OnePlus 8T review

20 October 2020

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  • Sanju

Is the phone has option of wireless charging ?

  • Arun

Good phone , but the only issue I am facing is that the screen color changes from warm to cool and vice versa..
Rest all superb

  • Clement Tam

Always cannot accept incoming call for sim 1 and sim 2 in singapore.

  • Anonymous

Disappoint buy this pls I request don't buy this ..ex..when we search true call phone pe other apps there is no backup going button ..worst mobile OnePlus 8t 5g

  • Anonymous

Si , 23 Nov 2020Disappointed after buying as no headphones, also couldn... moreUse dongle!

  • Si

Disappointed after buying as no headphones, also couldn't get one outside also.

  • BatmaM101

maxmin, 23 Oct 2020Yes. The One Plus 7T is a great phone. Can be had new on Am... moreOP7T Design looks old alone that is a reason to change to Oneplus 8T!

  • Ankit

1)No contact number can be shared via SMS. Only send MMS
2)night mode selfy camera not provide.
3)call recording time another person know I have recording.
4) torch light open and not close man power button
All future not in OnePlus 8T . please update and provide. Minor problems but this is some besic problem
Please provide next version.

  • Viswanath

Anonymous, 06 Nov 20202.5 hours of SoT?! that's impossible xDI have an SOT of 5½hrs max when in 60Hz if it is in 120 Hz it gives me some 5hrs something

  • One Minus

So I wonder how is this "a smart choice" if premium mid-rangers have better cameras.
Looking at the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

The comments can be considered nitpicks; actually not most people take their devices for some swims perhaps occasional splashes here and there. Is a bang for the buck though :D

  • 8T user

Camera seriously disappointed
Macro will not work with flash
Rest everything is good aa usual

  • Anonymous

Nag, 25 Oct 2020Past 5 days Iam using one plus 8t. Cons: 1. Batter perma... more2.5 hours of SoT?! that's impossible xD

Excellent and powerful compare to my note 9 still one plus best ever... camera quality damn good

  • lochepeka

i used both realme x2 pro and oneplus 8T.. yet didnt find any difference at all in terms of performance.. still my realme x2 pro doesnt overheat easily compare to my op 8t

  • Lev8891

nightcrawler995, 27 Oct 202060 fps lock for games? Why are android phone companies goin... moreThe game developers need to support higher refresh rates. Unlike computers the phone hardware is yet to be utilised effectively by mobile game developers

nightcrawler995, 27 Oct 202060 fps lock for games? Why are android phone companies goin... moreIt depends on the game. Games like PUBG and Fortnite have to update their games to allow the 8T to function at 90 FPS. I believe Fortnite just did this a few days ago with an update. It's all on the individual game developers. Not the device itself

60 fps lock for games? Why are android phone companies going the way of apple?

  • Anonymous

No high refresh rate for games, no headphone jack and no dongle.. I don't get it, OnePlus.

yeah I don't like its design back body
tooo much Galaxy A series man.. it's not like one 7 series