Samsung Galaxy A71 review

14 Feb 2020

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  • Anonymous

TC, 29 Aug 2020I have just purchased the Samsung A71 and I wonder if a scr... moreI bought my s/o the a71, got her a screen protector, the in-screen fingerprint scanner still works fine. Dont hesitate to not buy one for that reason

  • TC

I have just purchased the Samsung A71 and I wonder if a screen protector would be harmful

  • Anonymous

Fred, 10 Aug 2020I am about to pick one of this Samsung A71, what advice can... moreI just got one, but with faulty display i dont know what to do with this, I'm highly unsatisfied with thi product

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2020WhatsApp compresses all videos. I'm not sure what you ... moreWow..okay. But why a71? Cos it ain't like this on other phones I think

  • Anonymous

MLP26, 23 Aug 2020Hi just got the A71. Amazing phone. But when I screenshot o... moreWhatsApp compresses all videos. I'm not sure what you can do about it.

Hi just got the A71. Amazing phone. But when I screenshot or record, its fine but gets blurry when shared over WhatsApp status but the original isn't blurry. Why please and how do I resolve it?

  • Praise

Hi just got 71. Amazing phone. Just have an issue with the pics. I mean when screenshot or record its fine. But when shared via WhatsApp status its get blurry but the original pic isn't...why please and how do I resolve?

  • Holofanboi

Welp.After using this for 3 months I can safely conclude that the major cost cutting happened with the camera.

The cam load and capture speed is too damn slow for quick candid scenes with my child. I often find myself just reaching for wife's XR for any incoming camera shots.

Otherwise this phone is EXTREMELY reliable battery and performance wise. Superior tp my Note 8 in almost every way EXCEPT the camera. Heck even my colleagues S7edge camera is better than this during a recent holiday trip.

  • Kamran

its simply pathetic... you have to optimize every minute after surfing. Otherwise it stops working.
My big mistake to buy A71.

  • bhav

the switch camera doesnt work camera is okish very disappointed

  • Laminyc

Fred, 10 Aug 2020I am about to pick one of this Samsung A71, what advice can... moreBe ready that camera is bad. My previous s8 plus was better.

  • Niki

yasir 7672, 25 Jul 2020It's been 2 month since I got my blue A71 .But few day... moreIt could be your memory card same thing happen to my daughter's phone when i took out the memory card it working find now

  • Ace

Bought one to replace my S9edge because the screen cracked. I must say it defenitely feels flagship. My only gripe is that it doesn't have dual (atmos) speakers, so that feature I miss. The screen and back camera directly contact the surface so you might need a hard case to avoid scratches, bummer. But overall, with a reasonable budget vs. the flagship costing $1000+, this is a nice phone with a great camera and speed, less the gimmiks of course. The battery life is also superb btw.

  • Fred

I am about to pick one of this Samsung A71, what advice can you give me pls. I am afraid of all this, not to waist my money

Does anyone know if it is possible to use a stylus as in the Wacom / Bamboo series for drawning en writing? Thanks in advance for the reply ...

  • Anonymous

4g internet not working after latest update.

Works for a minute or less after toggling airplane mode on and off.

Came to know that this problem happening with other samsung phones also. Have tried everything except factory reset.

Feel like throwing my phone in garbage.

Will never buy a samsung phone again in my life.

Also got a very poor response for camera issue.

.. such a shame Samsung!


Hello, 05 Jul 2020That problem is found on almost all android devices.try this... please make sure that when you zoom camera to click pic,there should be ample light, sufficient light ...

how could i know that i have a SD 730 or SD730G ?

  • RezaAssembler

in the latest update there are upgrades for pro mode, such as adding shutter speed and manual focus, etc. And also stability has increased. Single take mode which is in Note and S series is added too. But there's a bug in 32MP selfie camera that sometimes it doesn't take another photo after a shot but the icons rotate with phone's direction change. And when you tap to show the last shot and go back into camera, you face a black scene instead of live image and after a while, you face the "camera failed." message. But surely it will be fixed with an update. Totally quite a practical camera.

  • yasir 7672

It's been 2 month since I got my blue A71 .But few days ago , all on a sudden, the power button of the phone wasn't responding. Before that , plenty of times ,the bixby window was popping up (I didn't used 'hi bixby' at all).then I left it charging. After a while I came and find that the power button is not responding. I swear, no water exposure took place. After that, in the evening, It took its update to one ui 2.1. after 2 hrs of that update the power button started to respond. But from next day onwards, power button sometimes works and sometimes not . Today I find it to be more unresponsive.? I just don't know what this problem is ? But its frigging annoying.