Samsung Galaxy A41 review

13 July 2020

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  • Edda

I actually like this phone. Its small and compact, great super amoled screen, the chipset is ok, camera is good, and the macro photos are also good. Not everyone can afford a premium flagship Phone all the time.

  • gxm

Fstlt, 19 Feb 2021I have it and it is not good.ahhh same I'm thinking of getting the oneplus 9t when it comes out

  • lopjaz

wow 6.1 inch. upgrade snapdrsgon 480 for this small scrreeensize perhap better battery4kma. just sayin..

  • Hutcy

One thing you guys never talk about is the RF performance of phones. I bought a Russian version of this phone in Australia and am happy with it for the price. I got a dual SIM model, Cat-6 on both Sims and VoLTE ( which you will need when the 3G networks are closed down soon) . I get speeds of 150Mbps down and 20Mbps up which I am happy with the RF performance. It has 5Ghz WiFi which is good

Babaika, 19 Mar 2021Is it me or is this phone super slippery, almost as if it w... moreYou are definitely right. The phone is insanely smooth. I immediately bought a protective cover that is much more rugged. I can really recommend this so that one does not lose it so easily. It's this cover I bought and it's super good for the phone:

  • Bennie

John C, 31 Mar 2021My A41 often defaults to Vibrate and I miss calls according... moreNo i havent

My A41 often defaults to Vibrate and I miss calls accordingly. It is so irritating.
I wonder if other users have experienced this fault or could it be that I have a rogue mobile with a mind of its own?

  • Babaika

Is it me or is this phone super slippery, almost as if it was laminated...

  • Anonymous

my dream phone

  • Anonymous

After using 4 month, sim 2 not working went to service center refused to fix it due to body damage, but there not possible to see even a bend on it, poor quality phone, poor customer service, would not recommend.

first option, 04 Feb 2021I would love to get itI have it and it is not good.

  • first option

I would love to get it

Why have you dropped the call quality (in specialy microphone quality) and as well the conectivity quality (mobile and wifi) portion of your review ?

  • Note9User

Looking to upgrade my Note 9. The A41 with a stylus, IP68 waterproof and good stereo speakers would be my dream phone... Why only the cheap Samsung phones have full SD-Dual Sim support, fm-radio and a flat OLED-display?

  • Anonymous

Very good review...

  • Anonymous

Well I came here to see how long it's supposed to take for a full recharge...

My phone is a month old now and at 33% charge it tells me it takes 2 hours 5 minutes to be fully charged, with fast charger.

That is quite slow, much slower than my old Xperia z3 which took about an hour and a half for full charge from empty, without 'fast charger'

I don't think the battery of the A 41 will last long tbh, which would make the budget phone not so budget in the end...

  • Anonymous

Ben, 08 Oct 2020I wish it was water proof It is 'waterproof' tho?


  • Ben

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2020idk and its not waterproof, BUT It could be improved by a case.I wish it was water proof

  • Anonymous

Chintu, 31 Jul 2020Completely agree I would love to see an Samsung Galaxy A3 or something like the S10e/S7 again

  • Anonymous

Sanjay, 23 Sep 2020Waiting for A41. When it will be available in India and die... moreidk and its not waterproof, BUT It could be improved by a case.