OnePlus 8T review

20 October 2020

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  • Android user

c0nm4n, 21 Oct 2020Yes, at this price you will have 1 or 2 trade-offs, as I me... moreI understand that iphone has the best security feature.. like you said it's all about trade offs for the display that you get... iPhone year on year comes with some new discoveries which might have been a feature in other phones since a long time....I assume that iphone will next bring 90 hz in the iphone 13 version saying it's something new or hitherto not seen in any smartphones!!!

  • Srmharish

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020And I'm here deciding whether to upgrade from Oneplus ... moreI too upgraded from OnePlus 5, overall my experience was good. Like many said, I don't see many differences in 120htz display... But it's a big phone. Compared to OnePlus 5

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020to be fair digital lossless zoom was a thing that Nokia use... moreOlder Nokia devices had regular Bayer sensors though, not Quad Bayer ones which would require sophisticated stacking algorithms to produce usable full-res images.

  • Anonymous

The US T-Mobile version does not have AOD. I repeat. No AOD for T-Mobile 8T. And they can't tell you if it's ever coming. The software feels like One UI. Just get the S20 FE. Or Pixel 5 if you want stock Android. Oxygen OS is no longer the happy medium.

Continued "CONS":
Absence of .....
1. microSD slot
2. Radio FM/IR port/DAC
3. Telephoto camera
4. PC mode(vide DeX)
5. Notification LED
6. Mini-jack

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 21 Oct 2020"But here is something that few, if any, of the OnePlu... moreto be fair digital lossless zoom was a thing that Nokia used even before the pureview 808

  • mat919

I was soooo excited to get this phone. My OP5T is still not bad, but...
OnePlus is no longer true "flagship killer". I wish they kept their old scheme:
Regular phone in the beginning of the year and "T" variant by the end of the year. If it was $100 less it would be a steal here in the US. A lot of trade-offs to consider. After 9 years of Android, I am seriously considering iPhone 12 Pro, or I'll just wait for OP9 Pro.

  • Mateo

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020And I'm here deciding whether to upgrade from Oneplus ... moreI'm on OP5T and have the sam dillema.

"But here is something that few, if any, of the OnePlus competitors do - lossless 2x digital zoom. It is done exactly how we've mentioned numerous times in previous reviews it should be done - by cropping the center of the (enhanced) high-res output. In the case of the 8T, that's the 12MP center of the (multi-stacked) 48MP output from the sensor."

"The 48MP photos have the same quality as the 2x zoomed ones - they are just not cropped."

Isn't this just Honor View 20's AI Ultra Clarity 48MP mode back in 2018? Unfortunately though, detail wise the results look far worse on OnePlus 8T, probably due to poor sharpness uniformity of the lens.

  • Anonymous

Mr Parrot, 21 Oct 2020I dont think there is a reason to upgrade to 8t from 7t ser... moreAnd I'm here deciding whether to upgrade from Oneplus 5 now to an 8T or wait for the Oneplus 9. Most likely will try out an Android 11 ROM and if everything goes well I'll wait for 9. Especially with the potential early release (March 2021).

  • c0nm4n

Android user, 21 Oct 2020You gotta be kidding...this is an 6.6 inch1080p OLED displa... moreYes, at this price you will have 1 or 2 trade-offs, as I mentioned. I don't see the screen as a big deal (maybe the cut-outs, but I've played with an iPhone and they're nicely incorporated in the software). 120Hz displays with HDR are just marketing gimmicks for me. I actually have a Samsung, the display is good (I wouldn't say much better than the iPhone I played with), but the phone size bothers me.

If you really care about the screen, at the same price there's the Galaxy S20FE mentioned in the review, although I have to say I am displeased with Samsung's Android customizations and their slow updates.

In the end, it's all about what trade-offs you want to make, there's no one-size-fits-all, even for the high-end phones.

After the launch of one plus 8 they got really confused with new launches. 8T was launched in haste and won't really make any difference between it's predecessor. One plus 8 is really superb phone with average camera and same goes for 8T.
Instead of launching they could have invested heavily in marketing one plus 9 if it's going to be launched in next 4 months.

  • Mr Parrot

I dont think there is a reason to upgrade to 8t from 7t series as 8t lacks many things 7t had

  • Anonymous

It almost feels like OnePlus, Mi and Samsung are launching phones every month.

  • Andra

It's really Ultra speed. Loved it. My third Android & OnePlus mobile.

Phone for Bears, that was a good one, I agree. Anyway, in my eyes in this class S20 FE is the winner.

  • Anonymous

No headphone jack

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena states that the 600€ price range is overcrowded yet they only suggest two competition smartphones. Galaxy S20FE is fine but in Europe if you pick the 4G version that is pricier (659€) you Exynos which is a no-go. Don't know about the Mi 10 pro, but it's an LCD screen, should be a solid choice though. As for the Pixel, they are probably very good too but they have a smaller screen which is good but only if you don't want a bigger screen. So I'm still looking where the competition is and what are the real alternatives.

In other countries it might not be as competitive (especially in the US where you only get to choose the 749$ 256go version) but in Europe this is a no-brainer if you're looking to upgrade from an older model for a max budget of 600€.

  • Android user

c0nm4n, 21 Oct 2020It's the same price as last year's iPhone 11. The... moreYou gotta be kidding...this is an 6.6 inch1080p OLED display with 120 hz refresh rate and 240hz touch sampling and 10 bit HDR+... iphone still uses the age old IPS LCD..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020The price i more like 700 Euro, and not 600 Euro, that GSMa... moreNot true. 599€ starting in Germany anyways...