Google Pixel 5 long-term review

9 February 2021

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  • Tdbone

As a new Pixel 5 owner, I must say the Pixel has grown on me. Although I got it for a steal at under $300 used in great condition. I was always intrigued by Pixel but the lack of adequate storge always had me stick with Samsung. So I've tried it and there are some downfalls like the speakers could've been better and the hardware locked wireless fast charging features. I actually love the phone. I had actually tried to sell but all the benefits of the phone and Google ecosystem kept me from going through with the sale. So Google you've made me a fan and follower. Signed a former Samsung guy...well almost.

  • Mohi

Pixel 5 is best in under beget.

  • Jimbob

Pixel 5 is the only phone for me these days.... I dont need a phone the size of king kong

  • Ridiculust

Vlad Pixel, 02 Apr 2021The pixel 5 would be great if it actually worked! I don�... moreSorry to here that. I have none of these problem. My Pixel 5 is fast camera is real good battery last all day with about 6hr of on screen time and i had many apps open at the same time and none of then closed.

  • Chuck

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2021Battery life is appalling after less than a year. I've... moreYou can separate the screen even with a hairdryer and few playing cards, replace the battery and reattach the old screen with glue or special tape. How would you design it better and still have IP68?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2021Battery life is appalling after less than a year. I've... moreAny more information . Like how long did It last before to now long does it last ?? It is a genuine question thank you

  • Anonymous

Battery life is appalling after less than a year. I've never had such a quickly aging battery - and it's difficult to replace without.breaking the screen. Google sucks at phone design

  • Amin Kaabi

Kingslayer, 15 Feb 2021Still loving my Pixel 3. And I own the iPhone SE1 and 7 jus... moreSwiftKey? It's good but trying to use Gboard.
I use it it's whole better as SwiftKey...

  • Rick

Well my first pixel was the 3XL I loved it and then I am a Samsung guy I do have the note 20 ultra 5G but instead of getting another Samsung I wanted the new pixel so I want and it took me forever to find a pixel 5 a lot of people don't know this but they only made a certain amount of them because of covid and they were short on chips and other components so the first time I came to the store they didn't even have it they had to order one in for me I got the all black and I can tell you right now great phone even saves lives what phone do you know has automatic crash detection I didn't even know the phone had that it is simple yet customizable unlike the iPhone I don't know what they're talking about because I've tooken photos with my note 20 ultra 5G and I tooken photos with my pixel and sometimes I choose the pixel photos now if you're talking about zoom and distance then obviously the note 20 ultra but for portraits and videos super crisp super clean and storage is most important lots and my whole house is Google automated so it only makes sense to have a Google phone

  • SpecialSauce

Three and a half months is nothing. What's it like on three years?

My Pixel 2 would be great if not for the whole phone turning off because I dared be outside for more than ten minutes or to use my camera below 54% battery.

Even now it's priced at $800 CDN and I have a hard time justifying something I expect to be useless in two years. This is a problem of course with all smart phones, so there's really no alternative on that front.

The 4a would be my go to at $120 less, if not for the lack of six cents of formed aluminum, which drastically improves durability.

  • Vlad Pixel

The pixel 5 would be great if it actually worked! I don't mind the construction, the camera and some of the other complaints. It seems to be an underpowered device that is no better then the Pixels 1XL that I replaced. The battery is great, and lasts almost 2 days with regular use and the memory is great to have. But apps crash regularly, I cant use the camera in WhatsApp or SMS or Messenger, it crashes. I actually have to take a photo with the camera and then post it to these apps. OneNote crashes regularly. The internal sensors for landscape or portrait viewing take too long to react, it seems the device is either way underpowered or is flakey. Very disappointed.

James, 23 Feb 2021You can get a galaxy s20fe for the same price as this too a... moreColour isn't the be all end all. Maybe you should stop poking your brains out, you're being subjective. Poor you can't apply a skin or a case you'd prefer, if you had the sense to protect it 😬

  • bruh

Why is everyone just roasting the Pixel 5 in the comments...
Come on guys, it's one of the best mid-tier android smartphones out there. Who needs the latest camera sensor? Who needs the newest top tier processor and gpu? Yes, there are better alternatives that offer a S865 for the price of a Big Mac, but this is still the most pure phone offered with Android.

  • Anonymous

The GPU performance is worse than the Google pixel 3 Snapdragon 845 nevermind last year's or this year's. It kind of makes sense considering it's the adreno 620 whereas the Pixel 3 uses the adreno 630. I think google needs to replace it's HTC staff before it goes the same way as HTC did. Power users will not like the pixel 5 one bit. At least with apples cheaper phones they all have great chipsets

  • James

You can get a galaxy s20fe for the same price as this too along with a flagship processor. Reviewer says it looks fun and playful ..I've picked prettier looking bogies than this ..the colour is gross

  • James

Funny how I get better battery life on my Oneplus 8 with 6.5 inch screen and flagship grade chipset , ok the battery is a little bigger but so is the screen. Just shows Google for all their software know-how still can't do battery life. I used to be a Nexus user until Google went premium with the pixel and we had to put up with bad battery performance then. So now non pixel phones perform better than googles own phone on android. This is no upgrade to the pixel 4 in performance terms it's actually a downgrade and quite a big one if you like gaming..maybe a little better in camera performance but that's it.

  • Sammy

Used pixel 5 both sage anf black color, now im back to pixel 4 xl.i think pure android 11 faster on p4xl, face unlock also convenience than finger print unlock at the back.

  • Y52

valkyrie25, 20 Feb 2021Anyone know the name of the font used by Pixel 5 in this article?Don't know but you can actually screenshot or save the image then use any font identifiers online

Fearghast, 11 Feb 2021It's still a nice phone with decent camera :-P It kin... moreThe unlimited storage is just so nice to have. It "the" feature.

Anyone know the name of the font used by Pixel 5 in this article?