Google Pixel 5 long-term review

9 February 2021

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  • Anonymous

The GPU performance is worse than the Google pixel 3 Snapdragon 845 nevermind last year's or this year's. It kind of makes sense considering it's the adreno 620 whereas the Pixel 3 uses the adreno 630. I think google needs to replace it's HTC staff before it goes the same way as HTC did. Power users will not like the pixel 5 one bit. At least with apples cheaper phones they all have great chipsets

  • James

You can get a galaxy s20fe for the same price as this too along with a flagship processor. Reviewer says it looks fun and playful ..I've picked prettier looking bogies than this ..the colour is gross

  • James

Funny how I get better battery life on my Oneplus 8 with 6.5 inch screen and flagship grade chipset , ok the battery is a little bigger but so is the screen. Just shows Google for all their software know-how still can't do battery life. I used to be a Nexus user until Google went premium with the pixel and we had to put up with bad battery performance then. So now non pixel phones perform better than googles own phone on android. This is no upgrade to the pixel 4 in performance terms it's actually a downgrade and quite a big one if you like gaming..maybe a little better in camera performance but that's it.

  • Sammy

Used pixel 5 both sage anf black color, now im back to pixel 4 xl.i think pure android 11 faster on p4xl, face unlock also convenience than finger print unlock at the back.

  • Y52

valkyrie25, 20 Feb 2021Anyone know the name of the font used by Pixel 5 in this article?Don't know but you can actually screenshot or save the image then use any font identifiers online

Fearghast, 11 Feb 2021It's still a nice phone with decent camera :-P It kin... moreThe unlimited storage is just so nice to have. It "the" feature.

Anyone know the name of the font used by Pixel 5 in this article?

  • Abraham

What a nice phone

Sike1dj, 17 Feb 2021What UI? It's literally pure Android. There is no actu... moreUI stands for user interface. Pure Android certainly has one otherwise you would have to control it through a command line.

What UI? It's literally pure Android. There is no actual UI to speak of. It's the best way to use Android in my opinion.

Solun1, 17 Feb 2021"UI doesn't feel as smooth as other brands".... moreI laughed at that too, lol.

"UI doesn't feel as smooth as other brands"... let that sink in.

Still loving my Pixel 3. And I own the iPhone SE1 and 7 just for gaming or music. I think after using iOS14 and planning to customize my widgets for my home screen, I still would prefer using Pixel.

I prefer typing on Android because SwiftKey is superior on it than on iOS. More robust settings. I also hate how annoying it is to use copy and paste on iOS. I told myself I would exclusively go foldable someday like Michael Fisher tried to do. But everything Michael Fisher has enjoyed, it flopped or the novelty wore off.

I'll still stick to Pixel for life as I've been saying since 2017. I bet if I have a Razr or Z Flip, the novelty of it being a flip phone will wear off. I don't like Google but I have no other choice. It's only Android and iOS to choose from. The Pixel is the iPhone of Android.

  • Cyco

"The 90Hz refresh rate is a nice touch, but it's not the 'smoothest' implementation around. We're not sure what it is, but there's a noticeable difference in smoothness compared to, say, the OnePlus 7 Pro."

I have a Oneplus 7 Pro and can say with 100% certainty that it is 90Hz. It may feel smoother due to Oxygen OS, the more powerful chipset, the higher resolution, or something, but they have the same refresh rate. Bad comparison.

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2021This article should at least mention that the Pixel 5 is th... moreThis was never mentioned anywhere by anyone I believe. And it's such a selling point in my opinion and such an achievement, it makes the phone really beautiful. Up until 5mins ago all the reviewers were complaining about chins and asymmetry but now that it's finally not a problem anymore and to that was made with such perfection all are silent. Give praise were it's due!

  • Anonymous

This article should at least mention that the Pixel 5 is the only Android with symmetrical bezels !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-961600, 12 Feb 2021Looks like you do business on your phone that you can'... morephone games don't, also I don't like worrying about my battery life at all. just want it ready to go whenever I need it. tbh though to each his own. I prefer to have my handset simple effective and easy to use.

  • Anonymous

Correction: ipx8

  • AnonD-961600

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2021if you wanna play games, get a console or a computer lol. I... moreLooks like you do business on your phone that you can't afford too lose battery life not once just too justified the time, that games don't intrst you or you're lazy that you have too charge the phone once yet again?

  • AnonD-961600

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2021if you wanna play games, get a console or a computer lol. I... moreThere are great graphics intense games with Sony PlayStation emulator you can play games on your phone, so your credit is no value.