Android 11 review

13 September 2020

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  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 13 Sep 2020I stopped caring about Android updates years ago. They offe... moreIt's already perfect. Doesn't need unnecessary updates just casual refinements are enough.
Even a 5 year old Android is light years ahead of current iOS.
Nobody wants to be trapped in the tyrannical prison system of iOS.

  • Anonymous

For the first time ever, I stopped caring about Android updates. It's the fact that stock Android are barebones, hence the need for regular updates as they have zero features compared to others. If you're using MIUI, One UI, etc. Then it really makes no difference

I stopped caring about Android updates years ago. They offer such minor improvements as of late, which i couldn't care less about.

  • Vendhar

Nice review. BTW chat bubbles, app suggestion and some notification control as said in the review, is not something new. But native support is really cool.

This is new. I like androud reviews