LG Wing 5G review

12 October 2020

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  • 08 May 2021

Sandy, 14 Apr 2021How is the performance after few months of usage ?Solid build but heavy difficult in use in one hand. Screen vibrant deep black better than many chinese brands in India. Swevel Mode is beneficial while I enjoy media in main screen for I have to comply sms, mail and whatsapp frequently. But the screen is flat and less vibrant. Picture colour and acuracy good in still photography but natural blue somewhat distorted in low light. Videography unique and can compete with any mobile camera 2021. Sound loud enough though single bottom firing speaker is there. Refresh rate bit lower but doesn't feel too much difference compared with higher refresh rate screen of One Plus 8 Pro I am using now. Volume keys high above in the right side of the tall set but in screen volume manager app is the alternative. Lg has slashed the price more than 60% and has committed android upgrade 13 is the best alternative to buy the last device before their departure from the mobile business.

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    • Vipul
    • gM}
    • 30 Apr 2021

    Hi, I didn't receive adapter with Lg Wing can you suggest which charger is compatible with it.
    Is Lg Wing support PD (Power Delivery) type C to C

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      • ILx
      • 30 Apr 2021

      I've had two LG phones since I had my pixel 3... The pixel 3 had a pretty nice camera but that was about it in terms of hardware
      I had a thin q 7 which is spectacular with wired headphones due to its ess sabre DAC etc. And now I have a LG wing, which has plenty of power and internal storage to handle streaming music.... And I would have to say that despite rumors of their demise that I like their style I like their design and the features which they prioritize and I would certainly hope to buy LG again in the future.

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        • 14 Apr 2021

        Anonymous, 03 Jan 2021I have one and its greatHow is the performance after few months of usage ?

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          • Whyuwannaknowmyname
          • rKu
          • 13 Apr 2021

          YUKI93, 03 Dec 2020I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic or stupid, but... moreWhen did he mention wireless audio?
          He said that type c earbuds are included.
          And FYI, they're NOT wireless.

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            • Terence
            • uRF
            • 09 Mar 2021

            How dual sim slot works? i have attached the second sim but the phone doesn't detect it

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              • 19 Feb 2021

              mac231us, 24 Jan 2021An SD 870 version with a bigger battery like 5500maH would ... moreI just buy it last week and is awesome so far.Phones R fun again.

                An SD 870 version with a bigger battery like 5500maH would be ideal for a next gen (if there is one-doubt it though)

                  nino77ns, 08 Dec 2020if they continue to invent such nonsense that is not practi... moreuse it in the closed position...does it then become 'interesting'? lol

                    Anonymous, 12 Dec 2020i dont the phone is it just one phone cause i can see two p... moreha ha-use it in closed position-people think this comes in open position - don't even read anything but comment?

                      ODIE, 11 Nov 2020I am not sure about this phone. It looks really weird and c... moreas someone wrote on another board-this is an OPTION (option to open it into the T format) like a 120Hz screen or 144 that you could CHOOSE to run at 90...or a high resolution display that you could CHOOSE to run at lower resolution etc etc...otherwise use it in closed position-what is the problem?? you get the OPTION at a fraction of what the Samsung and Apple phones are going at and with flagship type of performance and specs....it IS PRACTICAL (if you will by typical standards of use) in the closed position....just don't know how to use the option? then don't! simple as that DUH (but typical psychology is...I paid for this option so I must use it and be satisfied with it-nevermind that you paid far less for this device and its option)...so somehow they feel shortchanged-LOL

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                        • CaptainSpaceship
                        • Kg{
                        • 21 Jan 2021

                        I'd get this if my stupid carrier would only include it. It is a shame that we only have Apple, Samsung, and a boatload of crappy China phones to choose from. LG used to be part of our carrier's line up. LG phones are superb.

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                          • Joe356
                          • 8p5
                          • 18 Jan 2021

                          Nice try to keep the brand alive. Personally my last LG phone was the G4 that I threw away (just 1 month after warranty expired) because LG does not recognize the manufacturing problem which was written about it world wide. They only service for free only during warranty. Never again. Trust more important than flashy designs

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                            • JMac
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                            • 04 Jan 2021

                            My husband and I.both got the wing. Its really neat and we are having fun figuring out.all it can do. A true conversation starter.

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                              • kpy
                              • 03 Jan 2021

                              I have one and its great

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                                • Ahamed
                                • nC6
                                • 15 Dec 2020

                                Any idea when this will be launched in middle east

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                                  • 13 Dec 2020

                                  Tiptop, 28 Oct 2020Well Samsung Mega started itThe NOTE started phablets. The Mega came out in 2013, the Note 1 came out in 2011.

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                                    • 12 Dec 2020

                                    i dont the phone is it just one phone cause i can see two phones how would i put it in my pocket

                                      if they continue to invent such nonsense that is not practical, it will not even succeed, who needs something like this? they also missed the topic ,,, what should the phone be and what is its purpose;) THIS IS NOT EVEN INTERESTING FOR CHILDREN FROM 10 YEARS,

                                        Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020There are type c earbuds included... Read it again lolI'm not sure if you are being sarcastic or stupid, but wireless audio cannot ever be used to access FM Radio. You still need the 3.5mm audio jack to do that, which I'm guessing must be the dongle inside the box.