Huawei Mate 40 Pro review

22 October 2020

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  • MasterCheap

Well, judging from the benchmark scores, it's obvious that the "performance" numbers that they have shown on the live event is pretty much bonkers.

  • Huwei fan

Watching YT and photos are even better than on iphone...

  • Huawei Fan

Even better photos than iphone 12

  • Anonymous

Just minutes after their product launched and the review of this phone is out?

Like this phone so much. Go stronger Huawei!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-928219, 22 Oct 2020Loving the design, Huawei always get it so right in the Mat... moreyeah huawei got this right. Classic ipod design cant be wrong.

  • AnonD-928219

Loving the design, Huawei always get it so right in the Mate series with the more squared off edges/boxier design. The camera versatility is just incredible, looking forward to trying this beast out!

Huawei's final Android masterpiece

  • Anonymous

Leica does not make the lenses.
Just give their Okay to quality.
Chinese corp is the supplier.