywhere...there is no point in criticizing things that you do not have, when somebody buys something and results in a bag choice, it is right to complain and rant, nobody forces anyone to get anything

  • Anonymous

motorola is a joke. even my previous old asus zenfone 2 back in 2015 had 18W Fast charging.

  • James

I owned Moto Razr back in 2006 and in Smart phones used Moto X, Nexus 6, Moto X force and now Moto Z2 force and it's innovative battery/projector mods. All of them had some thing unique about them. The great thing is that all of their phones run stock Android and they offer good user experience. I am sure Moto G8 plus would live up to its reputation. Motorola should concentrate more on faster software updates, which would keep them competitive.

  • Anonymous

soares, 16 Dec 2019When I hear Motorola it just sounds like "no!".Not really no

Tomothy, 19 Dec 2019Finally!!! The voice of reason. i couldnt agree with you... moreSince I had Moto G3 and GTurbo, I didn't get G4 series. Hence I am unable to give much opinion about 4 series.

But fortunately I was able to spend some time with G4 play and it was a pleasant experience. No nonsense phone, but bit underpowered. However, with nearly vanilla Android, it was a smooth experience.

  • Tomothy

Vic4BBM, 14 Dec 2019G line up was promising till Moto G3. But once everything w... moreFinally!!!

The voice of reason. i couldnt agree with you more! I had the the very first moto G 4G and it was awesome but now motorola have diluted their product line and i agree quality has suffered as a consequence.

  • MaxsoundCarAudio

At the end of the day for £239 a phone with great battery life, super loud stereo speakers, clear calls Inc hands free, good cameras, Duel SIM, almost pure stock Android well this is more than enough for most of us. I've tried all the top high end phones like oneplus, Samsung etc and for £1000 they still aren't perfect so is that

  • Anonymous

Daniel, 17 Dec 2019A plastic back... SMH. Seems like we are going backwards on... moreGlass shatters, plastic does not!

Osagie, 15 Dec 2019Motorola is a disgrace in making phones. They can't make a ... moreLOL, you mean shake the world with a whopping $1000-$1200 price tag? No thanks.