Apple iOS 14 review

21 Sep 2020

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  • the konigsberger

add system wide font choices and icon packs and a new theme store to room for improvement column.

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020Can't leave? :D everyone can leave Apple if they want,... moreyes, experience is so great :) it's not about that it's just that they have a huge loyal fanbase that will never try anything new and what's worse is that they buy whatever overpriced trash apple throws at them. that's how a cult works.

  • Anonymous

iPhone Fans 118, 22 Sep 2020Just out of interest - iPhone 11 Pro (or Max) remains in 10... moreSome can if they compare them next to each other, most can't.

  • iPhone Fans 118

Just out of interest - iPhone 11 Pro (or Max) remains in 1080p range, not QHD 1440p.
So if 4k option is available on YouTube but the screen only supports 1080p.
By naked eye - can we really tell the difference?

  • Jarret

Apple is like to be mainstream - always copying Android's

  • Anonymous

lewein, 22 Sep 2020Well of course they have members that won't or can... moreCan't leave? :D everyone can leave Apple if they want, it's not like someone is pointing gun in their head and say stay. The difference here is that over and over again when Apple users are thinking to buy new phone, most of them buy another iPhone, because the experience been so great. It's not cult it's just what great products do.

  • wongwatt

So the app drawer finally arrives in iOS, its the main reason why I use Android because I like a single, clean homescreen.
Still cant use iOS though, because Apple have felt the need to CONTROL the drawer making it next to useless.
Still a hard pass from me.

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020"iOS 14 certainly looks like a cheap copy of Android d... moreWell of course they have members that won't or can't leave, this is what a cult is and looks.
and yes, it looks like a cheap knock of android version. shameful for apple.

just give me fresh updated icons fgs
I thought Apple will refresh their icons every 6years
but noooo

[deleted post]Not sure if the bugs are actually fewer, but some people on iPhone 7 were losing their mic when upgrading to 13.3. And now with 14, they lose their camera. It might have fewer bugs, but some of the bugs were the biggest one that I've seen compared to other manufacturer. Granted, this happens mostly on their older phones, so while it is good that they keep supporting it, but it seems that they don't really care about those user. It is like Apple silently pushing those people that still use older iPhone to buy the newer one.. "Apparently disabling your mic wasn't enough so now we need to disable your camera" bug. Yes, eventually it should get fixed, but if in the process Apple managed to convert some of those iPhone7 user into buying newer iPhone, then it is a job well done for them.

Siddhant Pandey, 22 Sep 2020Does anyone else hate iOSWhy would hate a piece of Software? It is simply either useful or useless.

  • Shahzad

In the long press of whatsapp icon, previous version shows the contacts name of last messages without opening WHATSAPP, but in OS 14 it is no more and you have to open WHATSAPP to see who have sent you message...............

Does anyone else hate iOS

  • Anonymous

Android.Master, 21 Sep 2020New feature highlights: Homescreen (stackable) widgets. ... more"iOS 14 certainly looks like a cheap copy of Android desperately trying to hold onto existing customers"

Sorry but it's actually opposite. This iOS14 will again lure more android switchers and that's why android boys like you are so insecure. Apple have no problem to keep their users, Apple have most satisfied users in the market already.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You're joking, right?

  • Anonymous

Just curious about the 4k support, is that for viewing or uploading? Can't see the benefit of viewing 4k on a FHD+ display?

Can someone tell me if I can delete multiple contacts at once now in iOS 14 or not?

what about iPad os with a decent file manager?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2020Where all those face ID sensors are supposed to be? Pop up? Or even more advanced under screen?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2020Where all those face ID sensors are supposed to be? Not on iPhone. Luckily they ditching it and bring back fingerprint sensor in next update.