Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max review

20 November 2020

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Jasper5774, 21 Nov 2020Did not updated my iphone only coz of face ID. It's ... moreI so doubt if Apple will go back to the fingerprint scanner. That is why I'm still eyeing the iPhone 8 Plus to this day. Facial recognition is still a big joke, especially for Android.

  • Anonymous

Wow. It's almost 2021 and Apple is still stuck with 60 Hz panels? That's just.. An achievement of its own kind.

  • Kuje75

I think it is a decent phones. But for the prices, when I look at the specs, I'm good sticking with my samsung note 10+. The same reasons i didn't go for samsung note 20 ultra. Lately, we can get more decent pretty good phones for way lesser price. But of course, packing with the latest iphone will definitely a sign of prestige.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2020Garbage 1/1.7" sensor + Garbage processing = Garbage P... moreThe iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn't have a " 1/1.7" " type sensor. It's a 35mm² sensor. This is equivalent to the " 1/1.9" "type.

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 22 Nov 2020I saw the actual photo samples on the internet and also the... moreGarbage 1/1.7" sensor + Garbage processing = Garbage Photos.
The IMX 686 is much better than the IMX 603.

  • Steve

Mikey, 21 Nov 2020No device is safe but, iOS is a little more safer.Android is also safer if u choose not to sideload apps.

  • Steve

Nathan, 21 Nov 2020Biggest BS I’ve ever heard. If there’s a bug with a BRAND N... moreHe's talking about lens flare at night and focus issue which is hardware thing not software. S20 ultra had this issue. Software can't save you. And apple is notorious for not bringing any camera features to older iphones. Heck! The iphone XS series did not get any night mode support!!!!

LoveSunsets, 21 Nov 2020No one has mentioned the Zoom capability for regular photos... moreOptical zoom is not Apple's Forte.
You can buy the Mi 10 ultra or the Huawei phones with 10x optical zoom if you care about zoom functionality.

  • Steve

Shui8, 22 Nov 2020+1.Exactly. But the youtube reviewers are not gonna point these out, simply because they don't know this stuff.

  • MrHong

Shui8, 22 Nov 2020'Actual proven tech' Let me guess. According t... moreHe meant the person who wrote best smartphone, GsmA did not even make this list. Just some idi**t who trolls in this website.

By the way I avoid The Verge and Tom's Hardware articles. I still read Anandtech because they say it's biased but it was them who pointed out iPhone has a serious throttling issue. And of course Notebookcheck and GsmA. Some trolls have gone too far.

Nick Tagataka, 22 Nov 2020I saw the actual photo samples on the internet and also the... more+1.

JDK, 21 Nov 2020you keep on listing the same laundry list of phones. Pro... more'Actual proven tech'

Let me guess. According to you its The Verge right? 😂

This site is far more comprehensive in their review, and 12 Pro Max camera are a letdown according to this review, given the sensor size its used.

Even the IBIS are just marketing gimmick, no difference & sometimes worse than other good camera stability. The good part I can see are their ProRaw & Dolby Vision support.

Tech.radar, 22 Nov 2020Try the Huawei mate 40 pro+Like hell it's even possible to get one in the first place lol.

I saw the actual photo samples on the internet and also the comparison chart on GSMArena to see how much better 12 Pro Max performs compared to 12 Pro, and was left heavily disappointed. It almost feels like Apple didn't change anything in terms of software processing from 12 Pro - Details are so mushy compared to what you can get from Android phones with similar sensor sizes, it's not at all comparable to Mate 30 Pro and even S20 seems to be doing quite a bit better in this regard. Hell, I would go as far as to say that I actually prefer last year's iPhone 11 Pro's photos over 12 Pro Max's.

On top of that, the images are clearly more oversaturated but because of stronger micro-contrast boost that Apple now applies to them, colours in finer details are actually looking duller than they should be. Oh, and did I mention how they screwed up tonemapping this year as well? Say hello to fake-looking backlit portrait shots with pastel skies and painting like trees/leaves.

This is just getting embarrassing for Apple, they really need to fix this garbage post processing algorithms ASAP.

  • Tech.radar

LoveSunsets, 21 Nov 2020Seems to me like the iPhone 12Pro and ProMax take better pi... moreTry the Huawei mate 40 pro+

  • Anonymous

LoveSunsets, 21 Nov 2020No one has mentioned the Zoom capability for regular photos... moreDo you know digital zoom degrades quality?

kris, 21 Nov 2020I had mine for 3 days and ended up returning the phone. Mai... moreHa ha let's say that you are not one of those losers who is just here to advertise about Pixel and that the problem you mentioned is real, in that case I don't think it's a widespread issue, otherwise more people would have mentioned the same. In any case, going to Pixel 4a 5G is ridiculous in its own right as that Pixels are the worst device in terms of Quality Control.

I am not an iPhone user by the way and my previous two devices are Pixel 1 XL and Pixel 2 XL but I am never touching that unfinished piece of garbage that the Pixels are.

I pre-ordered the day 1 and got the phone last Friday from apple.
While setting up, I found the screen is yellowish. Once I set up, I compared that side by side with my older iphone xs max and note 20 ultra. Any white is significantly yellow on the 12 pro max. The true tone toggle helps little but that can't be the solution and also still it was yellowish. As soon as I contacted Apple, they didn't even try to troubleshoot and right away offered for replacement or refund.

That was interesting as it sounded like they are aware. And I chose to get refund and will probably order later to get a different batch when they resolve this.

  • Nathan

kris, 21 Nov 2020I had mine for 3 days and ended up returning the phone. Mai... moreBiggest BS I’ve ever heard. If there’s a bug with a BRAND NEW graphics card do you return it? No, you wait for a software update to be pushed out smh. If you returned it, it had to have been for some other reason, this is just an incredibly stupid one.

  • kris

I had mine for 3 days and ended up returning the phone. Main reason is the camera. It had 2 bugs in software and one in hardware, which is present in both 12 Pro and Pro Max models. Software issues: Flickering when shooting on 4k 60fps on main 1x sensor and lags and stuttering when shooting on 0.5x lens and 4k 60fps - when you press the screen to get exposure the issue is present. Hardware issue is with 1x lens when trying to shoot close photos - basically camera will just not focus full stop and some times you can hear weird noise. It's a nice phone don't get me wrong, but for this price tag issue as such should not be present. Not mentioning excessive ghosting and reflections when shooting at night/day and pointing into strong light sources. Videos are literally not usable at all. Ended up buying pixel 4a 5g and wow what a difference comparing to 12 Pro Max and at more than half price. Would really strongly advice to read about those issues and see videos and sample photos before spending 1000 plus on your phone! Majority of reviews unfortunately don't mentioned those and showing the bad side of the camera system, which is deal breaker for so many users. In high level, bigger and better sensors not always equal to better ;)