Samsung Galaxy S20 review

14 Mar 2020

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The point to keep in mind is that they've reviewed the Exynos version, which has significantly worse performance & battery endurance than Snapdragon version.

Those of you getting the Snapdragon version would get a decent battery life & little to no throttling.

  • Disappointed

Again Exynos and no different than S10. Wonder why Samsung is hell bent to use it globally. Since the S9, I am eagerly awaiting a proper Samsung compact but, there's is just endless wait. Holding on to my S8 which I downgraded to after a rather disappointing experience with S9. S10e seems like another experiment to play and iPhone Xs is costly. No choices left for the consumer of compact device. Extinct species.

Reall disappointing battery life considering the size of battery. Bad optimisation it seems

So Samsung continues to have the worst battery life in all history it's the same with their M series and their 6000mah

And let's not forget the S20 ultras horrible 5000mah battery

Not even the OLED screen that people claim and worship to be battery efficiency can help

The camera on this is respectable at least

Exynos still sucksss!

Like seriously what are you really paying for when you buy samsung flagship phones nowadays

  • Anonymous

Too subpar battery.
Note 10+ with 21,5% more screen but just 7,5% more battery did 107h against 78.

  • Mir

Disapointing battery life.
Thumbs down for this device.

  • Anonymous

Is 4K HDR video dropped this year?
S10 can do it.

I'm looking at it its main camera, it seems one of the best, like Redmi K30's IMX686 both seems good and S20 is better i guess. They should bring a compact flat phone again with left punch hole or any better idea (like mechanical pop up or the idea of reverse notch on right upper side) or with bezels and or old aspect ratio.

  • Anonymous

If I am not wrong, only Ultra has GG6 on both sides.