Xiaomi Redmi 9 (Prime) review

27 July 2020

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  • Satyam Sharma

There is no earphone

  • Anonymous

Mal, 15 Jan 2021Yes108megapix is must have.. stabilization also.. quad cam.. 3ghz proc and ultimate gpu.. price must be less thenn200 und front finger.. needs ultra speaker and 500nits... Refres must be 140hz and size must be 6.9... security is ti up.. and needs low sar for high internet . . Everything is lacking in this MY PONE.. amen

  • Mal

Vyzz, 04 Jan 2021Those this phone have an app drawer? Yes

  • Kamal

There should be always LED LIGHT AND FRONT FLASH AND Video stabilisation that .Makes redmi9 is good one and unique I miss these things these should be included in all phones with all other features too.

  • Mr Big D

I have this phone for 5 months now. Its excellent for the price. Widescreen camera is very useful. The macro camera is useless though, they should remove it. Battery life is good.

The only thing I dont like about the phone is that now that I have a lot of apps installed, it does slow down and lagg during multitasking, the processor is still not as fast as snapdragon it seems.

Very good for the price, would recommend. Of course the 500-1000 dollar smarrphones are better. But I just refuse to buy one of them, I just buy cheap phones and update every 1-2 years, thats my tactic.

  • Vyzz

Those this phone have an app drawer?

It's the best phone in price and The phone's performance is very good

  • LeZeeN

Thanks, good price, Will android 11 come to you?

  • Gg

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2020Very bad cell phone I am facing too much lag even if I open... moreYou are wrong

Smooth performance. Value for money.

  • Rajanmkv

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2020Very bad cell phone I am facing too much lag even if I open... moreNo lag.smooth performance.

  • Anonymous

Very bad cell phone I am facing too much lag even if I open xiaomi website it become also lag. My opinion don't buy this third class cell phone based of money. Infinix is better than this third class phone.

  • Dan

Meneldor, 27 Jul 2020I think I'll just stop reading gsmarena reviews at thi... moreI'm glad someone else noticed the ridiculously low star rating. The combination of 1080p screen, midrange processor and large 5000mAh battery has never been offered at this price point before. As you said, it's worth at least 4 stars.

  • Dan

LG Superfan, 28 Jul 2020It's a great phone, the only downside I see is Redmi N... moreI recently picked one up at $114 (4/64, China version). At this price I think

  • Dan

oooi, 28 Sep 2020Helio G80 with 2x a75 and 6x a55 in a very budget device an... moreYup, Helio G80 is the fastest processor in this price range.

  • Anonymous

Vedio & picture quality is not good...

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2020Does anyone experience heating issues? Like just under a 30... moreThats normal things... You just like my friend, he say his phone is heating up .. actually thats was a normal things.. you dont want your phone heating? Dont use it...

  • InsertCoin

it's good, the battery is very solid, indeed, but I had some problem with the FM radio (losing stereo even with the headphones connected) and quality of the audio is not the best... otherwise great phone and in this price range it really has no competition

  • ProfV

regs, 13 Aug 2020Huawei is #1 by sales in East Europe.Really Huawei is still selling like hotcakes in Eastern Eu? What about the google ban? Dont they find it hassle not to have the usual goggle. Downloading from 3rd part sites seems sketchy esp banking online.

RAHMAD, 28 Nov 2020How to know if my redmi 9 have NFC reader...? Because i... moreRedmi 9 (India) has no NFC.