ZTE Axon 20 5G review

22 December 2020

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AnonD-920712, 23 Dec 2020If you watch JERRYRIG latest video about UDC of ZTE axon20,... moreIt is FIRST-GEN tech. What do you expect? Every tech needs time to mature.

Also, this is ZTE. They were never known for their cameras. Expect better results from top-tier companies due to using better hardware & improved software correction.

An unfinished product imho. But we must realize that the tech is not yet there to make the camera invisible under the screen.
All in all a midrange phone that should cost in the 300-350 euro range tops. And even in this price range you have better options.
The battery is average, the camera is average, so is the screen. And what's up with a nearly 7" screen. Who carries those bricks around. I wouldn't!
I don't see this selling particularly well in Europe. Not with the likes of Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco, Realme, Oneplus and even the affordable Pixels. Hell, for a 100 euro more i'd rather buy a used Iphone 11 than this.
Axon 10 was their best phone to date and it just might be their best phone ever!

  • AnonD-920712

If you watch JERRYRIG latest video about UDC of ZTE axon20,
we can see the selfie image quality from UDC is not that good.

The image will broken and has splatter of light if you take a selfie under the light sources. Also not sharp in normal conditions.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2020Even after 3 years, under display fingerprint sensor isn�... moreBoth are incorrect, first gen ud fp means 1+6T was nowhere unreliable, it was fast and accurate af.
Come to today, ud fp are quick af and 99.99% accurate maybe (I'm not incorrect, check any flagship realme or oppo device)

  • verde

What's the point of having the camera under the display if it isn't positioned in the center of the screen?

  • Prahthap 1709

Yeah,,it's true..under display camera is not much greater and its ZTE,first smartphone under display camera.maybe the next model will satisfy user..and the price is much higher and no service center in Malaysia.im always Nokia user,now use 7.2(6gb-128rom,,and prepare for 8.3,5G.. expensive but satisfy.thanx

I'd have hoped that being able to hide the selfie would have led to a smaller device, 1080p on a display that large is pushing it anyway.

  • Anonymous

Too wide. Next.!!! 😂

  • Kei

Whats even the point to put that under display camera if it has such big chin? ...

[deleted post]It's "I'm", not "im".

And BTW, what does being good in English language has anything to do with owning an iPhone? That's a very shallow way of judging someone.

For a first-gen device, it sure delivers a usable product. Just imagine the improvements in that tech in 2-3 years. It would be sublime.

  • Anonymous

Sharing, 23 Dec 2020The under display camera can be drawn comparison with the i... moreEven after 3 years, under display fingerprint sensor isn't fast enough and it is still way behind capacitive ones. It's better to use old technologie and not rush and use half baked technologie.

Eventhough the under-display camera is a cool idea, the selfie photo quality is far from great. Definitely not the best selfie camera around, that's for sure. But look at it this way - if you never care about the selfie or wefie at all and only care about the contents on the screen, this could be a worthy consideration for your next smartphone. If ZTE launched a flagship-tier variant of the Axon 20 5G with Snapdragon 865 or 865+ or even the 888, that would be one heck of a smartphone!

  • Sharing

The under display camera can be drawn comparison with the in-display fingerprint. First gen was slow and unreliable, but subsequent generations gets better and see more widespread use.

This is a concept device at best. Idk why they'd release a phone with such poor front camera. They could've just removed it altogether and made the phone cheaper. People who don't need a front camera could buy it.

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2020It requires transparent oled and other stuff. You cannot ... moreThey do turn off individual pixels. They combine the goodies of both world (oled and lcd)

  • Anonymous

Great implementation of the concept of an under display selfie cam. For those that want that it's a step in the right direction. As for myself, I'd rather have the top 'bar' dedicated to selfie cam / other sensors. But that's just me.
Coming to the screen itself, I am confused at the choice of the size of display vs ppi? Considering it's the first iteration of this phone, they should have set the mark with a crazy display, especially at that screen size.
Can't say much for the rest of the phone.

  • Anonymous

absolutely Fantastic For Gen one product

  • syam7863

At least they are trying something new, and not removing it and call it an innovation.
BTW, I really can't remember the name of this reviewer (the one in the pictures).
Felt a bit guilty all of a sudden

  • Anonymous

More innovative han my Iphone 11.