Poco X3 NFC review

15 September 2020

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Anders, 15 Sep 2020So it's got a 120hz display but because they used a lo... moreExactly. My note 8 pro display has inconsistent back lighting. As a matter of fact every xiaomi phone i've ever used has screen issues.

  • Anonymous

Almost good. BUT I'm scared of ghosts. Ghosts in a phone? Nah not appealing :/
Now seriously, this only is something I do mind about the phone and potentially breaks a deal for me.

  • Steve

Rippy, 15 Sep 2020gotta say that camera arrangement cosmetically, looks awful.Who cares.
How many time do you look at the back of your phone anyway?

gotta say that camera arrangement cosmetically, looks awful.

  • Flashash

Still scope of improvement

- move 3.5 jack on top..
- move Charing pin on the side somewhereso that we can keep the phone vertical at rest while charging...

So it's got a 120hz display but because they used a low quality LCD the pixels can't keep up. What is it with Xiaomi and using really poor quality displays? It's not because it's LCD, Realme, Asus, Sony and others all have LCD displays in their lineup and don't have the problems Xiaomi do with ghosting and inconsistent colour, especially around the chin and cutouts 🤦🤦

  • Anonymous

It's actually competing against its own: the older Poco X2 and Redmi Note 9 Pro/9s/Pro Max, which is more appealing given the glassy back, not so quite IP-53, but still water repellent, lost the stereo. But everything else? Should be really close.

  • TechEnthusiast

I dont understand how it only got 4 stars when there are only two negative points and they are also subjective in a way.

  • Anonymous

You guys didn't find any ads??

Long awaited review, can't wait to get to it. Hurray! The scores on geekbench are great

  • Anonymous

Bizarre name