LG Wing 5G review

12 October 2020

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  • 13 Oct 2020

One of the most trendy mobiles of 2020.
If only LG had provided 865+.......

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    • 13 Oct 2020

    Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020As much as I love experimental phones and tech - I hate thi... more1. I think you are underestimating the demand for large screen phones and how the people use them. For most school and college students, their phones are their primary media consumption devices these days. Whether it's videos, games or music, they rely on their phones. Then in most developing countries like India and China, a lot of people, especially in the rural parts don't own PCs and large screen TVs, so they even rely on phones as their primary home workstations and even as the primary movie consumption devices. So there is a huge demand for large screen devices. These markets also pretty much house half the world's population, so ofcourse companies are gonna cater to them and prioritise them. Also, you have to remember how the large screen trend started. When Samsung released the Note back in 2011, most people called it absurd and a Niche device. But it became a huge hit because there was a demand for a phone like that. More companies followed suit later because they saw that it was lucrative. You think these companies with their multi billion marketing teams would have suddenly started making large phones if there wasn't a clear consumer demand for it? Even a company like Apple eventually decided to cash in on that. Then look at Sony, they almost specialised in making a Premium compact phone every year for a while, but even they gave up on it... Why? Cos people in most markets clearly prefer large screen phones.

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      • 13 Oct 2020

      The "Airplane Mode" already dissapointed me:/
      And now the LG Wing?!?....
      Only if I could fly with it, should it be called a WING:(🐧🙁🤣

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        • 13 Oct 2020

        The lack of headphone jack doesn't portend well for the future...

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          • 13 Oct 2020

          Honestly, I like what LG is trying, and the phone looks stunning and by far unique, I hope people consider buying LG phones in the future.

            Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020As much as I love experimental phones and tech - I hate thi... more1) The main direction for this form factor is use it as 50% / 50% (swiveled / unswiveled)
            2) Agreed!!!. At least a telephoto camera is a must
            3) This is a matter of taste. Some will like the color options others don't
            4) Agreed!!!. At least 5000 mAh
            5) Agreed!!!. At least 90 Hz refresh rate
            6) Front Camera popup seems OK to me. Dual speakers is a must.
            7) LG's phone prices starts goes down in less than 3 months...be patience!!!
            8) This phone is not intended for mass consumers. Only a specific target of high multimedia consumers.
            9) LG marketing is unexistent in some regions. They must change that if they want to survive against big sharks (Samsung/Xiaomi/Huawei)

              It does look interesting, and it's great that LG is experimenting with new stuff. It's too expensive, though. I think that anything that can be done on the Wing can also be done on the Velvet with Dual Screen, which is cheaper.

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                • 13 Oct 2020

                As much as I love experimental phones and tech - I hate this on many levels.

                1. if I want a foldable or swiveable phone, I want it small when folded or unswiveled but huge when unfolded unswiveled. I never understood why having a 6"+ phone really. I use my phone mostly for phone/chat interaction and barely to consume media - I know there is some people not working or having a child - but most people certainly do and I assume those people spend 80% on the phone not comsuming media. The other 20% I want a convertible phone for and am willing to pay alot.
                2. The cameras. It's easy, put 1 tele, 1 ultrawide, 1 regular on a phone...is that so hard?
                3. The design - the colour looks like a toy. And why are there bezels on top and at the chin? There's a pop up camera! Make a stand out phone really stand out!
                4. battery - this phone clearly made to consume media, has 2 screens, give it a huge fast charging battery!
                5. The screen. see 4. It's a media consuimg beast - why have a ppi under 400, no 90+ hz
                6. Front camera - I never use my front cam, but why not put it next to the top speaker grill or next to the secondary screen. I know you would have to swivel the screen to take selfies, but this is an experimental phone, it would be perfect (the mi mix 1 people hated for the selfie cam, but it revolutionized front cams and screens alike and was a huge success!)
                7. The price. You can get foldables for 1000$. You also can get Ultra phones for 1000$...I know its tough, but experimental phones need to be cheapER to be successful.
                8. Pear Group. Who will buy into this experiment? I doubt many people will. It's only people who love to heftily consume media on huge phones. That's mostly younger customers at around age 16-25, maybe up to 30 in some countries. Thats usually not the people buying 1000$ phones. Also LG isn't the "must buy brand" - and in serious lack of brand reputation. Experiments will bring attention, but not the new customers LG is in need of (if wanting to continue the mobile department). Note: Influencers don't buy phones, they just bring you some attention - attention won't save your brand...

                Don't get me wrong, I seriously want to try this phone. But Im no influencer and get phones for free. My child would break the swivel mechanism or pop up camera in days...I rather spend my money on a regular phone...sadly

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                  • 13 Oct 2020

                  I am still trying to figure out what is the advantage of having this kind of design.

                  The only advantage striking me is, you can capture the videos in landscape mode even if you are holding the phone in potrait which can also be done using a selfie stick.

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                    • 13 Oct 2020

                    it's great for collectible items
                    will get it, if its available here

                      Don't think LG's T posing is gonna work here

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                        • 13 Oct 2020

                        No headphone jack no buy

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                          • 13 Oct 2020

                          Thanks .

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                            • 13 Oct 2020

                            Restless, 13 Oct 2020Very excited for this. Looked exactly what has been lackin... moreit looks stupid no thx

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                              • 13 Oct 2020

                              the unveiling already showed most on this review... and yep, what an innovative phone right there... i would get this if only i have an annual budget for a 4-5 phones... ha ha...
                              up to this day, designwise on the extreme, i still go for xperia 1 ii on one extreme (classic design) and lg wing on the other end (modern yet practical)...

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                                • 13 Oct 2020

                                Very excited for this. Looked exactly what has been lacking for the power user. We ordered 2 of them!

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                                  • 13 Oct 2020

                                  marolino, 13 Oct 2020It looks stupid no thanksi agree

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                                    • 13 Oct 2020

                                    It looks stupid no thanks

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                                      • 13 Oct 2020

                                      I wish LG all the success, but I just can not see myself monkeying with a phone like this, sadly it will die off. Just an experiment.

                                        That is one of the best cameras I've seen lately. I just love how LG opted for a bit more noise (=better detail) rather than smudging (not like some certain rivals that produce oil paintings...), especially on the ultrawide snapper. Nice job!