Samsung Galaxy A41 review

13 July 2020

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Andreidinutu, 14 Jul 2020I'm sure you went from 1200 euro to 200 just like that... moreI mean sorry, you said great phone for the price, but the a21 just released like 3 months ago, so you didn't have time to see it start breaking down. And also having a decent chipset on a low-res screen of course it would do decently

Rob, 14 Jul 2020I used an a20 for about a month and a half until I dropped ... moreI'm sure you went from 1200 euro to 200 just like that, in a heartbeat, without even trying to fix the ultra, especially it being 1.5 months old. Before claiming that you own one of the best phones in the market please at least try to make a good story out of it. Also your comment had nothing to do with mine

  • Anonymous

Manjit, 14 Jul 2020When it will be available in India?May not be. A40 wasn't available out of Europe. I had to import mine.

I don't know why the industry continues to use the term "dynamic range" when the HDR setting on most phone cams absolutely destroys that range and flattens out the brightness spectrum terribly. It does a particularly bad job on this camera.

Just because you can see a bit of extra detail on the snail doesn't mean it's a higher dynamic range, it just means it's been multi-exposed and stacked to expose that little bit correctly. The actual dynamic range in every HDR image here is terribly compressed and flat, there's no light or shade!

Rk100, 14 Jul 2020But the A15 cost about 400 euros, in my country that's... moreYou're right,it depends so much on every country's pricing. In my country, and in Europe in general, the difference of the price is about 20-30€ between A41 and a51.

  • Manjit

When it will be available in India?

Rob, 14 Jul 2020I used an a20 for about a month and a half until I dropped ... moreThere is no such thing as a XR pro, are you really wanting to upgrade to a flagship, right after you have bought 2 low-end devices. maybe you are idk

Caesar26, 14 Jul 2020Yes, but Samsung A51 (which has quite the same price) has U... moreBut the A15 cost about 400 euros, in my country that's about 450 dollors. But the A41 only cost 250 in my country, that a 150 difference, so not quite the same price.

  • Remy

Goodfellow, 14 Jul 2020Samsung please bring back aluminum frame with front & b... moreMetal frame phone looks strong and u feel it confident when u hold it.

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2020Something to note here is the performance sheet of this ver... moreThis is not cheap device for what it offer.

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Something to note here is the performance sheet of this very cheap device vs the overhyped Sony X10 II which has even worse performance scores and almost $200 more expensive! Sony proved again why it is constantly losing the battle...

Rk100, 13 Jul 2020You will never find NVMe or UFS SSDs on a A series or any o... moreYes, but Samsung A51 (which has quite the same price) has UFS 2.0 storage, so in the future A42 can have one, no?

  • Goodfellow

Samsung please bring back aluminum frame with front & back gorilla glass panel for the A series phones. Enough of this cheap garbage plastic frame & back panels.

Like the Galaxy A40, it is pitiful that Samsung did not bring the Galaxy A41 to Brazil.
In Brazil, it has the Galaxy A31 and the Galaxy A51, and perhaps the manufacturer believes that Brazilians don't like compact smartphones, but the Galaxy S10e proves just the opposite.

  • Siddhartha

I have to say this phone IS COMPLETELY GARBAGE.🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
A 3500mAh battery just with a 15W charging on a 12nm processor, what people are going to do with this phone "JUST CHECK TIME".

  • Rob

Andreidinutu, 13 Jul 2020I had to buy 2 new phones after just 10 months of having th... moreI used an a20 for about a month and a half until I dropped and slightly cracked the screen, it was a great phone and it was fast with a amoled display. A few days ago, I picked up a a21 and I liked it even more, its fast and it has a better camera but the a20 has a better looking screen. All in all these are great phone for the price, im soon planing on upgrading to the S20 or IPhone XR pro. Or I just may hold off til next year smartphones hit.

  • Rizzhh

I've been using A50 however, the promises didn't meet..
Screen discoloration like turning into purple to black and it almost covered the whole screen...poor performance of all brand phone eeberd

  • SteevE

A lot bigger than A40. About same size and weight as S20...if you have money you know which one to choose. Love my S20....

Andreidinutu, 13 Jul 2020Please stop bashing mediatek. It makes great chips, I have ... moremediatek chips have short lives, especially when oem stop providing updates, go to xda and see how lonely thread with mediatek device are. developers dont bother with them and even if they port something it will be full of bugs.

This is one weak phone, which only have AMOLED display. If is this Xiaomi with same specs and price, it would be described like worst phone in mid-range category. For 30€ more there is great mi 10 lite 5g or mi note 10 lite. Also it's impossible to compare this with budget champion -note 9 pro.