Samsung Galaxy A21s review

03 August 2020

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  • Amazing phone

For the price, you have mostly better specs than the 2020 iPhone SE. This is good for loghtwit

  • Anonymous

TonyF, 16 Jul 2021I've had this model for about 6 months and im very pl... morereally?

I've had this model for about 6 months and im very pleased with it. It's cheap reliable and most of all affordable.
Don't really care for the camera but screen is good and clear .
However I would recommend getting a larger SD card fa's memory gets taken up with system integration.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2021Not trueI agree that it is a good phone y'all just expect too much

  • Drewgirlxox

Jay, 05 Apr 2021My mother got this phone under advice from reputable shop i... moreHonestly what do you expect from a cheap phone. I got .you one for $250. I didnt expect much but it's better than I thought it was going to be. If you want good quality and better screen colour than save up for an expense high end phone....

  • K0kz

I like

  • Shuhaib

Good for all things, but not satisfied in gaming­čśô

  • Anonymous

Absolute garbage of phone. Everything @#$% up whenever you are in hurry. Loads of crapware, inintuitive ui that gets in your way all the @#$% time.

  • Cracky

A good phone, but the 20x9 ratio irritates me as every app is build for 16x9

  • Cracky

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2021Its an absolute piece of crap. I know its not a high end ph... moreI've had one since December and it's still good, you might have just gotten a bad malware or damaged it because mine works perfectly and is in fact, writing this comment

  • Gidy


  • Anonymous

Its an absolute piece of crap. I know its not a high end phone but its slower than molasses in December on the Canadian prairie. After 3 months it won't even stay connected to the internet. Tried everything. Time to fix it with a hammer. I always buy Samsung products.....never again.

  • Pala

I have flash problem
Whenever i take photo from a21s with flash
.it flashes more light making the photo a ghost type i dont know wht to do please help otherwidese its a great phone

  • Kami

Not a bad option, Good phone

  • Anonymous

My phone is working smartly ..I appreciate a21s

  • Sanju

Bigstone, 14 May 2021I guess its software issue mine had an issue on ghost touch... moreMy problem is same like u sometimes looks like ghost touching my phone

  • Knowxie

I had a best camera ever,but after a software update camera looks like a mobicel

  • Art 7364591

I thought all the while this phone Samsung galaxy A 21s
is a 4g. How come it is only a 3g? Is this upgradable to 4g?

Harrisgr, 07 May 2021It is not good phone Screen sensitivity in the upper corner... moreI guess its software issue mine had an issue on ghost touches but they quickly released an update and its working fine. Lemme ask did u stick a screen protector maybe?? If u did thats the issue. Many have complained on TS sensitivity after placing screen protector. My galaxy dropped and has a vertcal single crack from bottom to top but no TS issues. Only upper glass was damaged

  • jenray98

Bunny, 27 Apr 2021Do not get a Samsung A21 if you have a Toyota Corilla 2018.... morejust bought the s21 phone and spent 2 minutes pairing it to my Toyota Aurion a 2007 model - also able to transfer all our contacts to the handsfree

found the phone to be user friendly