MWC 2008: Nokia overview

11-20 February 2008
Market leaders Nokia were naturally among the key news makers at the Mobile World Congress (formerly known as 3GSM). The Finnish company revealed four new high-end devices today, including the dual slider Nokia N96, Nokia N78, a Navigator...

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  • Anonymous

they should have added a xenon flash instead of 2 led. that is retarded.

  • Anonymous

SE is stupid, they should have made it 5 mega pixel with xenon flash. i can't believe they released a phone with only 3 mega pixel. that is so retro. haha.

  • Anonymous

Sony phones are ugly... also they usually lack a key component to a phone... CALL AND HANG UP KEYS.

  • Anonymous

Nokia is going to dominate the market forever!
The only phone even remotely worthy of giving Nokia (E90 to be exact) a run for their money surprisingly enough is the Sony Xperia. It's a battle between those two.

  • thealmostloneranger

Well, they could have at least have and s40 phone joining these models. And the Sony Ericsson C702i kicks these dudes hard design wise...

  • Raptole

Nokia will make a lot of money with it's mobile phones (N96 and N78)!
They are awesome, just don't like the back of N78

Nokia N96(my best video)-
Nokia N96-
Nokia N96 2nd video-

  • Anonymous

first of all there is something that is really great in all the phones which is the release of the long waited fp2
also i think the best phone here is the 6220 ; great camera (best in the market) , small size (remember he 6120c ) and a very nice price for all its features

  • Billsa

I seriously think Nokia's build quality is getting cheaper and cheaper. They should follow the example of Samsung/LG and SE, great features are a must but build quality must equal the features. Look at the N95 and E90, both have premium features and superb build but the current upcoming crop seems plasticy and cheap. Come on Nokia!

  • SB

This is going to be a killer phone! Hopefully it'll be cheap like the 6120 Classic! Look at that massive Xenon too! :p

  • Raptole

This phone(N96) is awesome!
I uploaded it's first video on the internet with it's SPY PICS and it wasn't very good but now it is awesome!I think that I will buy it!
Nokia N78 is nice but don't like the back it is like N81's back and don't like it. :(

Nokia N96 -

Nokia N78 -

  • Sree

Here is the thing that is HAPPENNING, niro_iyashi

From the way i see it, Nokia N96 has interchangeble keys at the top side of the slidephone. And the reason why it has 2 sets of media keys is becoz the one at the top is for use wen the phone is in horizontal mode. in vertical mode, u use the media keys around the navigationak keypad.

And for goodness sake, if u really want a 5 mgpxl cam. phone, get the 6220 instead of the N78. Yes i agree N-Series is suppose to be a High-End phone but is it against the law for a non-N-Series to have better features than the N-Series??? In case you did not know. The reason is because Nokia wants the N-Series to reach a wider range of customers. You can't expect all N-series phones to be 5 mgpxl(or better) from now on...

I think the problem lies with you. Not Nokia.

  • Anonymous

dude the phones look sexy!!!!!! dam man i so wanna get the N78!!!! out it next to my N95 8GB, gonna be amazing, dude the N96 16GB killer, man nokia rule

  • Hail the King?

To me this is a mixed bag. Feature wise N96 is a GREAT phone, and would love to get it. HOWEVER, the phone is damn ugly, bulky, cheap ass looking, traditional nokia-low-end--candybar-Look-alike.


SE has currently the most beatiful phones, the functionality is not there but the design surely is.

SE design + Nokia phones features = Total overpower.

Please Nokia. ACT now. Perkele.

  • Tijs

Any chance of getting pictures/videos taken with the n96 i'm dyiiiing to see if the dual led flash outperforms the xenon flash on the n82 :(

  • lostinusa

Cool new phones but why name a new phone 6220 when they already have a phone by that name ?? Did they run out of numbers?

  • Anonymous

where are the nokia designers??? SE have all of them

  • riddimbob

Nice handsets. Love the feature sets. Offering online services, as that is what the consumer wants isnt it?
This is a consumer based show. Nokia are not there to push business devices. More mass market, consumer devices. Agree?

E series will come out later in the year at a more appropriate time. It's like the saying goes, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" Watch this space!!!!!

  • NightBlade

The phones are feature-rich, no doubt; but dull.

  • Dani

Nokia = The Kings

  • Wolfers

This phone is one of the most perfectly ballanced handsets i have ever seen. This and the 6210 Navigator are suberbly ballanced phones.