LG V50 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen review

17 Dec 2019

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GSM Arena gives all the credit they could in entire article, which I think this phone deserved!

LG had fracked up soo many times in the past nobody wants their phones no more. And V50 is what V40 should have been....!!

I hope they make excellent G9 and V60 in 2020, the year of revolutionary Galaxy and iPhone...

  • shlomo

pp, 18 Dec 2019Right thinking with wrong implementation, second screen siz... moresix

Something better than this will come out in a year. It's called Microsoft Surface Duo.

  • pp

Right thinking with wrong implementation, second screen size above 10" with a full feature Linux operation system running connected wirelessly to the panel?

Very strange proposal. Maybe good for gaming, but I really cannot find real life application of such accessory.

I definitely love that Dual Screen accessory, makes much more sense than Samsung's Galaxy Fold. But I'm not sure about that asymmetrical screen, the one for G8X is definitely an improvement with identical screen and notch to one another. But if I buy the G8X, I'll lose the native telephoto camera.

Tough decision here.

  • Anonymous

Sean, 17 Dec 2019Night shots look crapGsmarena said, they are some of the best night shots on Smartphones this year, what are you smoking brah?

  • Ripcord

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2019Such kind of unequal Dual screen doesn't serve any kind of ... moreWhat is there to brag about? It´s like a poor man´s version of a foldable phone.

  • Anonymous

Such kind of unequal Dual screen doesn't serve any kind of satisfactory experience. It is there just to brag about.

  • Anonymous

No battery time result with dual screen power??? Really, useless review !

  • 1

We wait new smartfon in camera tools!

  • Sean

Night shots look crap

  • Slayer

LG may want to make its phones widely available across all regions to improve volume of sales and profitability. Wouldn't hurt to up its game either so as to be more competitive.

This absolutely amazing. It's like multi display pc in a mobile phone... Hope LG will find the path they've lost..

They used to be so good with their phone cameras back in 2013-2016 in both photography & video recording. Ever since 2017, they lost their mojo & never recovered.

I don't know what went wrong, but i sure hope LG finds it's footing again. I have fond memories of using LG phones in the past.