Oppo Find X3 Pro review

17 March 2021

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I own it, I should no. I have the S21ultra and Note20Ultra, and tried comparing with IP12ProMax , my sisters and it's 2 years ahead. I have a Alpha Sony camera aswell. The Pro app and Video app is way much advanced even 2 years ahead still will lack the camera being used.

Daany, 19 Mar 2021The fugliest Camera setup ever... They didn't even try... moreThat's what I said.
Even the Sony 5ii Pro camera application beats even 2 years ahead camera .

Yuck , nasty ugly looking camera design. Trying to copy Samsung S21ULTRA.
No 16gb Ram.
No 8k .

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2021What's up with people's obsession for low light p... morei would not say we r obsessed, more like impressed because most phones always have so much noise even with night mode in the dark, this has no noise to speak of, even in the sky

  • Anonymous

What's up with people's obsession for low light photos without flash? Do they think that's some kind of benchmark if camera is good or not? It isn't.
What is it more likely that you will take a picture of, your kid or a pet sitting in pitch black darkness or your kid or a pet running around at daytime?

[deleted post]in night mode, definitely. but in daylight, i still think Mi10U and GP5 lead the pack

  • Anonymous

The macro camera is a good idea, but I much prefer macro with a smaller field of view, then you don't need to be so close in order to get the same magnification.
In my opinion macro is more important than fixed focus ultra wide angle cameras. The best solution might be ultra wide angle macro cameras that can focus to infinity.

  • Aloop

[deleted post]From the samples, Huawei Mate 40 Pro is still the leader here.

  • LV426

[deleted post]For photos .. photos from mobile for 1k euro :D Mirrorless for 400e make much better photos than this :)

Daany, 19 Mar 2021The fugliest Camera setup ever... They didn't even try... moreI don't buy it for beauty. But for taking best photos. In which it looks like the x3pro is leader for 2021

  • mr.Nobody

Daany, 19 Mar 2021The fugliest Camera setup ever... They didn't even try... moreAnd the design is a straight copy from a Nokia 808 Pureview. That too had a gently curved camera island.

It didn't win any praise back then so why Oppo get praised now, is beyond me. :-/

  • mr. nobody

"... Combining those with the mediocre standby performance made for an uninspiring 81h Endurance rating...."

That's why the people who actually use the damn things want these phones to be slightly thicker. Instead of a curvy bump for the camera's just flatten the curve! And stick a larger battery in the added space!

Are these engineers really THAT dumb?

  • Anonymous

Nick.B, 19 Mar 2021Oppo didn't pay the other sites where gsmarena is hone... moreHaha you might want to list of those YouTube reviewers.
We know the usual suspects CNET, Purge, etc.

  • raycon

Dometalican, 18 Mar 2021Well...with a software update, they finally enabled 1Hz-120... moreme too, it's an interesting phone but I'm skeptical about the battery.
Again I find myself forced to choose a Samsung, I hate Samsung. If Oneplus 9/9pro doesn't have better battery life I'll skip the upgrade this year

  • Aerni68

As far as I know a new firmware update has been issued, which enables the variable refresh rates of the screen to be more versatile. This should also have a footprint in the battery section. Please can you re-test the variable refresh behaviour and the battery scores? Many thanks for your great efforts!

The fugliest Camera setup ever... They didn't even try to be original. They hoped to copy from Samsung and Apple, then boom, clone out the best but this thing is an eyesore.

don't ever fricking praise curved screens, they are a nightmare 😐

Cacciatore, 18 Mar 2021the MI 11 costs € 749 in Europe and with the current promot... moreWell, in my European country, it costs 899€!

JanOlsen, 19 Mar 2021X2 pro has bad battery life in reality, needs charging more... moreI disabled o1 ultra vision engine, also went to 60hz and FHD+ instead of qHD+ or all in auto (still drains a lot).
And it become different phone altogether. My x2pro. X3pro is a little better on battery, has wireless charging, it is lighter and slimmer (that's a problem to me with x2pro even in the case I went to leather which is 200grams not 213grams like ceramic). but 9.6mm thick compared to 8.something on x3pro and wireless charging, 192grams. sounds amazing

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2021Hmm, the main camera didn't get such a glowing review ... moreSamsung is long ago not a best phone. Apple has big limitations on some things in iOS, and hardware too, on iphones