OnePlus 8T review

20 October 2020

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  • Shekhar

Useless phone . Full of bugs . Has constant problem of apps switching off while in use
Pdf files not opening and screen not supporting banking sites very average camera.
AVOID at all costs

  • Darciukas

TBK77, 21 Oct 2020Phone for Bears, that was a good one, I agree. Anyway, in m... moreNot if your country only has exynos variants and they cost 50Eur more than the 1+ 8t

  • Anonymous

it infuriates me a lot, especially on the software section that oneplus decided to make it look more oneui like.

everyone thought that oxygen os would actually be stock android, but since the company is a joke, they decided to departure from that. the only real ones we have is probably motorola, who didnt even want to make their own skin, and probably kept themselves in the best of stock android possible. although android skins like coloros or miui is heavily customized, that it actually doesn't even appeal to people, and including origin os too, instead of having such a hassle of installing a custom rom, why don't they just put out stock android instead... maybe for the asian consumers? they want them to use their heavily customized software that is extremely heavy and their processors couldn't even handle them.

  • man

Bdk, 16 Dec 2020I think it's not worth it. 1 I am not finding call r... moreI have been using this phone for about month. whatever you said is correct. Hardware is good, but it seems like they never worked on software part. fortunately, you can find oneplus dialer for 8T on reddit. which will solve recorder issue. I used it and its flawless in my experience.

  • Abhilash

Shivtav, 07 Feb 2021I am using 8t from last 4 months. This phone has lots of pr... moreYes you are correct, i have been using 3 months and not even performing like a 10 k phone, and now its dead none of the oneplus engineers donno how to fix it

  • Jax65

I need help to set dictate to text. I had this ability on my last phone ~ Samsung S5, and didn't pay for a premium service. Any help is appreciated!

  • Shivtav

I am using 8t from last 4 months. This phone has lots of prblms like fingerprint scanner does not register fingerprint. it has issues with its gesture when i try to switch to gesture mode from buttons, 8t disabled the gestures so every time i need to restart the phone to change from buttons to does not have one plus call app so it does not support autocall recording and when pressing manually person on other side hear the tune of 'this call is being recorded'. Some of its function doesnt work properly like vision comfort every time i need to restart the device to resolve such issues

  • Ravi

Tanu, 21 Dec 2020Battery is always draining when u start to function this ph... moreI agree 100%. The battery such. My earlier phone Redmi note 8 pro has better battery life and camera


Bdk, 24 Jan 2021It is such a worthless phone. I am feeling to crush it bene... moreWhat do you mean it is a god tier phone

  • Bdk

It is such a worthless phone. I am feeling to crush it beneath my foot. OnePlus team please recall this damn handset , no matter even if you don't compensate

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2020Yeah it has wireless charging.Please don't scam people it doesn't have wireless charging

  • Anonymous

Worst camera ever in one plus 8T...

  • GadgetWhisperer

It doesnt matter how good the phone is if its pricing went to the roof because no official purchase channel is available in your country

  • Tanu

Battery is always draining when u start to function this phone. We don't pay to see battery life in a standby mode. Moment phone is used to do its tasks it drains so fast. Doesn't stand in comparison with OnePlus 6t.

What a bad experience.

  • Bdk

Hey really I am very much upset with this OnePlus 8t. Since 2005 I am using mobile and changed many handsets starting from Nokia, HTC, Sony, Smasung, Lenovo, mi and now OnePlus. This one is worst and can't at all be compared with any other handset. It doesn't have many proprietary apps like music, compass. Google maps app not at all working.

  • Bdk

OnePlus team, please send updates there are so many lacunas in 8t 5g. When we put on torch it can not be switched off by power button, this simple feature is there in any damn handsets.

  • Bdk

I think it's not worth it.
1 I am not finding call recorder
2. A simple add substract proprietary calculator is there, no any additional features like convertor
3. From the contacts most preferred contact or many times called contact should appear on top. This facility is there in mi.

  • Anonymous

Does it have stable 90fps in pubg mobile?

  • Vasusen

Worthless phone. So much price without a telephoto camera.

  • Anonymous

Sanju, 11 Dec 2020Is the phone has option of wireless charging ?Yeah it has wireless charging.