nubia Red Magic 5G review

3 April 2020

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That's a really good review GSMArena... A bet its a bit difficult to back to a conventional handset for gaming isn't it? :-)

Conventional handsets are just not in the same leagues. And gaming handsets really are beefy in screamingly optimized raw power.

This is a oneplus 8 Pro with Nitro oxide or a supercharger on board.

Happy Gaming! :-)

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    • 03 Apr 2020

    Those of us (myself included) that were upset when Nubia reduced the battery capacity saw this coming.

    If they update the Red Magic 3s with a Refresh Rate selector (because they somehow left that out) and Android 10 for system-wide dark theme, you're better off getting its predecessor if 5G is not anywhere near you.

      NotAnOpinion, 03 Apr 2020Not a fair comparison here, really. One has an HD+ displ... moreBoth phones run at 1080p under 144hz/120hz modes respectively, so it's fair enough.

      You can disregard the 60hz results though, if you want.

        Mediatek sux, 03 Apr 2020 they tested the exynos s20+Which means anyone who buys S20 series outside of North America, China & South Korea will get terrible battery life... Good to know.

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          • 03 Apr 2020

          Ummm... Am I reading this right? 60°C? 81°C? 92°C?

            Whackcar, 03 Apr 2020Nubia 5G 4500mAh 144hz = 83h Nubia 5G 4500mAh 60hz = 102h ... moreNot a fair comparison here, really.

            One has an HD+ display (RM5G) compared to one that has an QHD+ display (20 series).

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              • 03 Apr 2020

              Battery life is what makes a phone gaming phone. At least should be 5000 mah.20 gr more, you get rog 2 6000 mah

                See this Gaming Superiority Handset...?

                Your opponents won't stand a chance.

                Its game over. Simple as that for your opponents.

                Brutal Beast. No denying it.

                Its actually not fair anymore. You know your always going to be on a winning streak.

                So easy to run circles round your opponents.

                I love gaming phones. I own a red magic myself.

                And did you know....?? They make formidable daily drivers. Because some of the gaming tech is naturally used for the operation of the handset.

                So they make even oneplus look slow compared to these things...

                But once game space is activated. And ramped up to full optimisation. And fan is seriously stabilizing the temp... Your smartphone has opened up another door that is not possible with a conventional handset. Seriously. You will be astonished. And confounded as to how insanely powerful these things are...

                If you can. If it's possible. I recommend anyone who enjoys lockdowns like me... And can game my hearts content... To consider or try to use a gaming handset to see if it is suitable both as a lighting quick daily driver and a shockingly powerful gaming handset with all the bells and whistles that leave even the best of conventional devices behind....

                Before you decide on your next phone and you like a bit of gaming. See if a gaming phone is for you.... No harm in trying a gaming handset before you make your final decision on your next handset.

                  Whackcar, 03 Apr 2020Nubia 5G 4500mAh 144hz = 83h Nubia 5G 4500mAh 60hz = 102h ... more they tested the exynos s20+

                    Taking a look at both the pros & cons, I'd say Nubia has delivered a pretty good gaming phone. A good gaming phone requires a good high-refresh display, good speakers, good performance without throttling, good triggers, good charging speeds & good battery life. It seems Nubia has delivered on almost all of those requirements, and that too for a good price. I think they deserve appreciation for that.

                      Black shark 3 pro have same fingerprints problem. Going on ait other rog3 or lenovo legion

                        Nubia 5G 4500mAh 144hz = 83h
                        Nubia 5G 4500mAh 60hz = 102h
                        S20+ 4500mAh 120hz = 87h
                        S20+ 4500mAh 60hz = 97h

                        I'd say Nubia has done rather well here.

                          Great phones,if you put the right chip on the right gpu u got yourself a great phone