MWC 2008: Nokia overview

11-20 February 2008
Market leaders Nokia were naturally among the key news makers at the Mobile World Congress (formerly known as 3GSM). The Finnish company revealed four new high-end devices today, including the dual slider Nokia N96, Nokia N78, a Navigator...

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  • Anonymous

Is nokia obsessed with nokia n82 design every new phone has an underlying resemblance to nokia n82 common now we now the features have been upgraded but design innovation does matter as well... was expecting some new nokia E series business handsets but it seems nokia doesn't think it needs much attention its sad

  • Anonymous

tsk... com'on nokia, u can do better than that!

  • Jeelu

Nokia rules again with their announcement , hours ago ma friends said that Sony Ericsson rocks with latest headset announcements , i said wait for da Nokias announcement as i expect nothing beats or nearer Nokia .

  • Anonymous

IS this all?? Where are the new e-series??

  • Christov

I'm first!