Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review

08 Feb 2020

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  • Ali

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2020It is on 30 fps onlyno its 4k 60fps

  • Xad

Does it have an LED notification indicator or not ? Can anyone confirm ?

  • Jahidee

Is there a global variant if the samsung s10 lite which can work in network carriers in Nigeria?

  • Gizmoduck

Does this Phone (Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite) has Gorilla Glass Protection on the Cameras Module?

Amitangshu, 26 May 2020There's no mention of a gorilla glass anywhere about the ph... moreIt has gorilla glass 3+ Just search up "Galaxy S10 lite Gorilla glass" and you'll find the official gorilla glass website saying that it has gorilla glass 3+

  • Amitangshu

Socks, 23 May 2020It actually has Gorilla Glass 3+There's no mention of a gorilla glass anywhere about the phone. Not here, not on Amazon or even on YouTube. Thought about buying this phone but couldn't take any chances. That big a display could be more money consuming than the retail price of the phone if it keeps getting damaged.

This or huawei p30 pro?
S10 lite checks almost all the boxes:
+ Reasonably fast (i don't play games)
+ Large screen
+ Good battery life
+ software
- camera (about this, I'm worried i would be too disappointed)
+ expandable memory

P30 pro :
+ Reasonably fast
+ Large screen
+ Good battery life
? Software (probably worse than One UI, and will receive one less android update)
- curved screen (I'm worried will crack if dropped, and not sure about glass screen protectors for curved screens)
- expandable memory is available, but proprietary huawei card

It actually has Gorilla Glass 3+

  • Anonymous

Amitangshu, 19 May 2020There is no mention of a version of Gorilla Glass in the wh... moreAccording to it has Gorilla Glass 3, just like A series.

  • Amitangshu

There is no mention of a version of Gorilla Glass in the whole review as well as on the spec sheet. So is there a chance that it doesn't have any Gorilla Glass protection cause that would be a bummer.

  • Anonymous

mmmm, 29 Apr 2020should i buy s10 lite or realme x2 pro ? Samsung s10 lite has way better camera other things are better on realme x2 pro such as faster glass back and faster charging

  • nmckn

is narrator male or female?

  • Ventu

the hole should be at the bottom on the right.i know it's more logical to put it in the middle, but it's just has a big incovenient : you have always it in front of you.
At the botton on the right you accept it easely, because we most are handright . And if you accept it , you do not think on it anymore.
I have an S10 5g. Double camera at the bottom on the right.And i do not have any problem with that.
I hope that maybe somebody in samsung will read this.
Of course , i have very little chances to change anything.
But this is my impression having tried different hole 's position.(left ,right middle). Maybe after right ,at tbe left bottom( 1 hole there, not more!) And finally at the middle .
Sorry if somebody dislikes what i wrote. It's my experience, nothing more

  • mmmm

should i buy s10 lite or realme x2 pro ?

  • john

Nitesh, 14 Apr 202045 Watt charger in includingNo man. Its not included in the retail pack.. the phone comes with a 25w charger, although the 45w charger should be bought separately.

  • Anonymous

AnX, 11 Feb 2020I've got the phone in India and the review mentions a coupl... moreIt is on 30 fps only

  • Nitesh

45 Watt charger in including

  • sup

Have you guys noticed the Green tint on the Super Amoled Plus display while the brightness setting is low ( 5-10%)? You can see it clearly by downloading a 10% gray wallpaper or video and play it while changing the brightness. Usually, you will be able to see it in a dark environment with dark mode on while also in the settings app in the phone(because the menu options are gray). I hope you guys or everyone who has the phone test this.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2020The LG G8s price has significantly dropped. I think it is b... moreare u joking with the notch and the 3500mah battery

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2020What issues did you face? Any problem face?