Xiaomi Redmi 9 (Prime) review

27 July 2020

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Meneldor, 27 Jul 2020I think I'll just stop reading gsmarena reviews at thi... moreNote 9S that costs 60€ more not cheaper. Typo

    I think I'll just stop reading gsmarena reviews at this point and only look at raw numbers they output. How is this phone 3.2 stars? I feel like they're judging the phone by it's components only and don't care about the price. I mean they point out it's a 120€ phone that delivers great stuff for that money but then give it 3.2 stars. And then recommend you Note 9S that is 60€ cheaper and it gets you much more. Oh yeah no sh*t Sherlock. Don't mistaken me as a Xiaomi fanboy because I don't even like Xiaomi that much but they made a phone for 120€ that you would dream about couple of years ago (for that money). This is a 4 star phone. Yeah Realme 6 and Note 9S are much better phones but that's why they cost more. Don't underestimate cheap phones just because there are more expensive and therefore better phones

      Does the phone support Wi-Fi 5 Ghz?

        Xiaomi : we will bloat the hell out of our OS.
        Indian govt : hold my brahmos.

          As I said before this rewiew, best budget phone.