Apple iPhone 12 Pro review

3 November 2020

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  • Anonymous

Nick.B, 06 Nov 2020To me, it is (my current phone) oppo find x2 pro. A bit fro... moreIn your opinion the Find X2 pro is the better phone. You can’t just state that it is like that is some fact.

For me, there is nothing attractive about the X2 pro. Like most Androids these days it’s just too ridiculously big, I don’t like my smartphones to be taller than 155mm at the most, and this thing is two full cm above that. This is also why I would never consider the 12 Pro Max by the way.

Also, I can’t stand Colour OS or any of the android skins, if I’m going android then give it to me clean.Well Mmaybe Oneplus’s oxygen OS? as it had some nice features. Apparently though it’s gone right down the Samsung One Ui route in the latest version, so....pass!

If I do ever go back to an android device, which is always a possibility for me as I hate this brand loyalty, or OS infatuation nonsense, then it’ll be a device like the Pixel 5.

Why? Well 1 - It’s a good size, i.e not a similar size and weight to an iPad like most of these other androids seem to be going for. 2 - It’s got a clean build of android (with on time updates, not months later like the rest). 3 - it wasn’t designed to look like something that should be in a Buck Rogers episode like these silly android ‘gaming’ phones.

But as always, to each their own. I’m not about to suggest everyone should go iPhone simply because I happen to favour them at present. If your happy with your selection (what ever that happens to be) then congratulations, you made the right choice.

  • MrHong

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2020"While the iPhone 12 becomes very warm around its fram... moreTo be honest the cooling is absent for either models. I think GsmA misinterpreted the cooling in the Pro model . Teardowns reveal that there are no graphite pads or whatsoever (unlike the iPhone 11 Pro). Expect same throttling for either phones.

Waiting for the Pro Max to see if Apple really notices this and hope they may install at least a graphite sheet backing the motherboard. Stacked design of SoC dissipates heat less effectively. It's the largest phone to start with.

Anonymous, 05 Nov iPhone 12 pro, Apple Watch, and cheap android. ... moreTo me, it is (my current phone) oppo find x2 pro. A bit from different universe compared even to 12 pro max. Spoiler: price is a lot a lot cheaper. 900 eur x2pro, 1300eur 12 pro max. But price is no problem - x2pro is much better phone no price refering. You gotta try it to believe. I was at apple store for a repair of my airpods pro the other day. They were like "lol" at my Chinese phone's speed, UI and other things tbh. Ofcourse they did not say lol that's amazing. But I saw it in their eyes. Also x2pro is almost 9 months older model (read 18 months in mobile phone industry time system because fast releasing better and better phones every other month and 9 months is too much (usually, not the x2pro case because it is so good)) than 12pro max and still better

current setup oppo find x2pro + airpods pro (100% working with it no missing features expect voice commands I don't use any at all before and after) + apple watch cellular esim model + iphone se 1st edition staying at home (bough it for 80 usd)

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[deleted post]I didn't, but i can't say i'm surprised

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Everyone can have their own opinions, no need to be rude to others, you boy have still lot to learn. I'm just giving advice because you are not giving good image about yourself. People just won't take you serious if your language is like that.

[deleted post]Dude, don't embarrass yourself here. Please.

[deleted post]2yrs support? Samsung and sony have 3yrs os and 4yrs security update 🤩

Why you think android and ios is same? ios will not work if you didn't update it trash phone 😂😂
Android is different beast man even you didn't update all apps will still run boi 💪

Dont ever compare garbage ios to android man you're looking stupid 😉

[deleted post]TSMC, the semiconductor company that creates parts for iPhones, also manufactures Qualcomm chips for your beloved android phones, btw.

The "freedom" that you brag about is also the reason that makes all of your phones fragmented and nearly-useless after two years. Learn more about user experience, instead of mere specs.

  • Anon

[deleted post]Tell you something, Android users get in-box accessories when they purchase a new phone, plus some Android manufacturers also give pre-order bundles. What does Apple provide in its box, apart from the box and the sim ejector tool?
And as for pirating stuff, Android makers are giving people the freedom to do so despite knowing the consequences, coz they aren't money-suckers like Apple. Only thing apple cares about is $$$

[deleted post]"Really ? So you really think that more than half of the world's population uses android not because they prefer it but because they're all pirates or poor and can't afford iPhones ? "

This is correct, if Apple would release $200 iPhone where most Android phone sales happens, they propably would easily steal half of the market.

[deleted post]Nice essay for a dream life you want to have.

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020Good that you can at least see the difference and agree tha... moreWhich Xiaomi phone did you try hdr with? And when?

"There is a lot to like about Xiaomi, but their camera is pretty bad and so is their update policy and support"

>>>I think Gsmarena and other sites would completely disagree with your statement especially considering the best camera from Xiaomi (Mi 10 ultra) destroys the iPhone and pixel.

L.O.R.D, 05 Nov 2020"iPhone is for the masses" That's really... moreSure there are plenty of budget Android devices but the super premium market of smartphones above 1900$ is dominated by Android. No iPhones to be found there.

  • Anonymous

"While the iPhone 12 becomes very warm around its frame and rear glass, the Pro model gets moderately warm"

The 12 *feels* warmer as the Al frame is a much better heat conductor than steel. So, if the outside of the 12Pro is cooler than the 12, then it's *hotter* inside !

  • Anonymous

Peter UK, 05 Nov 2020Trump think otherwise Er?....ok......yeah sure

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020That is premium quality territory. IPhone is for the masse... more"iPhone is for the masses"

That's really funny, I thought its Android phones that were for the masses, costing about a fraction of iPrices

[deleted post]True. Even without updates, Android seems to be, or is better than iOS and while being a decade ahead or not, I don't know, but definitely, up to a certain level it is

  • Anonymous

Android--Master, 05 Nov 2020Find X2 pro is one of the best all round premium phones of ... moreNo it is not.
Photos look plastic, it gets hotter than other android phones (about 2-3 celsius more) during same tasks (many vids on youtube), spend more battery per minute than other phones.
Cannot record 10bit video, no sd card, no Qi charging.
Battery will be below 70% in less than 18 months because of 65W.
Waterfall screen is ost stupid idea ever (glare, colour shift, fragile and unwanted touches).
Oppo and Vivo have worst UI of all android.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020You mean that 2 note 20 ultra that stitched together and Sa... moreDon't worry you'll get foldable from Apple in year 2030.
Until then try gluing together iPhone 12 pro Max and see if it works.

  • Mikeyy mike

12 vs pro. U mentioned prices between US and Europe as a factor. But, I think the storage is a factor for a pro from a 12 could also be important to the costs 1 may consider.