Samsung Galaxy A21s review

03 August 2020

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  • SummerSnow

I got my samsung A21s two wรจeks ago. It has really good rear cam but its front cam i dont like. Its front cam produces a very low quality images.

  • John Fundy

It works fine! But is so slippery on my butterfingers! I need a rugged case then! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Steven

Linz, 16 Oct 2020I'm loving it except for the fact if I get a call nobo... moreHi did you get the problem fixed? And how?

This samsung galaxy a21s one of the best Samsung's product ever๐Ÿ‘

  • Ofentse

My a21 s is working wonderful i love every thing about it

Good and Terrible
Fast enough in google map. Soft body. Enough space.

But terrible place of charger and hans free port.
When you want to watch video and you run out of charge. Or putting phone on your chest with hands free. I didn't know samsung can design such a fault.

  • Anonymous

This cool ๐Ÿ‘

  • John87

I love my a21s and they make cases for it too.. rarely do I see that in cheap fones,it runs ok (don't play games as that's what PlayStation and Xbox are for lol) so internet runs okay not fast as only got the 32gb 3ram one,and yes okay will admit the camera isn't the flashest lol,but it does get the job done ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

The colors of the phone and options included make this phone amazing! This is the best Samsung phone I've ever owned...I honestly like it better than the Note 4 which used to be the best...for the money this was an amazing deal! Highly recomend this phone. Of course there are always better phones but not between $180-$300 depending on location of purchase. This is by far the best in its category and price. It boasts higher end features at a lower price point. Samsung out did themselves here...I am so happy with it!

  • Hunkie

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2020The colors produced by the A21s is disgusting, the TFT dis... moreReally disgusting. Real picture appear washed and not clear

  • Anonymous

The colors produced by the A21s is disgusting, the TFT display is cheap and washes colors way off what they should be. Complaints to the manufacturer fall on deaf ears !
Had I been made aware of this " fault " I would have not brought this phone !

  • Soup

Are there any good reviews?

  • Anonymous

Can A21s be used with American carriers?

  • Zag on

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2020That is so bold of you to say that kivuruge!!!Please comment like this should be banned this person could have started serious problems with this post.please

  • Anonymous

Betu200, 27 Nov 2020At least its NOT a Chinese phoneYeah ,don't trust any chinese phone

  • Anonymous

Using A21s as a Second Driver is a Good idea
(Like calling or messaging) (not recomended for Main Driver trust me )
I have S10 Plus as a Main driver

If there's uncorrect word , sorry english isn't my main languange

  • .....

Slow charging? Mine charge fast as the other samsung
And some A21s Have NFC and some Doesnt Have NFC (depends market) i kinda dissapointed because they just released a 128GB + 6GB at least i got free 256GB MicroSD card
(I bought the phone online and i get this MicroSD for free)

Oh btw the Micro SD is SanDisk

  • A21S User

Biggie, 27 Nov 2020I have the same problem(No NFC,screen recorder,screen issue... moreThe Galaxy A21S does have NFC. I have used card payments using this handset which requires an NFC enabled device.

  • Betu200

SoumY, 05 Aug 2020240 euros in France...what a joke for such a terrible phone... moreAt least its NOT a Chinese phone

  • Biggie

I have the same problem(No NFC,screen recorder,screen issues) are beginning to disappoint big time....I just hope I didn't waste my money on this already... it's not easy to return these phones here in Nigeria...mine is just 5days old