OnePlus 8T review

20 October 2020

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  • Mani odear
  • CbD
  • 15 Jul 2021

Worst phone... Waste of money, just purchased a phone 8 month old. No single scratch, no damage, no liquid splash, but recently got a crashmode issue,checked vith service center dey say motherboard fault. Wats use of buying so expensive phone. Wen spoke to customer care dey also dont know d reosen.

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    • Dhruv
    • s8L
    • 01 Jul 2021

    I'm owning OnePlus 8T for the past 8 months since the launch and I'm very very much impressed by the performance.. so smooth,so responsive.
    Fast as hell 🔥🔥
    No issues except for a few bugs here and there.
    I loved it, camera department could be better,but performance is Top Notch 💯💯💯
    Overall, I'm very much satisfied.

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      • Devarayoli
      • YQV
      • 15 Jun 2021

      I have been using oneplus 8t for 3 months
      App locker fingerprint sensor not working. Some times phone very slow performance

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        • Anonymous
        • rAQ
        • 07 Jun 2021

        Have been using OP 8T from 2 months. The bugs are like hell. I have my whatsapp installed when I am trying to share something telling me to install whatsapp and I am also facing problem to share documents in WhatsApp it's saying the attachment is not a document. My previous one is a REDMI note5 pro. I could not stop appreciating my older one.

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          • Obsidian
          • 4bt
          • 28 May 2021

          YK, 25 Apr 2021Oneplus 8T or Samsung S20 FE?Oh, this comment was a while back... Oh well, I just went though that same thought process. I finally killed my 7 Pro. The 8T went on sale for $549.00 (12GB, 256) and so I picked it up. I really liked the 7 Pro (picked it up at launch time. So it was a fairly easy decision for me, but Samsung's heavy handed skinning any slow update path moved me out of them starting when the first Pixel dropped. Pixel XL, Pixel 3 XL, 7 Pro and now 8 T

            • J
            • Jitendra
            • rK$
            • 16 May 2021

            It has many problems like hotspot connectivity and auto rotate option sometimes not work.

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              • Aza83
              • n5k
              • 08 May 2021

              Would be interesting to see how this compares with other premium mid range phones now this can be had for £399 (guess they're getting rid of stock). I've heard the 8T has unofficial waterproofing. Has the camera software improved at all? Feels like an improvement in that would make it a steal at the current price.

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                • YK
                • J7U
                • 25 Apr 2021

                Oneplus 8T or Samsung S20 FE?

                  Gaurav, 07 Apr 2021Useless phone. 8T Worst made one plus phone evr til date. ... moreJust got mine a week ago. I have none of these problems and also owned the 3t and 6t. The 8t is leagues beyond both of those phones. Just came over from the Pixel 4xl and the only thing I miss from it is the camera.

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                    • polling
                    • uJx
                    • 18 Apr 2021

                    Touch sampling rate of the 8T is only 180hz, not 240hz as stated in the review. I tested it on a demo phone using the Touch MultiTest app, one of only 2 known methods to test it (the other being ADB).

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                      • Vader
                      • IWR
                      • 17 Apr 2021

                      Gaurav, 07 Apr 2021Useless phone. 8T Worst made one plus phone evr til date. ... moreI have the global version and don't have any of those bugs. One tine it unlock while I was in call but I think its because of how I was holding it.

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                        • Gaurav
                        • fCK
                        • 07 Apr 2021

                        Useless phone. 8T Worst made one plus phone evr til date.
                        I have used 3T and 6T amazing performances.
                        But in 8T Lot of bugs, OS Oxygen sucks. Lot of app crashing without any reason. Phone getting hang without having any gaming or Chinese apps in the phone. During call the screen gets unlock activating mute, hold flight mode. We can't handle the phone with one hand. Bullshit, these mf thinks we keep buying One plus phones and they keep increasing the prices everytime with shitty models.we Indians put our hard earned money keep paying the EMIs for these phones which are not even worth buying. High time we teach lesson to One plus brand, they cannot play with us like this .

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                          • Shekhar
                          • XSd
                          • 28 Mar 2021

                          Useless phone . Full of bugs . Has constant problem of apps switching off while in use
                          Pdf files not opening and screen not supporting banking sites very average camera.
                          AVOID at all costs

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                            • Darciukas
                            • nbt
                            • 26 Mar 2021

                            TBK77, 21 Oct 2020Phone for Bears, that was a good one, I agree. Anyway, in m... moreNot if your country only has exynos variants and they cost 50Eur more than the 1+ 8t

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                              • Anonymous
                              • y6V
                              • 20 Mar 2021

                              it infuriates me a lot, especially on the software section that oneplus decided to make it look more oneui like.

                              everyone thought that oxygen os would actually be stock android, but since the company is a joke, they decided to departure from that. the only real ones we have is probably motorola, who didnt even want to make their own skin, and probably kept themselves in the best of stock android possible. although android skins like coloros or miui is heavily customized, that it actually doesn't even appeal to people, and including origin os too, instead of having such a hassle of installing a custom rom, why don't they just put out stock android instead... maybe for the asian consumers? they want them to use their heavily customized software that is extremely heavy and their processors couldn't even handle them.

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                                • man
                                • uwf
                                • 03 Mar 2021

                                Bdk, 16 Dec 2020I think it's not worth it. 1 I am not finding call r... moreI have been using this phone for about month. whatever you said is correct. Hardware is good, but it seems like they never worked on software part. fortunately, you can find oneplus dialer for 8T on reddit. which will solve recorder issue. I used it and its flawless in my experience.

                                  • A
                                  • Abhilash
                                  • rJx
                                  • 24 Feb 2021

                                  Shivtav, 07 Feb 2021I am using 8t from last 4 months. This phone has lots of pr... moreYes you are correct, i have been using 3 months and not even performing like a 10 k phone, and now its dead none of the oneplus engineers donno how to fix it

                                    • J
                                    • Jax65
                                    • kfb
                                    • 09 Feb 2021

                                    I need help to set dictate to text. I had this ability on my last phone ~ Samsung S5, and didn't pay for a premium service. Any help is appreciated!

                                      • S
                                      • Shivtav
                                      • vGU
                                      • 07 Feb 2021

                                      I am using 8t from last 4 months. This phone has lots of prblms like fingerprint scanner does not register fingerprint. it has issues with its gesture when i try to switch to gesture mode from buttons, 8t disabled the gestures so every time i need to restart the phone to change from buttons to does not have one plus call app so it does not support autocall recording and when pressing manually person on other side hear the tune of 'this call is being recorded'. Some of its function doesnt work properly like vision comfort every time i need to restart the device to resolve such issues

                                        • R
                                        • Ravi
                                        • XMg
                                        • 07 Feb 2021

                                        Tanu, 21 Dec 2020Battery is always draining when u start to function this ph... moreI agree 100%. The battery such. My earlier phone Redmi note 8 pro has better battery life and camera