OnePlus 8 Pro long-term review

07 September 2020

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Coming back to this phone after a year, I can really say that this phone has aged really well.

Installing GCam would be a very great idea, and plus, this phone's display is still way more impressive than the iPhone 12 Pro Max's.

I mean, this device alone is just better than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, its camera, display, and charging. Way too good, plus it's only $650 now.

What a bargain after a year.

Actually OnePlus never had original design it's all base on Oppo because there are BBK company . The only thing OnePlus is awesome because free bloatware and light software. Me personally still like OnePlus btw. But the only thing they lacking in software update support take to much time to release software update.

  • L

Vidhi, 19 Jan 2021I want to buy oneplus 8 pro please tell me whether the disp... moreYes

  • Amit Kothiyal

HKS, 09 Jan 2021Based on long term review ....Other companies offering more... moreThis phone is with curve display and obvious curve displays cost more. Camera lens of IMX689 and IMX586 for wide angle will definitely cost more. Coming to the OS, you know better comparison between both.

  • Amit Kothiyal

Vidhi, 19 Jan 2021I want to buy oneplus 8 pro please tell me whether the disp... moreI bought a week back, no display issues as of

  • Vidhi

I want to buy oneplus 8 pro please tell me whether the display issue is still there

Based on long term review ....Other companies offering more features for less value .. Like Mi 10T pro with 144hz refresh speed & 5000 mAh battery life with less value. Oneplus need to be competitive.

  • Anonymous

Just a bad long term review for many reasons. Too tired to point then out. Long term review of the Nord is done much better. This feels like a rant.
Like so many other users I use a case to protect my investment and the accidental touches become a non-issue and was never bothered by the camera.
Wasting the whole display section ranting is just pointless, especially in the long term review.

  • Sonap77

Best smartphone of 2020 .oneplus No1 ever

I have display issues but apart from that it's been a very pleasant phone to use. I however think the mi 10 pro is the better phone for me.

I am using OnePlus 8 pro since it launched. Overall phone performance is good and I have no issues regarding daily use. But still can't use 5g in thailand as OnePlus didn't enable or updated software. Also their thai customer service is horrible. Despite messaging them multiple times, they replied once and didn't even answer my question. Most like not gonna buy another op device though using since op5

  • Anonymous

wongwatt, 11 Sep 2020Too tall and narrow, very expensive, confusing multiple cam... morei guess you need to learn the photo shooting technicalities. i guess that will help you.

  • Paresh

Pathetic phone.
I've been a loyal customer of OnePlus since the launch of OnePlus 3. And I'm so disheartened to say this, but OnePlus8 pro is not at all worth the money. Basic feature like network connection is such a huge struggle.

  • Alexandre

kimbo, 10 Sep 2020Nice review! Only some doubts about the IP68 ratting . I ha... moreThis rating means nothing for the brands, they pay to put it in the spec sheet, to create a fake peace of mind on the customer, because if it ever has water damage, the warranty is exactly the same as a phone from the same brand without IP rating. I have a Mate 20 Pro with IP68 and from what I read on the internet, if I ever decide to submerge it, it's at my own risk.

wongwatt, 11 Sep 2020Too tall and narrow, very expensive, confusing multiple cam... moreIndeed not for confused no idea of what is doing ones! Thank you for being honest!

  • Anonymous

I am using since last 1 month
- Super performance
- Good Battery life
- Good Camera (Still more improvement required)

Only bad thing is curved screen and slippery case bundled with box and stereo speakers are not that good like note10+, means you can't feel real stereo.

OnePlus user, 11 Sep 2020I was using the iPhone X's max , and now the op 8 pro... moreIt's way better than what most iPhones out there offer. Surpassing other Android skins with fast long lasting performance.
Me too experienced a huge upgrade by switching from iPhone 11 pro Max to OP8 Pro.

I want one so bad. I know a ton of people say they lost what made them special.. but at the end of the day if this phone was $200 less, they'd be saying OnePlus was revolutionary lol. I'm too poor to afford one but that doesn't take away from what a special phone it is.

  • OnePlus user

I was using the iPhone X's max , and now the op 8 pro since June .. I had no problems with the phone other than the curved edges which interrupted one hand usage. Other than that the phone is miles ahead my previous X's max.. No heating issues with prolonged gaming or video recording , no camera issues (way better than the s20 line up ) and with gcam , it's right at the pixel territory.. better than lg or samsung if u neglect the curved edges..
The performance and user experience u get with this phone is off the charts , and worth more than the price..

  • wongwatt

Syuser, 09 Sep 2020Xperia 1II is the King! Super elegant design, super cameras... moreToo tall and narrow, very expensive, confusing multiple camera/video apps with a terrible point and shoot performance, oddly draggy interface and what's with Sony News? Dreadful app that's a forced install.
I went LG V50 instead.