Xiaomi Redmi 9 (Prime) review

27 July 2020

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  • 03 Jul 2022

I had one for 1 year
Good battery،good camera at day light,auto focus and jerky lens problem at low light and continues video shooting , heavy Mobile is my experience with it

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    • 28 Jan 2022

    Anonymous, 18 Dec 2021Is it okay to buy this one at the end of 2021 ?yes, still relevan

      OmarHayani, 06 Aug 2021It will a bit, because the mediatech CPU it got, it's ... moreProbably that's why they put out the Redmi 9T which have a snapdragon 662 chipset.

        Jayantha , 10 Nov 2021One of the worst of Redmi. I bought three devices at once f... moreI bought a Redmi 9 for myself and a Realme 6i for my wife, I found the realme much smoother to use, has a dedicated night mode, which the redmi lacks. MIUI is probably the culprit regarding the smoothness, as it is one of the most heavy android skins. Realme UI is much better, as it mimics stock android. Good thing I was able to sell the Redmi, I am now rocking a Realme 8i and very pleased.

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          • 18 Dec 2021

          Is it okay to buy this one at the end of 2021 ?

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            • 10 Nov 2021

            One of the worst of Redmi. I bought three devices at once for me, my wife and daughter. Two of them totally crashed within 5-6 months time , and as per the explanations of the service center , its a software failiure and to them beyond rescue, and has to be replaced, which may perhaps would take months .
            I went for this because I have been using a Xiaomi Note4 from 2016 which so far operates quite well. In comparison Redmi 9 is an utter failure , rather a total bullshit , which even the authorised agents fail to attend to after sales services ,even within the warranty period. Don't allow even a worst enemy to buy this device.

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              • 30 Sep 2021

              I'm using the 3/32 It can handle games well most of the time. The picture quality is fine for me but I don't use camera too often so read other comments if photography is your thing. It is very smooth but it has a limit(maybe because I only have the 3gb ram) Playing heavy games like PUBG is like impossible for me. SKY children of light is still playable but crashes every once in a while and I think it runs in a low fps while heating badly. but when it comes to moderate games its performance is superb. games like minecraft, mobile legends and GTA its stable 50-60fps. It will perform well if you do the correct settings gamedriver should be NOT default because it will limit its performance. unused system apps must be deleted. I don't recommend using the Game turbo. but overall its a great phone it meet my expectations. also it might not be perfect but don't complain too much afterall its just a budget phone.

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                • 26 Sep 2021

                this phone is horseshit.dont be fooled by its specs.i bought one for playing games, the game crashes MOST of the time. the phone restarts MOST of the time.i wish i didnt bought this trash

                  I have best gaming effect but coolest specs are seen in my xiaomi redmi 9

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                    • 20 Sep 2021

                    Parmod, 08 Sep 2021Here you are showing that redmi 9 has G80 processor while o... moreThat's the 9c

                      Here you are showing that redmi 9 has G80 processor while on flipkart it is shown that it has G35.

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                        • 18 Aug 2021

                        Before update my phone i can't play mobile legend and it automatically back to homescreen then restart again how do i fix this

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                          • 08 Aug 2021

                          After some testing with games with this phone, i have discovered that playing games without game turbo is MUCH better, i tested it out on a demanding open world game where all the visual effects cannot be set lower than high called sky: children of light and some other games like honkai impact and genshin.

                          So during my test i concluded:
                          Sky with game turbo: around 22fps, total 2 hrs of gameplay, throttled and heavy lag at 15 min.

                          Sky without game turbo: 24fps cap due to all settings high, total 1.5 hrs of gameplay, didn't throttled nor heavy lag but heat up to 37°C during the whole time.

                          Honkai with game turbo: 35 - 60fps with custom settings(mid res, all effects high except reflection and anti aliasing), 1 hour of gameplay, throttled during the last 15 minutes.

                          Honkai without game turbo: stable 42 - 58 with same settings, 2 hours of gameplay, did not throttle.

                          All the game booster does is just managing your background apps and throttles your CPU aggressively, it saves battery but sacrifice performance.

                          Ok i'm tired of typing

                          So in conclusion the game booster saves your battery but not the performance.

                          Also I'm using the 3/32 model

                            Meow, 21 Jun 2021How about playing CODM Battle royale? Does it framedrop or ... moreIt will a bit, because the mediatech CPU it got, it's not that good

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                              • 21 Jun 2021

                              RAZDOT, 21 May 2021Nope.. I updated Nd it works perfectly Play COD MOBILE with itHow about playing CODM Battle royale? Does it framedrop or lagging?

                                Yashveer12, 26 Mar 2021Nope,the phone runs even better after the updateQuick question, what about the notifications, i bought my redmin9 with miui 12 out of the box, and I haven't been able to fix my notification issues, a lot of them are delayed, and I've seen online it's a universal problem on miui 12

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                                  • 21 May 2021

                                  Scythor, 22 Mar 2021Did you noticed any issues after MIUI 12 update like phone ... moreNope.. I updated Nd it works perfectly
                                  Play COD MOBILE with it

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                                    • 22 Apr 2021

                                    Recording video is such a pain. The audio is missing every time. No plans to fix bug by the manufacturer. Go find other product.

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                                      • 07 Apr 2021

                                      Anonymous, 30 Oct 2020Does anyone experience heating issues? Like just under a 30... moremy experience with game turbo is that it somehow runs in the background alongside the game and sometimes interrupt the game performance

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                                        • 06 Apr 2021

                                        does redmi 9 prime support or provide stereo sound for gaming?