OnePlus Nord N10 5G review

19 November 2020

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  • Anonymous

Just buy a oneplus Nord one month ago, solfware not stable, 12g ram phone, but like a 6g ram phone. 48mp camera not support zoom . Disappointed

Poor thing everything is just meh

  • Bruh

Should've come with Android 11 out of the box and received at least 2 Android updates. Extremely disappointing...seems like OnePlus has "settled" after all.

  • Anonymous

This is an easy pass from me. It's not like there's one major deal breaker, but the sum of all it's minor shortcomings together that make it a poor choice. I doubt it sells well in the US.

SavageAryan007, 19 Nov 2020Finally someone talking sense overlooking the hype. Even S... moreYes, very well said, companies already should make the FE 20 and the Mi 10T as the benchmark (not just spec-wise) if they are going to make a good mid-ranger and adjust the price accordingly. Yes , they are compromises with the 2 phones , but it's justifiable with its price, unlike this Nord N10,it really seems to go downhill from after making the OP 6. Its quite sad as a lot of OP fan boys were waiting for some sort of a redemption arc ...:)

  • Anonymous

This poor phone will share the tragic fate of Oneplus X.

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2020At this point I hope OnePlus dies as a company. I mean, wha... moreThey can die after giving my device the updates, android 11 atleast.

  • Anonymous

Arijeffrko, 19 Nov 2020It's a $350 phone. They should atleast give two androi... moreYes. Considering this is the low end oneplus phone while the flagship one plus one cost lesser than a low end phone oneplus really messed this up.

There was no alert slider on OnePlus One.
But I really don't care about the alert slider. While owning OnePlus 6, I've never used it.
The bonus of non-amoled screen (LCD) is lack of PWM, so it's healthier for your eyes.
The downsides would only be other hardware features and price. Perhaps also the lack of update to Android 12. It should've been released with Android 11 and get 2 major updates as others do.

  • Dgg

Lost interest when oneplus announced only 1 android update 🤨

Shadocx, 19 Nov 2020It's the Nord N10, you act like they deleted alert sli... moreIt's a $350 phone. They should atleast give two android updates for this phone. Even Samsung gave their lower end smartphones(A10/A01e) two android updates.

MK13, 19 Nov 2020No alert slider.. No updates after android 11...oneplus is ... moreIt's the Nord N10, you act like they deleted alert slider and and aren't going to give Android 11 etc updates to the 8, 8 Pro and 8T...

No alert slider.. No updates after android 11...oneplus is done

  • Anonymous

Glad to see the return of the headphone jack. When you gonna tell the readers about your business relationship with 1+?

Launching with Android 10 and getting only one more update raises serious questions on the longevity. Right now, 5g network is not very developed, so what is the use of buying a 5g phone that will be outdated by the time there is a more extensive 5g network?

Also, OP claiming that One update from an older software is an industry standard is a bad thing. This is like Moto, launching with an older software and then giving only one more update. This also comes at a time when Samsung has seriously stepped up its software game, and companies like Nokia are actually providing 2 full OS updates even on cheaper devices.

Very disappointing from OP.

Please, companies must focus more on software support, and people must understand that they are essential, if not for features, atleast for security.

  • Nikojas

If adding 5G is to future proof your phone then only one update totally undermines that.
First true miss from OnePlus.

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2020At this point I hope OnePlus dies as a company. I mean, wha... moreFinally someone talking sense overlooking the hype.
Even Samsung and Xiaomi checkmated the OnePlus 8T this time with the S20 FE (won't encourage buying the Exynos model though) and the Mi 10T Pro respectively: one is almost similar in price but better in every way (the Samsung) and the other undercuts it in most markets (the Xiaomi). Here in India, there's a 9k INR price difference between the 8T and the base Mi 10T model, and a 5k INR price difference between the Mi 10T Pro and 8T (Xiaomi being the cheaper one in both situations)...and the downgrading software support just makes OnePlus dead as a respectable company for me.
They don't care about their current customers now, only about their marketing and gaining market share, which isn't the OnePlus we all knew even in the previous year.

God the naming on these phones.

Dead on Arrival in Europe thanks to realme 7 5G..

Tough sell in the US because of lack of widespread brand recognition (and a wide variety of both 4G and 5G competitors, the Pixel 4a, iPhone SE, Moto G 5G lineup, etc. in the same price range which all outperform this phone in most aspects one way or the other)

Don't bother bringing this to India where the 5G infrastructure is non existent.

Basically, OnePlus messed up. First the original Nord, then the 8T and now this.

  • Anonymous

The good thing is the return of the headphone jack