OnePlus 8T review

20 October 2020

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60 fps lock for games? Why are android phone companies going the way of apple?

  • Anonymous

No high refresh rate for games, no headphone jack and no dongle.. I don't get it, OnePlus.

yeah I don't like its design back body
tooo much Galaxy A series man.. it's not like one 7 series

Nag, 25 Oct 2020Past 5 days Iam using one plus 8t. Cons: 1. Batter perma... moreuhh the battery performance is very good. Maybe switch to an IPhone if you're not to keen on how Android phones work?

  • Nag

Past 5 days Iam using one plus 8t.
1. Batter permance is not good(3/5). Countinuously it is drying battery. Screen on time max is 2.5 hours.

2. While playing audio in mid/ High volume backside it is wibrating.

3. Camera is good.
4. Call/ audio/ Video clarity is good..
5. Finger print and face detection is very quick.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020Gsmarena states that the 600€ price range is overcrowded ye... moreI'm surprised that the mi 10 didn't get a mention as its the same price a the T now.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2020After updating my OnePlus 8 Pro to Android 11 and realising... moreThat's on WearOS. Not OnePlus. WearOS may not be compatible with Android 11 yet

  • Anonymous

I'm sure the extra cameras are more often that not pretty pointless but I wish you would have looked at the monochrome camera more closely. Would have been nice to see 100% samples from the dedicated monochrome mode for example. Even if the extra cameras in cheaper models are often there to inflate the total number for certain markets but just what if one manufacturer suddenly started doing something interesting with them?

Mr Parrot, 21 Oct 2020I dont think there is a reason to upgrade to 8t from 7t ser... moreYes. The One Plus 7T is a great phone. Can be had new on Amazon for $429.

  • Anonymous

After updating my OnePlus 8 Pro to Android 11 and realising that it still doesn't connect to my Wear OS watches, I decided that I'm really done with this garbage company.
My next phone will definitely not be an OnePlus.

  • Anonymous

matuka, 22 Oct 2020You sound brainwashed/biased. The 8T only costs 599€ in Eur... moreAgain... That's not what people expect from flagship killer (which was suppose to be top specs for lower price). These used to be 3T, 5T, 6T, 7T but unfortunately not 8T.

Aspros, 21 Oct 2020Yet another huuuge disappointment, oneplus is going down ha... moreYou sound brainwashed/biased. The 8T only costs 599€ in Europe (8GB RAM). The Poco F2 Pro is the exact same price as 8T where I'm shopping. The 8T has Warp Charge 65 (vs 30w) and 120hz display instead of a laughable 60hz display. I'd have a hard time buying a phone with a 60hz display in late 2020 (soon 2021).

But hey, you don't have to like the 8T. I'm just stating the facts. Your comment sounds so biased.

  • Anonymous

wait a minute this release price is cheaper than oneplus 8 huh thats a bargain


  • Heh

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2020cons neverthelessMost games locked to 60Hz is not a bs con? Why S20 doesn't have this con?

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020These are the most b.s cons I've ever read about a pho... more*cough fanboy *cough

  • GoonerBoy

Always let down by average cameras really.
When will OnePlus put a more competitive camera setup in one of the phones,almost has everything else but this.
And this time I won't be buying.

  • Jp

I guess I don't care about gimmicky wireless charging (with charging this fast, seriously, it's not much of an inconvenience and hardly qualifies as a con). IP ratings and gaming application are certainly important to some users, but I wonder what percentage of everyday users would actually know the difference. This phone is simply a delightful midrange as was the 7t, 6t, 3t and 1. Kudos to a fairly balanced article vs all of the pro-samsung, "one plus had lost their way," "one plus is no longer a bargain," "what about the founder" complaints I've read lately.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020These are the most b.s cons I've ever read about a pho... morecons nevertheless

  • Anonymous

Made for india, 21 Oct 2020This one is made for india because you can't find bett... moreand your point being?