Apple iPhone 12 review

28 October 2020

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  • Anonymous

"You will see the seconds suggested next to the Night Mode icon, but if you tap on it, you can change the simulated long exposure or altogether disable it. Usually, it's between 1 and 2 seconds,"
One should mention that Google's night mode takes up to 7 seconds in extreme low-light conditions and Google does not let you choose a shorter time. It's annoying and disappointing how stupid Google is. I have a Pixel 3a and Night Sight usually gives you slightly blurry photos unless you stop breathing for 7 seconds in extreme low light conditions. The Pixel 5's night mode can take approximately 6.5 seconds, that's shown in Engadget's YouTube review. The Pixel 3a (not the Pixel 5) also has HDR+ enhanced, which is more similar to Apple's night mode regarding the duration and also delivers better results than Night Sight usually.

  • Anonymous

Best compact phone nominees are Galaxy S20, Xperia 5 II.
IPhone 12 is laughable in comparison.

IPhone 12 has Too many shortcomings.
I mean they still haven't got their file management right.
It's more than a decade now.
"It just Works" yeah right, tired of these PR marketing terms.

I'm honestly surprised this gets the same rating even though it now has the OLED display GSMA Loves.

  • Anonymous

Everyone talks about Battery efficiency on iPhones and iOS.
What good is that when paired with weak capacity?

Total fail battery life as per 2020 standards combined with ancient 20W fast charging.
One can only imagine the embarrassment if they had put 120hz screen.

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oh wow