MWC 2008: Nokia overview

11-20 February 2008
Market leaders Nokia were naturally among the key news makers at the Mobile World Congress (formerly known as 3GSM). The Finnish company revealed four new high-end devices today, including the dual slider Nokia N96, Nokia N78, a Navigator...

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  • mina samir

harish, 05 Sep 2008n96 will be superb rocks.....:) :)nokia n96 is weak and so expensive and nokia n85 better than nokia n96

  • Anonymous FOOOL! / I

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2008pppppffffttttt What ever nokia. I am so glad I changed. A LED fl... moreNAh! i know u, u just like samsung, nokia will rip samsung up any day everday GET IT...

  • 50

farrukh, 03 May 2008hello nokia lovers can someone tell me when its gonna b come out.itz already out dawg.long long a go and you just found out Dam,Man...

  • 50

SHAN, 11 Apr 2008I say one word thats would be enough for all .... " NOKIA ROCKS ... moreSHAN Understand is not a Band it is a mobile fone company Man!

  • harish

n96 will be superb rocks.....:) :)

  • edy_3dz

N96 will not be affordable, will cost around 900 euro

  • Remzin

I fink that the N96 is going to be one of the best handsets out there, Nokia have never let me down iv had the n95 and the n95 8GB and i loved them. Iv never had any problems with these handsets besides the minor freezing now and again but hey what games console, PC, handset etc dosent freeze nowadays. Nokia will always be number 1 for me

  • samiecute20

i really love this nokia n96 it is really cool and affordable

  • Khurrum Bawani

I like Nokia coz of its reliability and user friendliness. But now things are changing, and people tend to move to SE or LG coz they are coming up with innovative designs, loads of functions etc. Nokia always playing with features, giving one, subtracting you go..a new model ! Call it a classic or whatever.

If Nokia can produce set like N95 8GB, why not including voice navigations built it like it is free in 6110 navigator? 6110 dont have other attractive features.

For me...I'm waiting for SE Xperia !! got everything i need.

  • farrukh

hello nokia lovers can someone tell me when its gonna b come out.

  • SHAN

I say one word thats would be enough for all .... " NOKIA ROCKS THE WORLD "

  • n.O.k.I.a

nOkia hAs to be the best cell phone brand out there! When cell phones 1st came out, way way back in the day. NOkia ruled. They had a time, when they didn't bring out anything really new or special. But now they are back on track, with very up to date cell phones. These new phones should be really good! N96 will be good.

  • Anonymous

this is good!

  • 7TL

They all sound quite good, can't wait for a review!

  • lupixxx

nokia 6220 classic:

Single CPU

CPU Type: ARM 11

CPU Clock Rate: 369 MHz

  • Anonymous

About U500 mobile platform
The U500 mobile platform is a highly integrated solution with three ARM11 CPUs providing world class multimedia performance including a 12 Mpix camera, camcorder (MPEG4, H.264 D1@30fps), TV-out, MIPI camera and Display I/F, HW Video Encoding and Decoding D1(H.263, H.264, MPEG4 (AS), VC1, DivX,), and Mobile TV (MBMS phase 2, DVB-H, Unicast). Connectivity solutions include WLAN 802.11, wireless USB(UWB) and high speed USB. The U500 supports quad-band WCDMA radio, 7.2/5.76Mbps HSPA broadband capabilities, a world class security solution as well as highly optimized power consumption.
The U500 is the first mobile platform to support 4x full-scene anti-aliasing (FSAA) with no performance penalty, boosting the quality of all graphics rendered to the screen. ARM Mali software will be provided as an integral part of the U500 platform software. The close link between graphics processor and middleware (the Mali Graphics Stack) reduces the time-to-market and integration risks for handset manufacturers. As well as the Khronos standards, the Mali software supports the Java JSR standards for 3D and vector graphics maximizing the options for third-party software developers and backwards-compatibility with existing Ericsson platforms.

  • yztian

Wow! Nokia 6220 Classic rocks! I'll definitely buy one when it's out. Love the features & the design. Clean edges & sophisticated style. Great job Nokia! ^__^

  • rtr

se the best,nokia phones will be so underdressed when this platform come out for SE phones,.U500.check it out­20080206-1188885.shtml

  • Anonymous

pppppffffttttt What ever nokia. I am so glad I changed. A LED flash oohhh wwwwooooowwwwwwww!!!! youve really outdone yourself!! Get a decent camera if your gana have 5mp maybe you could team up with kodak disposable cameras!!

  • Kal

Wondering which model is that in the thumbnail (homepage)??