Asus Zenfone 7 Pro review

1 September 2020

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  • SREE

zenfone 7 pro (zs671ks)
model has default call recording ?

Are there alternative navigation controls? I prefer 3 zones at the bottom more than iphone-style gestures. As always thanks gsmarena for this high quality review.

Nice T-Shirt Will ;)

  • Xavi3r

etherspin, 01 Sep 2020GSMArena - OLED is not a "Pro" , its an option. L... moreWell said. I've always been a fan of lcd displays just because they're more reliable and power efficient and the technology is mature . People just buy into the hype and whenever they see something new they're like "whoaaa I gotta have that " eventough it's mostly a gimmick or the technology is not mature or it creates solution to a problem that didn't exist ( folding phones), and above all it costs arm and a leg.

  • Anonymous

Forget it 👎

JayrBars, 01 Sep 2020They want to highlight "half the price" Everything will be not worth if still comparing with Poco haha

  • Noel

I'm just much more will it cost these OEMs to just equip their so called Global phones with all the necessary Global/Multi-mode bands. A phone like this Zenfone 7 looks good but lacking US GSM LTE and 5G bands so even if you wanted one..this makes it hard to justify spending that much for a device lacking in connectivity. This applies to all the other so called Global phones...i don't mean to single out the Zenfone.

Gg3 on the back, and the sub-par camera for a flagship; surely compromises were made.

  • Anonymous

Yeah bro, these companies are clowning us.

Bring back the jack!

I don't get it, why they make it bigger, heavier, thicker while putting in the same battery size and omitting headphone jack.

Like, ???

  • hafis

prefer zenfone 3 max pro...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Sep 20206000 series aluminium is a red herring for me. If I remembe... more

this Nokia 6 is also using the same aluminum 6000 series, try bend it.
And there's a lot of phones using aluminum 6000 series which didnt bend easily. Bend easily or not sometimes it depends on how the design itself

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2020If the camera division hates the mobile, why do ppl from th... moreYup I feel bothered. And there are tensions between the mobile and camera division, just the things are slightly batter since last year.

And a phone with specs you mentioned sells for $100 dollars. Sony mobile has been horrible and greedy, and that's why it had to exit many of its markets. Things are slightly better since last year after the head of Mobile division was changed.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2020Fixed AF will keep more of the scene in focus than having A... moreInfinite focus on manual control will solve all this..

Cmon, If you want everything to be on auto, just buy an iphone...

  • Anonymous

The way Asus put led notification next to the USB-C port is really cool . But is this only for charging status or it's multi colored one ? Can someone verified this .
Other than no 3.5 jack its almost perfect .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2020If the camera division hates the mobile, why do ppl from th... moreExcept they cost 80, not 280 of Xperia

  • Anonymous

salarx, 01 Sep 2020Sure it needs IP rating. Launching with Android Pie in 2020... moreIf the camera division hates the mobile, why do ppl from there worked on the phone?
Do you feel bothered when you seen chinese phones with microUSB, SD450 or 2MP macro cam (sensors from 2012)?

  • Anonymous

CompactPhones5ever, 01 Sep 2020Same old story: good phone, meh price. Probably a solid ... moreOnly if you're in the inferior market, that equipped with Exynos... The reset get the Snapdragon...

  • Anonymous

Well, it good to know GSMArena is growing to a size where there don't want to dis any vendor very publicity, as a result, gone are the much straight-up true comparison and round the-edge criticism. I'm mean Zenfone 7 Pro's closest competitor is Zenfone 7??? Really?

The closest is OnePlus 8 Pro. Whether its scale, pricing and position.

At the 50 Euro cheaper price you're get 128GB storage space, but only 50 Euro more for the 256GB OnePlus AND 12GB RAM as oppose 8GB RAM on the Asus, failed to mention that? And that under the assumption of Zenfone7 Pro's MSRP of 950 Euro given the exchange rate. Also with OnePlus pretty much on constant discount after 4 month of release, you can in fact, get the higher 256GB/12GB version for 25 Euro LESS (925 Euro) in the real market price.

And the battery, much of the 5000mAh battery has gone waste. The fact that Asus battery time fail to show almost any significant margin different in running time when comparison with OnePlus which is running at 120Hz and 490mAh smaller battery is, well... And even more interesting GSMArena no longer showing the battery graph more more direct comparison.

What even more bothersome is Zenfone7 Pro graphic performance is so close to the ROG3, which makes you wonder, why? Asus has bet so much on the pricing for the flip-cam, which personally, I think it insane.

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2020Even the $280 Xperia 8 Lite has dual GG6 and IP68. Sure it needs IP rating. Launching with Android Pie in 2020, sub 3000 Mah battery, Snapdragon 630 (2017), and price tag of $280, this phone needs to be thrown in the river on arrival. But hey it has the latest dual GG6 so it's bang for the buck. A day will come when Sony Mobile will shut down in its home market. Even their Camera division hates them.