Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max review

20 November 2020

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  • Anonymous

iOS.Never.Again, 21 Nov 2020G-S-M-Arena, Can you tell us which model, the main sensor i... moreSony imx603

Night Mode for portraits works only on the main camera.
Meanwhile, other phones have dedicated Potrait lens that give excellent portraits day or night without needing night mode.

  • ME

€341 and 15 cents for 384GB ... lol

  • Anonymous

iOS.Never.Again, 21 Nov 2020G-S-M-Arena, Can you tell us which model, the main sensor i... moreCheck the exmor page on wiki to see if it is there already.
I doubt it is any variant of the 555/557.
Probably simple sensor.

  • Anonymous

The fact that you need night mode turned on by default tells you how "Meh" the 1/7" camera sensor is by default compared to other flagships this year
Other 2020 flagships like Huawei p40 pro and MI 10 ultra don't even need a night mode.

  • Anonymous

If your display isn't Dolby Vision-capable, but you've transferred original Dolby Vision files - those will still play. They appear with low dynamic range and duller colors compared to non-HDR or converted (Most Compatible) files, but they'll play.
Translation: Dolby vision is a gimmick and better to turn it off.

Dometalican, 20 Nov 2020As an Android boy, I feel this iPhone isn't TOO bad (I... moreBattery is below average especially when you take into account the 60hz screen.
OP8 pro scored 103hr at 120hz while having a sharper screen with higher ppi.

G-S-M-Arena, Can you tell us which model, the main sensor is? IMX??
Even in teardown, people haven't mentioned it.

  • Anonymous

So what the fuss that apple make about new main sensor in pro max?
I see no different from the rest of ip 12 series ..

Dont get me wrong, they are still one of the best on the market right now.. but you literally can get the same experience with previous gen ip ...

The camera quality.....same as what DxO describe.

They were right after all 😂😂😂

  • AngryLithuanian

Pretty much perfect phone. Battery life is surprisingly very good imo, the rest speaks for itself. I own Mate 20X and Pixel 5, but I can appreciate a good phone when I see one. Silver would be my choice and of course no case. Too nice to hide it in a case honestly haha

  • Anonymous

My phone lasted 12pm 100% to 1% at 10:30pm wonder if I have faulty battery I have 5g off and Bluetooth

  • Anonymous

"The lens is still 26mm f/1.6,"
Of course it's not the same lens. A larger sensor, no matter how large, won't capture more light per time from an object, if you use the same lens. The iPhone 12 has a focal length of 4.2mm whereas the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a focal length of 5.1mm with the same f number. That's the reason why it captures more light per time from an object. The sensor size has nothing to do with it. It's a very common misunderstanding.

  • Mario

How u measured deltaE deviation 2.5, when evidences that it shifts up to 2.9 with lower brughtness....this year panels are worst then 2019 models...

  • Anonymous

Worst photos among all phones above $ 850.

- way low sharpness on the edges compared to center
- many shots shows turf and leaves all smeared
- few shots have ghosting
- ultra wide has same awful performance seen on those midranges that use 8MP

It is weaker performance than 11 pro max camera.

  • Anonymous

If it had QHD or 4K screen, score would be less than 74h.

  • MrHong

It's much better value for money than the inferior i12 Pro. It's big and lacks 120Hz screen, but it's still a very good phone. The camera hardware is not up to my expectations however. If you want a compact iPhone just buy a i12 or S20.

  • Dometalican

As an Android boy, I feel this iPhone isn't TOO bad (I was afraid for that battery) but unless you have 5G in your area or have the iPhone X and below, this probably isn't worth the upgrade. Apple will get better with efficiency handling 5G in the next iteration I'm sure.

That being said, that will not sway me to Apple so...yea. lol.

  • Sean

Absolutely awful camera quality from Apple