ZTE Axon 20 5G review

22 December 2020

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  • Abdul

Nice look

  • Anonymous

This implementation of under display camera is a joke, you can see the square patch when viewing content, it's more irritating than a notch and only slightly better than a cut out. The quality of the camera is also terrible.

The saddest thing is that due to the fundamental limitations of the tech it will not improve significantly, the light input to the camera will always be compromised, and the screen and associated calibration will always be blemished in this area.

Looks like I am keeping my OnePlus 7 Pro for as long as possible, but hey at least it will be cheaper to manufacture than motorized cameras.

it's my favourite phone 😍

  • Anonymous

Good, so it will be sold well, even we use cheap & laggy chip

  • Anonymous

The Albion , 30 Dec 2020I'll tell you why Danny boy. Because I've got exp... moreSince when are Beyerdynamics expensive? And who the f uses such headphones with their phone? Do you bring your DAC and connect it to your phone too? lmao

Daniel, 28 Dec 2020Why you all still using audio jack, use bluetooth man... Au... moreA lot of people have good enough ears to hear compression damage. Electronic metal/rock with heavy distortion will have off-key buzzing, squeals, or fuzz-outs depending on the codec. Maybe you're old?

Anyways, I still have a couple of new-looking Axon 7 phones lying around because the software updates were so crappy that they became useless in less than a year. The second phone was for Cyanogenmod/LineageOS development but ZTE changed their mind about supporting that and locked the bootloader. I'd hesitate to buy a new ZTE even if it had a microSD slot, headphone jack, and North American radio bands.

  • omit

The Albion , 30 Dec 2020I'll tell you why Danny boy. Because I've got exp... morenice

  • The Albion

Daniel, 28 Dec 2020Why you all still using audio jack, use bluetooth man... Au... moreI'll tell you why Danny boy. Because I've got expensive wired Beyerdynamics earphones which are the dogs bollxcks. And Bluetooth earphones don't come near them.

  • Anonymous

I don't see what's so bad about those selfies (apart from light problems)
My S9+ only takes 5.2MP and they are awful

  • S0mobody

i mean why are ppl still surpirsed about no audio jack...
since iphone 7 this "no audio jack trend" is just becoming more common each year
maybe one day no phone will have audio jack anymore

  • Daniel

Why you all still using audio jack, use bluetooth man... Audio jack is out...old man...

  • Tito

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2020Terrible battery life, No audio Jack. Next... Really? No audio jack? What's new? Go on..

  • pt020

Is candid camera legal?

  • Anonymous

Terrible battery life, No audio Jack. Next...

Shroud Dr.Disrespect, 23 Dec 2020If you watch JERRYRIG latest video about UDC of ZTE axon20,... moreIt is FIRST-GEN tech. What do you expect? Every tech needs time to mature.

Also, this is ZTE. They were never known for their cameras. Expect better results from top-tier companies due to using better hardware & improved software correction.

An unfinished product imho. But we must realize that the tech is not yet there to make the camera invisible under the screen.
All in all a midrange phone that should cost in the 300-350 euro range tops. And even in this price range you have better options.
The battery is average, the camera is average, so is the screen. And what's up with a nearly 7" screen. Who carries those bricks around. I wouldn't!
I don't see this selling particularly well in Europe. Not with the likes of Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco, Realme, Oneplus and even the affordable Pixels. Hell, for a 100 euro more i'd rather buy a used Iphone 11 than this.
Axon 10 was their best phone to date and it just might be their best phone ever!

If you watch JERRYRIG latest video about UDC of ZTE axon20,
we can see the selfie image quality from UDC is not that good.

The image will broken and has splatter of light if you take a selfie under the light sources. Also not sharp in normal conditions.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2020Even after 3 years, under display fingerprint sensor isn�... moreBoth are incorrect, first gen ud fp means 1+6T was nowhere unreliable, it was fast and accurate af.
Come to today, ud fp are quick af and 99.99% accurate maybe (I'm not incorrect, check any flagship realme or oppo device)

  • verde

What's the point of having the camera under the display if it isn't positioned in the center of the screen?

  • Prahthap 1709

Yeah,,it's true..under display camera is not much greater and its ZTE,first smartphone under display camera.maybe the next model will satisfy user..and the price is much higher and no service center in Malaysia.im always Nokia user,now use 7.2(6gb-128rom,,and prepare for 8.3,5G.. expensive but satisfy.thanx