Android 11 review

13 September 2020

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  • 08 Oct 2021

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2021Want my font to be smaller, but with android 11 I cant seem... moreYou can d that in the developers option

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    • uwV
    • 20 Sep 2021

    AqlMug, 28 Jul 2021Hi, Please Help ME, Currently Using A10s Android 10 UI 2.0 ... moreDon't upgrade 10 to 11. It is not good compare to 10.

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      • Syfur
      • XVT
      • 17 Sep 2021

      Android 11 is the worst android ever!! Trying to improve some features, they have downgraded them. From my perspective, conversation bubble is a straight downgrade. on messenger, chat heads were far better that this new bubbles! The look uglier, buggy and lacks imagination. Hiding the files and folders inside the Android folder maybe good for security, but It's a nightmare for more advanced users. The new update has also disabled some old useful gestures. So yeah, Android 11 is becoming more and more like Apple’s iOS. The freedom od Android is fading away day after day...

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        • dMH
        • 27 Aug 2021

        I cant denny some premision that google aplications have, android thanks to the google privscy policy is bad but this one especialy is the worster one. Sory for my english

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          • Jay
          • XNL
          • 11 Aug 2021

          Android 11 is horrible, the Gallery looks terrible (where did the date and location fields go?) and now I'm finding my emails wont sync.
          Any way to roll back to 10? at least this worked.

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            • BE1
            • 07 Aug 2021

            AqlMug, 28 Jul 2021Hi, Please Help ME, Currently Using A10s Android 10 UI 2.0 ... moreOf course you should update. whenever any new android version is available through proper company provided ota you should update. It will always show good performance later. Always remember all new android verions have some bugs and thats normal. It will slowly be cleared in subsequent smaller updates.

            the question you asked is only for ipnes because they purposefully slow down the phones with each update.

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              • 02 Aug 2021

              AqlMug, 28 Jul 2021Hi, Please Help ME, Currently Using A10s Android 10 UI 2.0 ... moreandroid 11 is a buggy mess. plz don't update

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                • AqlMug
                • KIJ
                • 28 Jul 2021

                Hi, Please Help ME, Currently Using A10s Android 10 UI 2.0 with 1 Apr-2021 Security Patch Level in Pakistan, Andriod 11 update is on the way for Pakistan Variants. Should I update to Andriod 11 or 10 is Better for Good Performance ? I little confused about Update , Me Should Update or NOT ??? Please Share your Experience !!!

                  The android 11 is so fast and good, but flash notifications on Samsung galaxy A30 should be only for inbuilt apps like normal messenger apps and calls but not
                  for party apps like WhatsApp Facebook ETC

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                    • qpg
                    • 21 Jul 2021

                    What happened to the photos of my contacts on the Home Screen ?

                      Some people dont care about android version.Even their phones are stuck at v6 or 7.1.Guess i had to wait until september for android 12 final release

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                        • FjY
                        • 09 Jun 2021

                        Can I install Android 11 on my Blackberry Key 2 which runs Android 8.1.0

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                          • 05 Jun 2021

                          How can I uninstall the android 11 on my phone? Samsung galaxy a12
                          Since I upgraded it my phone has been sloppy and hanging.

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                            • Perin
                            • vGt
                            • 08 May 2021

                            Worst Update Unable to view on which SIM received sms or call
                            No call time duration

                              After update system restrictions are making obb, data files unaccessible. Wow such freedom, might as well get an iphone next, seeing where android is heading to.

                                Will huawei mate 20 X get android 11?

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                                  • I@H
                                  • 04 Mar 2021

                                  Want my font to be smaller, but with android 11 I cant seem to reduce the font size to small size. Smaller than the regular small font.. about 50%. The font is still big even though it is on the small font size.

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                                    • iBt
                                    • 05 Feb 2021

                                    iOS Never Again, 30 Sep 2020No thank you! I ditched the iPhone 11 pro Max for a much ... moreYeah, are u serious? ...
                                    Emm... IOS is great!

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                                      • GYi
                                      • 12 Jan 2021

                                      "it would have been called 'Red Velvet Cake'. Thankfully, Google has moved past all that nonsense and we have the much nicer sounding 'Android 11' in our hands."

                                      i feel super offended reading this, i already hate this guy

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                                        • Samar
                                        • vkW
                                        • 31 Dec 2020

                                        So many years since Google is upgrading Android & yet doesn't realize the importance of sorting the Share sheet. Share sheet should be dependent on the item you are sharing. Copying a text should automatically pop share options like messengers browsers, notepad, etc. Media selection should give media players, messengers, etc.