Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on review

12 Feb 2020

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If it's pricey, it has to be water-resistant. That basic.

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    • AnonD-843592
    • pc7
    • 29 Feb 2020

    Danny, 21 Feb 2020100% true, it's very misleading that they used glass as a w... moreYeah they totally lied again. Samsung is becoming as dirty and notorious as apple for lying and misleading customers. It's highly unethical what they're doing. Hopefully they will get hit hard sales wise.

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      • Jman
      • nF6
      • 22 Feb 2020

      There's a market out there for these, just not your average everyday user.

      Years ago, I bought the Ericsson T28 because I thought it looks "cool"

      The people buying this have the same mindset, in this age of functionality.

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        • TqF
        • 22 Feb 2020

        ME, 20 Feb 2020Do not buy it for only one reason, the price. In the US it... moreThere are tax and duties differentials. Even from one European country to the next the retail price is different because of the VAT level.

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          • Danny
          • ITt
          • 21 Feb 2020

          Rdmkr, 21 Feb 2020Don't buy it. The screen is plastic, not glass. Scratches f... more100% true, it's very misleading that they used glass as a word for marketing. It's equally as fragile as motorola razr, even a soft touch with your nail can leave a permanent marking on the screen.

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            • Rdmkr
            • nYy
            • 21 Feb 2020

            Don't buy it. The screen is plastic, not glass. Scratches from contact with any ordinary household object. Shame on Samsung for trying to get away with claiming this is "glass".

              motofan, 14 Feb 2020this is cool but I'll go for the RAZR!You clearly haven’t used a Razr yet.

                folding phones seems to be more suitable for mid range- low end phones.

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                  • ME
                  • ncr
                  • 20 Feb 2020

                  Do not buy it for only one reason, the price.
                  In the US it is $1380 what is €1280 ... but the price in Europe is €1480 ... why?
                  Do they think at Samsung that the can milk us more?
                  You can keep this ugly phone.

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                    • Ibx
                    • 20 Feb 2020

                    the Galaxy Z Flip is truly a folding glass phone. It’s just that glass is actually made by German manufacturer Schott, it’s got a soft, scratchable plastic layer up top.

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                      • cool but useless
                      • 3MC
                      • 19 Feb 2020

                      make nokiaE90 style or E7 than its worth buying. Reason i sell E7 is OS android. its like sellibg shellby cobra and buy smart car... made oldstyle than we buy

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                        • x3Z
                        • 19 Feb 2020

                        Why so many negative comment did most of them use or own before? The objective of this phone is make it easy to keep in pockets or easy to carry the rest of the spec as long it reasonable i think it ok.

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                          • 18 Feb 2020

                          before buying it you should watch jerry rig everything review about this phone

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                            • 18 Feb 2020

                            PAD, 16 Feb 2020Too expensive, will wait until prices drop - a lot!You will have to wait long for that to happen. This is limited edition device and bleeding edge. So I dont see it getting discounted big time like regular samsung phones. Galaxy Fold is not available at crazy discount either(I am ignoring Escobar fold :-) ).

                            Once these devices become mainstream we have Galaxy Sxx as foldable phones you could see them at mainstream prices. until then its niche device for ultra rich to set themselves apart from rest of the folks.

                              Victor, 14 Feb 2020Thank you for that comment that's very much on point. The t... moreThe tall skinny phones don't fit well into a pocket and they're terrible for reading

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                                • 16 Feb 2020

                                Too expensive, will wait until prices drop - a lot!

                                  Kek, 13 Feb 2020All those users saying "Folded smartphones are dumb!" will ... moreI would not say they are dumb, they pretty much eliminate cracked screen on phones entirely. But they are simply not ready for commercial market yet.

                                    Not sold on foldable phones like the Razr, Fold and this one. They are pretty early in development, they are ugly and fat devices and they cost hideously a lot of money. Call me back in 10 years time..

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                                      • Tony
                                      • myF
                                      • 16 Feb 2020

                                      I got the chance to use one yesterday and I was very impressed. Personally I wouldn't buy one simply because of the extortionate costs, but when these devices become cheaper I will seriously consider it. I thought I was going to hate the crease in the middle but although it's very noticeable it doesn't ruin the user experience at all.

                                      My biggest gripe is the sound quality. Its ok, but on such a wide display I would expect to have a good experience when watching Netflix etc however the single speaker just isn't good enough.

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                                        • 16 Feb 2020

                                        Victor, 16 Feb 2020No. You probably haven't realized that you don't mainly use... moreDo you carry the Xperia 1 folded?
                                        People have mentioned that this is a different form factor already but you Sony fanboys don't get it.
                                        When the S or Note series come with 21:9 aspect ratio, then we can talk again.