Android 11 review

13 September 2020

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2020It's okay Apple gives 5 years update and you have to d... moreAre you new here, kid? When there is an iOS release, no matter how small, tons of Android users jump on to gripe and moan.

This android version is not exciting for me at all. Aside the permissions update everything else have been part of the OneUi that samsung released a year ago. Even if I'm going to receive this OS version, I couldn't care less about. On the flip side I would hate if samsung removes the suggested apps at the bottom when scrolling up for the multitasking.

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2020It's okay Apple gives 5 years update and you have to d... moreBro why the hate...when something about apple comes out there are 10000000000 comments from android that some1 from apple side comes and comment here....hater noob to love this

This is so true! I have pixel 4 XL bought from the UK Google store and i still hadn't received the Android 11 update. So i just sideloaded it last night. My point is what's the point in having a pixel when you don't get the update as soon as.

useless... god damn that 11 is useless...

  • Regsterr

All hail lord google, 13 Sep 2020And now users have no say on weather to update or not. This... moreI bought a phone with a bootloader unlock function, in developer options. If necessary, pushed to a point, once a twrp recovery is made for it, I'm rooting it, and make my own decisions, Damm the mfgrs.

  • Anonymous

I wonder if Alexa devices are also supported in the power menu? Or is it reserved to google home?

  • UsmanHSh

Google/OEMS should implement a pull from left/ Pull from Right panel for separation conversations / notifications for a neat experience

  • All hail lord google

And now users have no say on weather to update or not. This is just fantastic. Congratulations google u just proven how much of a tirant you truely are. Who knows how much jackware and trackware and all other kinds of bloatware will be piped through to us against our will now that you have given ur self the exclusive right to update our cellphones without our consent, is this what money and power does to people. When does this stop, or is it true that too much money aint enough money(advertisements money). Has the lust for power completely corrupted the makers of google to this extent. Just how far gone is everyone and i know even GSMARENA bows to google and they may filter this comment. This is sad and just shows how humans truely are.

  • Seb512

The article writer said that the Easter egg is not that interesting, it's just a dial... No it's not just that! It's a hidden cat collecting game that you have to enable in the home control power menu! And it takes advantage of the new bubbles system too

  • Anonymous

Pixel 3 unlocked bought from google store and going on day after the release and still nothing. Total BS.
Android auto isn’t working with audio apps and was hoping update would fix it and give me wireless auto, but I guess timely updates are a lie.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-804996, 13 Sep 2020Yet half of this article reads as "iOS had it years ag... moreIt's okay Apple gives 5 years update and you have to defend that in android review page... Why do you even bother about android users ?? Are you hear to convert android users into iOS ?? Is this your propoganda?

  • imjp

Google must change the task switcher back to vertical rollodex from android 6 because the horizontal task switcher sucks

  • Anna

Hardly anything new and major improvements over previous version. Not sure why Google changes version number every year? Microsoft had kept Windows 10 OS same and is adding new features twice a year. Why Google can't follow them?

  • someone

Man just why not name it after something sweet, cause for example if you have Android pie you can still call it Android 9. The same goes to all other Android versions. I was really disappointed when I heard that Android 10 had no name. Just Android 10 or Q.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 13 Sep 2020I stopped caring about Android updates years ago. They offe... moreBecause it already perfect and you can customize all you want to fit your need already. It don't even need any update anymore.

  • AnonD-804996

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2020It's already perfect. Doesn't need unnecessary up... moreYet half of this article reads as "iOS had it years ago and now Android 11 has it too". LMAO. People constantly spread this nonsense how iOS is limiting and how you can't do anything, what a load of fearmongering nonsense. I've ditched Android dumpsterfire for iOS almost 2 years ago and while there are some things I can't do on iOS that I could on Android, it's literally a non issue. Changing launchers is such a hyped thing yet even on Android I always returned to stock launcher that came with whatever phone becaus 3rd party launchers are always inconsistent, problematic or just don't work as nice. Setting default browser, while annoyance wasn't such a big deal and with iOS 14 that's not a problem anymore either. Literally only thing left that annoys me is that I can't send small stuff via bluetooth to any phone. Which is something I need like twice a year. Would be nice, but I can live with that.

However, nothing on Android can ever beat the whole updating process and software support which is just sublime on iOS. There is a new update? No problem, if you see the news about it, you can get it NOW. And it's basically guaranteed for 5 years. 5 YEARS! Good luck with Android when it comes to that. Majority of Android phones will never even receive Android 11. And we aren't even talking about some super old devices. Basically only if you have Pixel you somewhat get similar support as with iOS. With all other phones it's months of waiting for new versions if you even get it at all.

I'd love to see Android change and improve to a point all vendors could update the shell/UI and core would be updated directly from Google. But I don't think it'll ever happen, not with current system.

  • Mr A

90% present devices will never test 11.

OEM skin's already has too many features but problem is these features are unstable...

MIUI 11 split screen didn't work if you use App lock features..

MIUi 11 you're phone back button won't vibrate if battery lower then 20% you need to manually set vibration every time..

Miui 11 long screen shot sometimes works sometimes not.

In Miui factory ROM is best after updates you got new features as well as new bug's..

Unfortunately those new bugs never Solved by OEM at least for budget devices..

Sorry for my very very poor English I hope people can understand my point..

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 13 Sep 2020I stopped caring about Android updates years ago. They offe... moreIt's already perfect. Doesn't need unnecessary updates just casual refinements are enough.
Even a 5 year old Android is light years ahead of current iOS.
Nobody wants to be trapped in the tyrannical prison system of iOS.

  • Anonymous

For the first time ever, I stopped caring about Android updates. It's the fact that stock Android are barebones, hence the need for regular updates as they have zero features compared to others. If you're using MIUI, One UI, etc. Then it really makes no difference