Samsung Galaxy A41 review

13 July 2020

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Significantly better endurance rating then the A51 with its 4,000mah battery. Just shows how inefficient Samsung's Exynos chips are

Caesar26, 13 Jul 2020Think I'm gonna wait for Samsung A42. Just can't ... moreYou got a point, living with such a poor cpu (I'm not talking about a mediatek but about it's performance) for 3 years would make me go full on crazy, especially considering that performance would degrade over time

Rk100, 13 Jul 2020I don't think its meant for people to upgrade from an ... moreI had to buy 2 new phones after just 10 months of having the a40 just in case it breaks down. It's sooo slow. I'm using it as my main phone since it's got just about everything other than the extremley slow performance, even on the menus I can have lags, everythig loads very slowly, youtube has a lot of bugs on it...

When I come home to the black shark 2 and even the motorola one macro (the 2 other phones that I bought exactly as an emergency replacement for this, and the black shark I actually bought it more for gaming) are a breeze to use. And sincerley, other than band issues (which are definetley not that bad so they make me not use the shark) I see no reason to use this phone anymore. Only cuz I paid 230 euro on 1st july of last year

df13146, 13 Jul 2020Mediatek? No, thanks. Keep it. 😂😂😂😂😂As I have said to the guy under you, please stop bashing mediatek for the reasong I told him

mediawhat, 13 Jul 2020samsung with mediatrash cpu? no thxPlease stop bashing mediatek. It makes great chips, I have tested both the g90t and the g80, and I own a phone with a p70. Also own a phone with an sd855, so I know about performance. It really is a great budget brand

Andreidinutu, 13 Jul 2020I got the a40. This does not look like a worthy upgradeI don't think its meant for people to upgrade from an existing A series, only for those who have a very bad phone and need a device that can handle basic tasks, not for people like you who would upgrade from A40 to A41.

Caesar26, 13 Jul 2020Think I'm gonna wait for Samsung A42. Just can't ... moreYou will never find NVMe or UFS SSDs on a A series or any other Samsung mid-range device, for Samsung, it's only reserved for their 600 dollors plus devices. But yeah the phone seems a bit underwhelming.

Think I'm gonna wait for Samsung A42. Just can't live the next 3 years with a MediaTek chipset. It looks so good, but the performance seems to be as bad as the cheapest smartphone's. The fingerprint is also too slow. Still do not wanna live making videos at just 30fps (I wanna even 120fps or 240fps slo-mo video, so how can I be satisfied with that?!). While other phones are running on NVMe or UFS SSDs, the eMMC is sooo slow. The battery isn't that bad, but the power management is horrible, as the P65 CPU is 'eat5ing' all the battery. This phone also sucks having only 64GB/ 4GB variant, an 128GB/ 6GB would have been very useful.
So, hoping A42 will feature a new Exynos/ Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, larger UFS storage solution with faster 6GB of RAM, a faster in-display fingerprint sensor or a physical rear/ side one, at least the same SuperAMOLED FHD+ display, I'm willing to wait even one more year for it.

  • Anonymous

Just read the last page and holy cow, "Finally, the Huawei P40 Lite is already cheaper than the A41 and it's not a lot bigger either". The Huawei is an entire 10mm taller and 7mm wider than this Samsung according to your website.

In smartphone sizes, that's an enormous difference.
Please, if you list a phones compact size as one of its pros, then at least recommend similarly sized phones without saying literal phone monsters are "not a lot bigger", bacause the difference is very much noticable.

  • Dinaminjo

Incredibly low quality on the side buttons.

  • Anonymous

In the video you say:
"It's just a little bit bigger than the recent iPhone SE". (0:52)

Bro, the iPhone SE is 138mm tall, the A41 is 150mm tall. That's 12mm, which certainly is NOT "just a little bit bigger", at least not in the Smartphone world.
Or would you say the S20+ is "just a little bit bigger" than the A41 with its tall 162mm length?

If you however were referring to the phones width, then that alone does not determine whether phones are similar in size, same goes for the thickness.

That aside, I approve Samsung making more compact devices and I definately wouldn't mind them releasing another compact midranger, hopefully with even smaller dimensions (like the S10e), with a punchhole cam and with a matte finish. And please add a night mode for the camera. It's really frustrating to be only limited to way bigger or much more expensive phones to get a night mode.

  • Anonymous

"Beyond the CPU battle we can clearly see that MediaTek's G80 and G90 family of chips, as well as Snapdragon's 700 line and Huawei's mid-range Kirin 810 are all a noticeable step above in performance"
The helio g80 offers similar performance to p65. It's the same soc (slightly overclocked)

Mediatek? No, thanks.
Keep it. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • mediawhat

samsung with mediatrash cpu? no thx

I got the a40. This does not look like a worthy upgrade