Samsung Galaxy A71 review

14 Feb 2020

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  • N7G
  • 09 Jun 2024

How do l make playstore to appear on my a71

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    • McPillager
    • nmK
    • 13 Apr 2024

    The phone is working fine since 2021. The screen is one of the best and surely much better than those of the A52 and the like. I have never used a case or screen protection of any kind and still the screen has suffered no damage, whatsoever. It is a matter of how you treat your device, I guess. The phone is much slimmer than the others in the A series, too. The battery is decent and supports fast charging, which is super. The phone now runs Android 13 and One UI 5.1. All apps run smoothly with no lag, whatsoever. The only problem is with the software of the cameras. At the beginning, you could take amazing, clear photos with no artificial distortion or anything like that. Even extras like multiple stills were super amazing. Suddenly, after an official update, the photos became much worse. I haven't changed any settings and even explicitly reverted to the defaults to no avail. Up to this date, the cameras are underperforming and I blame the software for it. For example, photos are blurry at the edges, colors are off, and faces and shapes look like the camera is shooting from within a fish bowl. Videos got affected, too. Other than that, the phone works as it should. It is a beautiful, powerful device with very nice specs and very good performance. I just wish the camera software worked as nicely as it did when I first bought it.

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      • dog
      • vug
      • 01 Jan 2024

      main feature is the micro sd slot. Magic for the photo side of things and this is the only thing stopping me from upgrade to S series phone. Pull out the card and shove it in laptop for editing and transfer. Why this is not on s series phone is bull***t. phone still goes ok after solid use with big thanks to silicon case

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        • X@8
        • 07 Dec 2023

        Anonymous, 03 Nov 2023This phone still runs...not like a champ but does its job w... moreNevermind, they did discriminate chip usage again, yay.

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          • y6V
          • 19 Nov 2023

          The screen is not durable. A lot of these phones' screen get easily damaged, and replacement is very expensive.

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            • KLT
            • 03 Nov 2023

            This phone still runs...not like a champ but does its job well.

            Good enough phone to still carry the microSD card support, despite I bought it 2-3 years ago when my Galaxy S7 died. Performance-wise, it is okay. Screen response is still fine for me (I don't bother using the finger lock screen because I use an anti-glare screen guard), and it can survive heavy rain. The charging cable is a bit picky kek.

            Too bad its Android support ends at 13. One UI is okay enough for me.

            I don't mind using another Galaxy A52s or A54, even maybe back to Galaxy S23 or hell even kinda wait until Realme GT 5 Neo SE or Redmi Note 12 Turbo hits my country as the SD7+ Gen 2 is on my list next (and also because I need 512GB base storage, this A71 of mine use 128GB + 256GB micro SD) or even a SD 8 Gen 3 phones. Sharp also maybe come to mind (Sony phones has bad throttling reputation, so no). Or maybe I'm waiting for the S24 probably (pray to gods above S24 FE didn't discriminate its region chipset usage).

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              • JQ1
              • 28 Sep 2023

              Eduardo, 28 Aug 2023I bought A71 phone in late 2020. It refuses to die, still w... moreLess MP doesn't mean worse quality, in fact the IMX766 camera sensor of the A54 is also used in flagship phones like Zenfone 10 and Honor Magic 4 Pro, and remember that even the iPhone 15 Pro Max is using a 48MP sensor and the quality is definitely better than the A71

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                • T1w
                • 27 Sep 2023

                this phone is great, I've been using mine for nearly 4 years now. Most things are still great, good screen, great battery life, decent enough performance.

                Unfortunately the speaker is dying so I have to use the speakerphone to take phone calls, and I also want to upgrade to 5G and better cameras. Shame that Samsung killed the A7x lineup, this has been my favorite phone I've ever used. If it weren't for the damaged speaker I'd probably be using this phone for a few more years.

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                  • Eduardo
                  • MQu
                  • 28 Aug 2023

                  I bought A71 phone in late 2020. It refuses to die, still works great! Looking for a new upgrade just in case, but Samsung is making it difficult. I see A54 only the top Galaxy option available and I consider it a downgrade (less MP on main camera, less size and much more heavier and bulkier than the sleek and slim A71).
                  Also have a A7 (bought it in 2018 and then upgraded it 2 years later to A71). Out of curiosity, turned on the A7 after several years hibernating, and it still works!

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                    • Primroseuko
                    • Nu7
                    • 18 Aug 2023

                    Dilaxshan, 29 Jun 2023I'm using this phone for the last 3 years. After andro... moreMe too. I am experiencing the same problem since I updated. I have had the phone for 3 years now

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                      • t7s
                      • 15 Aug 2023

                      dani, 10 Oct 2022i bought a second hand samsung a71 in good condition , the ... moreTry to restart your phone and use diagnostics to test if speaker and mic is working. Mine works after restart

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                        • 7vq
                        • 19 Jul 2023

                        Dilaxshan, 29 Jun 2023I'm using this phone for the last 3 years. After andro... moreAt least yours still gets charged. Since early last year (2022), mine doesn't charge at all unless I restart the phone. Later patches in q1 2023 reduce the chance of not charging to around 20%. However, June 2023 updates makes either speaker or microphone stop functioning when calling either via phones or instant messaging. While the hardware is good, software support is found wanting.

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                          • Nick N
                          • 0eC
                          • 30 Jun 2023

                          I've been using this phone since it first launched as my daily driver. It has been exceptional overall in all areas. Up until now, the battery life has significantly declined which is the biggest issue for me. Looking to upgrade soon, mainly because of battery issues. Overall though it has been an excellent phone that has served me well over these past 3 years.

                            I'm using this phone for the last 3 years. After android 12 update I'm facing an issue like green tint iin my display. All colours are different from usual and now recently I've got charging issue also (Slow charging).

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                              • Rosstheboss
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                              • 27 Apr 2023

                              Batman, 07 Sep 2022My samsung A71 was worst...there is a line appears in the s... moreMine fell like 1000 times it's fine lol

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                                • BONNA
                                • nru
                                • 11 Dec 2022

                                Nick, 15 Oct 2022I've been using this phone for about 3 years and ís st... moreMine was broken the worst Phone ever when a had the Phone up for like 10 seconds it turned off and it was like 88% left of the battery

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                                  • Starlyte
                                  • pDc
                                  • 01 Dec 2022

                                  I was given this A71 when it came out.
                                  For a reasonable price, it does everything I need.
                                  I don't want to change it, especially not for a new Samsung, no sd card, and meant for City dwellers with good speedy Internet.
                                  I have slow vdsl, and need a sdcard for my storage.
                                  Taken some great photos, and never noticed the lack of autofocus.
                                  I would recommend this as a good middle of the range phone, to anyone.

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                                    • FJf
                                    • 27 Oct 2022

                                    Had this phone for 3yrs now. Very satisfied with the phone and service. If you not trying to break the bank. Great phone to purchase.. 🙂

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                                      • Nick
                                      • 8p0
                                      • 15 Oct 2022

                                      I've been using this phone for about 3 years and ís still in perfect condition, best Samsung i have ever had!

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                                        • dani
                                        • vgM
                                        • 10 Oct 2022

                                        i bought a second hand samsung a71 in good condition , the super amoled is realy amazing and diffrerent from other brand. but i got weird problem with whatsapp app , the loudspeaker button is not working whenever i receive a call or call someone but the microphone is fine , i can hear their voice and they also hear my voice, video call is also woks fine, is this whatsapp problem or my samsung , the permision for microphone is already allowed , can anyone give advice