Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review

08 Feb 2020

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  • 17 Nov 2023

Sparrow , 18 Mar 2021Will it supports 5g network in future by updating Yes

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    • ucy
    • 16 Dec 2021

    YUKI93, 29 Jul 2021I can't even fathom why Samsung would bother to launch... moreI know this is a bit late, but it's pretty much the same strategy as the S20 FE series, just an earlier version of it. Since the hype of the S series are dying down, Samsung knows that there is still a market to be picked up before the launch of the new iPhones and the long wait to the next S series phone. These people are those that were not convinced to buy the initial S10, and Samsung took the time to update some things about it, cut down unnecessary flagship affairs and give a phone that costs cheaper and is practical too. Big battery, decent cameras, flagship performance and more.

      I can't even fathom why Samsung would bother to launch this phone in the first place. It was supposed to be the A90 5G replacement since it was called the A91 during the development process. But when comparing this phone and the A90 5G side-by-side, the latter is a much better phone in every way. The A90 5G has Gorilla Glass 6 protection both at the front and at the back. To make things even more ironic, the A90 5G has Samsung DeX support. The only reason that I can think of why anyone would buy this phone is because it was shipped with Android 10 out of the box and it was eligible for three years OS update policy, that's it.

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        • XNE
        • 01 Jun 2021

        S10 lite or A72?

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          • 30 May 2021

          johar, 04 Mar 2021me tooThe same happened to my speakers. And not only that, the usb-connection stopped working properly and in the end only allowing me to recharge the battery in a super-slow speed. But Samsung service shop in Göteborg Sweden did an excellent job by replacing a vital (could have been the major) part of its hardware as part of their guarantee commitment. This came at no expense including a mobile loan during repair.

          I wish to mention one other strange behavior of my Galaxy S10 Lite that have appeared at most of its lifetime (but not all the time). I really don't know what actually causes this to happen (hardware,phone software or my phone operator).

          In a phone call, I can put the 2nd part on hold and connect a 3rd part, BUT I can't connect us all 3 together.

          My phone operator says that my account should allow this to be done.
          AND when Samsung returned my mobile after replacing part of the hardware and reconfigured all software settings it suddenly worked with connecting a 3rd part into a ongoing phone call. But after a while it resumed back to not working for a reason totally unknown to me.

          Not working was the status last time I tested it.
          I believe this is phone related, but I have no proof.

            Sparrow , 18 Mar 2021Will it supports 5g network in future by updating No. It doesn't have the hardware

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              • Sparrow
              • vGk
              • 18 Mar 2021

              Will it supports 5g network in future by updating

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                • 04 Mar 2021

                Bernadette, 25 Jan 2021I purchase a s10 lite only in July 25th 2020 and less than... moreme too

                  tks.ind, 09 Nov 2020Hello, can anyone confirm if the S10 Lite front video have ... moreYes, EIS in the front camera only in 1080p 30pfs.
                  But if you enable HDR EIS will disable.

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                    • 25 Jan 2021

                    I purchase a s10 lite only in July 25th 2020 and less than 6 month something went wrong with the speaker.

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                      • Areola
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                      • 18 Jan 2021

                      Imma buy this badass and use it for playing heavy games ex. Fortnite and Genshin . How long will the battery stay for these !!

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                        • Pawan
                        • Dke
                        • 16 Jan 2021

                        At night full dark with flash front camera images to poor ,Pinkish type

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                          • Hxe
                          • 03 Jan 2021

                          I am using this phone from last 6months, its amazing in performance and gaming ,good Battery Backup & Charged very quickly, photography is average but video stability is top notch. 4.5 out off 5

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                            • Dhp
                            • 28 Dec 2020

                            This phone or Xiaomi mi10t?
                            based on your won experience.

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                              • 7kb
                              • 26 Nov 2020

                              tks.ind, 09 Nov 2020Hello, can anyone confirm if the S10 Lite front video have ... moreNo it does not

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                                • Kamesh
                                • Dkw
                                • 23 Nov 2020

                                Is White color available

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                                  • archie
                                  • 8wk
                                  • 18 Nov 2020

                                  in my coutry the price is 340 worth to buy?

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                                    • tks.ind
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                                    • 09 Nov 2020

                                    Hello, can anyone confirm if the S10 Lite front video have EIS/stabilization or not? Thanks in advance.

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                                      • Arjun Ganeshan
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                                      • 30 Oct 2020

                                      One of the best phones to buy and use. The snapdragon processor is fast and slick. The Battery is a tank and lasts for 1.5 to 2 days even with heavy use. Fast charging of upto 45W. The included charger is 25W and charges the phone in 65 mins. If you use old S8, S9 or S10 15W charger, then phone takes 90 mins to charge. SOT easily 8 to 10 hours. In terms of value in the S10 series, this is the best. Except for IP Rating and Stereo speaker, there is nothing else missing from the flagship. The cameras are above average and almost compete with S10 series phone. This is one phone that you will get cheap and never regret. A happy user!

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                                        • San
                                        • 7tU
                                        • 06 Oct 2020

                                        Endri, 30 Sep 2020s10 lite or s10 plus who is better?If you don't get Snapdragon for Samsung S10 plus then getting Samsung S10 lite is better