OnePlus 8T review

20 October 2020

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  • 02 Nov 2023

Black, 20 Sep 2023Yes me too I'm from Nigeria but my own OnePlus 8T has ... morebro,these issues have been happening all over the world.oneplus is offering free-of-cost display change or a voucher for upgradation to a new oneplus phone/product. reach out to oneplus customer care for more details.
the voucher amount may differ across places.

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    • 17 Oct 2023


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      • Black
      • r31
      • 20 Sep 2023

      Oliver, 18 Oct 2022Who is saying D's I am Oliver in Lagos am using OnePlu... moreYes me too I'm from Nigeria but my own OnePlus 8T has a display issues with lines of green and pinks all over my phone screen

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        • Abdi K..Dahiye
        • fnF
        • 05 Apr 2023

        This is one if the best devices i have ever owned...
        OnePlus Family Is Here To Stay..

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          • SakthikumarRamamoory
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          • 26 Dec 2022

          One plus cheating the loyal customers in India. One plus 8T have hardware and display issues. Better go to other brands.

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            • Oliver
            • XKW
            • 18 Oct 2022

            D, 17 Aug 2022Don't ever buy this phone,its waste of money Who is saying D's I am Oliver in Lagos am using OnePlus 8T and D's is the best phone I have ever seen even better than iphones

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              • Cody Christian
              • 7Xp
              • 09 Sep 2022

              bruh if you guys want the best experience use "custom rom" ez solution and stop complaining lol.

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                • 17 Aug 2022

                Don't ever buy this phone,its waste of money

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                  • Kokuyo
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                  • 04 Aug 2022

                  ts2005cws, 05 Jul 2022I purchased an Excellent Reconditioned OnePlus 8T from an e... moreFriends, this is why you shouldn't buy a used phone in a thousand years.

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                    • ts2005cws
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                    • 05 Jul 2022

                    I purchased an Excellent Reconditioned OnePlus 8T from an eBay certified reseller. I paid. $325.00 plus tax.
                    I purchased the warp Charger as well. Here are my issues to date:
                    1. Bluetooth will not sync with any vehicle and very few ear buds.
                    2. My battery life according to Accubattery says I have 42% battery life.
                    3. My Samsung Galaxy 8 charges twice as fast as 15 watts vs Warp Charing with 65 watts.
                    4. Battery last about 8 hours on minimal usage.
                    5. Until a friend contacted a family member to see if I was still alive (no joke) I didn't know that I was missing dozens of calls and texts because the phone gives me "Message Blocking is Active" ... It's not.
                    6. After clearing cookies and cache I cannot access certain websites because my cookies are full or I've had too many redirects.

                    I actually have many more issues but these are the most frustrating.
                    I purchased the OnePlus 8T after receiving a bad OnePlus 8 in "Very Good Condition" and it basically did not work.
                    I have switched resellers too and now I'm having trouble using my 12 warranty because they claim I never purchased it even after providing all sales receipts, shipping information and communication from eBay!
                    I really want to love this phone but I'm returning it tomorrow for a full refund!
                    I'll be going back to my 7 year old Samsung Galaxy 8 with a broken screen and a worn out charging port because it still performs 100 times better than this POS

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                      • 06 Apr 2022

                      Selva, 19 Dec 2021Worst phone ever. Waste of money. I have been using this ph... moreYou gotta be kidding... worst phone ever? What planet are you on? The 8t is nothing but quality

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                        • Muis
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                        • 14 Feb 2022

                        Great phone have it now for a couple of months battery life is good and the camera takes good pictures.
                        All the problems they post here is not what I experience.
                        Its a great phone i play a lot of games which work perfect and if your battery runs on fumes you put in the charger and a half hour later its full
                        So I give it two thumbs up.

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                          • Chris
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                          • 24 Dec 2021

                          Bdk, 16 Dec 2020OnePlus team, please send updates there are so many lacunas... moreI've never had a phone that the flash can be turned off by pressing nthe power button don't know why you even want that as a feature

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                            • Selva
                            • tT7
                            • 19 Dec 2021

                            Worst phone ever. Waste of money. I have been using this phone for about 14 months. Now the full height of left side about 1 inch width touch is not working. The service center person told to change the display about Rs.15,000 cost. Please don't buy this phone.

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                              • 07 Dec 2021

                              PartyAnimal, 26 Nov 2021Take OnePlus 8T or Realme GT Neo 2? I really care about a g... moreOneplus 8T has better display while the Realme GT Neo2 has better battery life. If you ask me to choose one, I will get the Oneplus because of better software optimization, longer software update (3 years vs Realme's 2 years), more useful cameras with OIS and IP ratings (it's unofficial but all 8T models are sealed like the T-mobile IP68 rated 8T).

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                                • PartyAnimal
                                • 8r%
                                • 26 Nov 2021

                                Take OnePlus 8T or Realme GT Neo 2? I really care about a good screen quality and battery.

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                                  • Aysce
                                  • PIF
                                  • 13 Oct 2021

                                  Current software update has a fatal bug. Audio intermittently pauses or on YT. If on Bluetooth or screen projection, the audio automatically switches between phone output and external output

                                    Shid, 30 Jul 2021Easy Tiger why the vitrol no one forced u to buy the phone.He's upset and disappointed. The vitriol is justified.
                                    Maybe he/she bought the phone thinking it is good only to be faced with myriad of issues.

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                                      • raycon
                                      • LaA
                                      • 03 Aug 2021

                                      polling, 18 Apr 2021Touch sampling rate of the 8T is only 180hz, not 240hz as s... moreI tested mine and it's 300

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                                        • Shid
                                        • 3HJ
                                        • 30 Jul 2021

                                        Gaurav, 07 Apr 2021Useless phone. 8T Worst made one plus phone evr til date. ... moreEasy Tiger why the vitrol no one forced u to buy the phone.