Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G review

18 August 2020

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  • LWI 888

Vic, 19 Aug 2020Charging time is such a shame for modern and ultra-expensiv... moreThat beats the LIFETIME recharging "speed" of my Sony Xperia 1ii (just bought it, in MORE ways than one!) 😩

  • Anonymous

AnonD-754814, 19 Aug 2020Update : Trustreviews says it's Samsung made display... moreDon’t think it’s Samsung super Amoled might be LG OLED cause LG introduced 10 bit OLED in 2018 or might be BOE not sure!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2020btw, it's only 8gb ram in 4g/256gb version in eastern europeTry out S20 5G 12 gig Snapdragon 865 and ram available for user only 8 gig of ram! Hope note 20 ultra with 12 gig of ram not worst since note has more bloated software.

  • Lanspeedo

This is the greatest verdict ever hahaha

  • Anonymous

Can't even preorder 512 or 1tb.

My initial impression is that the Note20 has a heft to it that almost makes the Note10 Plus seem insignificant; almost. The feel of the Note20 Ultra brings it more in-line with the substance of the S20 Ultra. Even though I'm not in the habit of looking at the back of my phones I just know that the pleasantly chunky camera module is back there just waiting to go to work. Haven't explored the Note20 Ultra beyond just setting it up but it is a very good device.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Just pre ordered mine !

  • Vic

Charging time is such a shame for modern and ultra-expensive device. This year many flagships from other manufacturers will have 30 min full charging time, whilst Samsung Note20 Ultra will be on 1 hour 20 min for one more year.

  • MrDong

Heard something suspicious about the Note 20 Ultra.

The back is probably made of Gorilla Glass 5, not Victus as GsmA mentioned (thus an error). Checked multiple other websites (AA, XDA, etc.) it doesn't clearly mention the back's type. This is according to a Samsung salesman and a reviewer which I thought was making a mistake. If other websites don't mention it...what could go wrong?

  • Hungry Joe

wasox, 18 Aug 2020You are just an ignorant geek-fanboy, although the exynos ... moreAnd if it was the case that Samsung provided the exynos to every market then it would be fair enough. The point is I feel cheated at paying the same for an inferior version of the same phone! Apple has better benchmarks, fair enough, I don't want an apple - I want a Samsung, hell I want THIS Samsung......just not the international version.

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2020Sharp stopped making oled for mobile last year. Not enoug... moreToo bad for them, they may be the only company left that makes IGZO display...

IpsDisplay, 18 Aug 2020Lol Samsung was raving about how great and innovative their... moreCare to elaborate on Sharp?

What an absolute disappointment of a phone. I've been putting off buying a new phone to replace my Mate 10 Pro with and was waiting for this, just to find out that it is only a tiny improvement over the Note 10. Thanks Samsung for wasting my time.

And to be entirely honest, Samsung should be dragged to court for making customers pay the same amount of money for an inferior device with the Exynos chipset.

  • Huples Cat

IpsDisplay, 18 Aug 2020Lol Samsung was raving about how great and innovative their... moreAre you sponsored by Sharp or something? All I ever read from you is about Sharp screens.....which si all very well and good except they are an irrelevance.

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 19 Aug 2020I'm pretty sure that's due to some device specifi... moreThose are details, not noise. Check out Xperia 1 II and iPhone 11 Pro's samples in good light. Huawei has always been using heavy noise reduction but for some reason people do not point them out.

  • AnonD-754814

Nick.B, 19 Aug 2020Just installed hw info, it is not Sammy panelUpdate :
Trustreviews says it's Samsung made display.

  • Anonymous

btw, it's only 8gb ram in 4g/256gb version in eastern europe

  • AnonD-754814

Nick.B, 19 Aug 2020Just installed hw info, it is not Sammy panelAs Oneplus 8pro uses Samsung panel.
And judging the Oneplus and Oppo's panel specification.
They both have the same max brightness.
Same max Auto brightness.
HDR 10+
Same screen size.
Suffered the same display issue as OnePlus.
Both Oppo and OnePlus are from same company.
So, I was assuming it could be Samsung made.
I didn't say it is Samsung made.

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2020The sensor is able to provide 12-bit colour depth (not the ... moreDon't care what it does and how it does it, but the outcome is the most true accurate colors I have seen on any phone at any price including 2020 top phones. That's that.

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2020Fidn X2 pro has best screen on market. This screen is brig... moreIt is a fact it is best display on the market till now (and 2020 is closing soon I don't believe mate40pro will have better display, or iphone 12), other big guns are already released and worse (screens).

wrong about 120hz on find x2 pro

screenshot :)

qhd+ at 120hz :) Sorry I win the 2020 best phone (and best in my heart) :)