MWC 2008: Nokia overview

11-20 February 2008
Market leaders Nokia were naturally among the key news makers at the Mobile World Congress (formerly known as 3GSM). The Finnish company revealed four new high-end devices today, including the dual slider Nokia N96, Nokia N78, a Navigator...

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  • Anonymous

i like the design.

  • Anonymous

Its sad that Nokia (so called market leader) is still "experimenting" its touchscreen interface without using Symbian UIQ or Windows Mobile which are readily available. I am sure when Nokia launches touchscreens with their own systems Sony Ericsson would have gone miles ahead of Nokia with their touchscreens with symbian UIQ and Windows Mobile! Tough time ahead for Nokia!!!!

  • Anonymous


I wouldn't hold my breath on the new S60 Touch. It feels more like Windows Mobile at the moment, whereas iphone is still miles away for "touch" experience.

Only if iphone equipped with a notch higher resolution, though. However I'm still sold to iphone and waiting for it to arrive to my country.

Still, I hope Nokia will be doing great with their Symbian and N series. I guess the success wouldn't be that great with the S60 Touch.

  • nick

i really want a nokia touch phone, the whole touch experience doesnt look as inviting as the iphone one, but thats because they have the lovely multi touch :(

but i hope they release a touchphone with all the features the n95 has. if they do, im sold!

  • nokiadict

This new S60 software brought by nokia definetely going to be a good competence for iPhone user interface. we'll have to see when it comes out. Love the icons and the user interface.

  • Cad

As a n81 8gb i am really disapointed at nokia,why did they have to make all tha devices look like n81? that is bad bad bad bad,their creativity has dropped.daym and they used to be the best.anyway i have a question,can i load s60 9.3 feature pack 2 on my n81? and how? i mean i would love to get my navi-wheel to work in all the menus. is it possible? please help

  • Anonymous

'Fading in and out of the camera viewfinder looks very cool and really adds up to the eye-catching camera interface.'

sweet man it must look amazing, GSMarena guys are so luckly

  • themanfromorange

Good old nokia, take 2 phones n95 +n81 put them together ! what do you get ? n96 genius

  • Anonymous


waiting for e-95 16gb + microsdhc slots

paki nokia mads

  • eben

hi guys Nokia N96 is very Nice model

  • Anonymous

the same designs!!yawn!!!.....cumon nokia u can do better....

  • Anonymous

very bad designs nokia....

specs: very huge specs + very bad battery as usual

  • themanfromo2

must admit that the design of the n96 isnt up to much but 16 gb internal mem wow

  • gka3000

@ niro_iyashi -

pencil key is removed from latest nokia s60 3rd edition phones to get a good design and the same purpose can be done using the " # " key now so not to worry ... :-)

  • Original_Jamaican

It's a shame that Nokia didn't have a s40 phone to showcase along with the symbian ones.

Symbian phones aren't 100% owned by Nokia. Nokia gets a licence to use the Symbian Operating System in their phones and use their icons and other fancy stuff on top of the Symbian OS.

S40 phones are pure Nokias as the OS is made by Nokia. I realise that Nokia are promoting N series and other Symbian phones hard which is NOT good because not everybody needs a smart phone. In fact these phones are only smart based on the applications you can get for them. According to most s60 users, most of these phones comes with limited built in features, for example the Text Messaging area lacks a few practical stuff found in s40 phones...due to the ability to get 3rd party software to improve
various areas of the phone.

Nokia should stick to the roots of their own OS and focus on building and improving S40 phones to reach an even higher level. For instance I'm yet to see a s40 phone with Wi-Fi (WLAN). The Wi-Fi found in 6301 doesn't make it as it's used only for VoIP. It's not data based so you CAN'T browse websites.

If Nokia could make phones as great as the legendary 6230 once again OR make them even better than the 6230, then maybe s60 phones would become extinct :-)

The 6230 was the only s40 phone which beat quite a few Symbian phones even though those two platforms shouldn't be compared.

Nokia needs to make a 6230 classic. Now that should be a phone!!!

  • DaveS

uh.... identical much?

  • dpnk

I hate to say it but I a SO dissappointed by these designs, I've never been a fan of the N81 and here are 4 handsets that look obsessed around that design.

Really gutted!

  • htp

this is so nice,this is what im waiting for,if nokia made n96 with xenon flash they will lost so much n82 costomers thats why they didnt do this,how much will be the price?does anyone know that?

  • niro_iyashi


Well im just asking why??? coz im on the hunt for a new phone..
buying N95 8gig or N82 Black, or reserve my money for
one of the new phone coming this 1Q of 2008

I just cant see the logic for N-series...
now Nseries dont have PENCIL KEY?? its very useful key...

well about the thing that you said about
wider range of costumers for Nseries??

N-series does really have... coz the price of
Nseries specially here in my country decrease
alot than what you think, for just a a month or
after a new phone was released the price of
the Nseries goes almost 3/4 of the release price

Nseries and non-Nseries price is almost the same

what we are buying here is just the name of Nseries..

by the way thanks for the explanation
i know that from start im just asking
for other opinion... Coz i dont know
if i got it right or wrong...

I'll bet N78 price will be the same with 6220 classic or
even lower... and N-series is not a High-End phone anymore.
coz i dont think that N78 will fall to the price of N82...
that will be a wrong move for NOKIA and it will just
Kill the the new model coz no one will buy that. they will
choose N82 instead of the new one (feature wise).


  • niro_iyashi




N96 having 2 DEDICATED MUSIC KEYS (Slide and front panel)
of having 1 and a dedicated gaming keys...

And N78 (one of the newest top of the line N-SERIES)
having just 70MB of onboard memory
and 3.2MIG pxl cam and LEAD Flash


6220 classic a non-Nseries
having 120MB of memory
and 5 Mig. pxl cam and a XENON FLASH

What happen to Guys there in NOKIA!!
Were is the logic here?? instead of upgrading
the N-Series your downgrading it...

another example is N73 and N77 3.2-2 mig. pxl cam???
why dont they just put the 3.2 cam in N77???

this things really bothering me...
its just like NOKIA is playing tricks with their costumers...

I am using NOKIA since the release of 5110 till Now Nokia N73
im planning on buying new set... but im really confuse...
am i really buying an upgrade or a downgrade Nseries???