Motorola Razr 5G hands-on review

18 September 2020

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  • 10 Jan 2022

I've had this phone now for about 3 months. My first foldable.And these are my main gripes:
The screen has a tall aspect ratio ; and i have big hands so typing on the keyboard without errors is difficult.
The battery life is horrendous.
The external screen is nice ; alot of apps work well with it.
Snapdragon chip can be better.
I've had instances where I flip the phone open and the main display does not turn on. Happen atleast 2x a month, every month. I'd have to flip it closed and open again ; or at times press and hold the power key to shut down and restart.

Overall, needs way more polishing.
Will be switching to the Z Fold 3, my first Samsung foldable.

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    • Chopsticks
    • mr@
    • 20 Aug 2021

    What happened to the promised review of this device GSMa? Anyway, just read the the review of the Galaxy Z Flip3. Pre ordered one as this will be the first true big selling foldable. Although nowhere near perfected, an absolute feat of eye bleeding tech.

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      • 09 Apr 2021

      Battery max 6 hours of sot on a row. Mixed use give whole day of use. Playing games time can be shorter. Overall , that model have low energy consumption on daily tasks. In heavier tasks, use power of gaming processor. Recommended after two month, I'm power user, so no lie from me, pure testing.

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        • 29 Dec 2020

        The motorola razr 5g has many great features going for it, however it lacks a headphone jack and it's low capacity battery (2800 mAH) makes it overpriced. For the $1000 price tag the battery should at least be 6000 mAH
        And the lack of a headphone jack is very disappointing.

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          • gNR
          • 26 Oct 2020

          2800mah battery. Will it provide a long lasting battery backup?

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            • Hitesh
            • U2D
            • 15 Oct 2020

            Commendable work done on fold screen technology and integration with existing technology. I would say very much appreciated. Who say's we need 3 or 4 camera now. I guess with folding screen just 2 is enough. Price is what they are asking for the work done.

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              • 01 Oct 2020

              Anonymous, 24 Sep 2020 Any wait for Apple to release one. Considering that Motorola partnered with apple on the E1, I wouldn't exclude the possibility of an iFlipPhone :)

                The best comment I've read in a long time here, practicality is key in every gadget we buy be it a mobile phone, computer or car.

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                  • 26 Sep 2020

                  Fericica, 24 Sep 2020Does it have a physical sim card slot? Yes. On the bottom next to the charging port

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                    • Babyface666
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                    • 25 Sep 2020

                    Its battery is still thumbs down.

                      Does it have a physical sim card slot?

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                        • 24 Sep 2020

                        Reyansh Madan, 24 Sep 2020I was really fascinated by the concept fo this phone when i... moreI thought the same.

                        Took the plunge anyway.

                        I think it's great, don't regret buying.

                        Makes me smile.

                        Forget the specs.

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                          • 24 Sep 2020

                          Any wait for Apple to release one.

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                            • Reyansh Madan
                            • rJm
                            • 24 Sep 2020

                            I was really fascinated by the concept fo this phone when it was first announced. Still looks neat but the features dont match the price or the finishing of the design.

                              Moto smartphones coming on with 5G..its a great deal for sure.

                                Anonymous, 23 Sep 2020mote than a year since they introduced foldables and i stil... moreNot all people like having long phone slabs in their front pockets.
                                Not all people have (literally) deep pockets, so fitting a typical 6-7 inch device can be tricky. This lets them get a modern device with a large display without it being +/-17 cm tall at all times. This is only 9 cm tall when folded.

                                This is much more comfortable to have in your front pocket when sitting, especially if your pockets are not super big/deep.

                                I for one shy away from pants/jeans with small/short pockets, just so I can fit my huge phone in them. And I always do the "sitting" test when trying on new pants :-)

                                I also really like the quick view display and the fact that it is usable - so one can be a little bit less of a phone addict, but still able to read and reply to messages etc.

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                                  • 23 Sep 2020

                                  mote than a year since they introduced foldables and i still don't understand the meaning of these things.. more room in your pocket for keys amd coins? what is really

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                                    • 23 Sep 2020

                                    Just got the phone.

                                    It's amazing.

                                    Did think it was expensive but in getting it I'm no longer bothered. I'm happy to be have it.

                                    I suggest if you can, get one.

                                      TheLastOracle, 20 Sep 2020He said the camera was better than the Z Flip in certain in... moreThe Razr has a larger, and more versatile, camera sensor (1/2.0" vs 1/2.55"in the Z Flip - 1.6µm pixels at 12MP vs 1.4µm in the Z Flip) and it has both a wider focal range and larger aperture. Not surprising that it takes better photos.

                                      I can certainly see why one would want to opt for the Razr. It is a proper foldable with a very usable outer screen.

                                      The Z Flip on the other hand, I just don't see it. In its folded state it is quite useless, and the design is not very appealing to me. Might as well just get any other candybar smartphone instead.

                                        Yop Yop, 21 Sep 2020Razr or Z Flip ? They are not direct competitors... They u... moreEasily the Razr. A true foldable and a gorgeous design as well.