Realme 8 Pro review

29 March 2021

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The Realme 8 Series took nose dive because of -

1. Note10PMax having 120Hz. Oled vs 60Hz Oled. , 8 Pro has slightly dimmer screen in nits brightness , its marginally smaller & its SRR is low ( High SRR = better / new tech. ) & you know in midrange that difference = massacre.

2. 8mp UWIde of 10PMax is superior (SonyvsGCore) , images , detail level , infact your 6 pro & 7 Pro has better uWide vs 8Pro. , The macro cam. difference is huge - 2mpvs5mp.

3. ONLY diff. superior 3x zoom , 50w & Ui (vs Mi ui only) , rest all you will look at N10ProMax , now they say xiaomi needs case as its mobiles are fragile.

For So much why look at 8 Pro , provided you are sold on RM. , also i mentioned 12mp of RN10PMax kills 8Pro , ( Most users will click in 12MP ) , also NMode is below 6 , 7 pro , ( f/1.8 vs f/1.9 maybe?) , this leads to N10PMax leading in few areas in night mode!! Also it does not have CallRecording ( Both dont have but if 8pro had it would have been positive ).

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MobileMann21, 06 Apr 2021They will afterall its class leading 1/1" BIG Sam. S... moreThose middle range devices flashing 108mp are mostly gimmicks. They know it, we know it. Hence, realme 8 series took a nose dive right down to the bottom.

They will afterall its class leading 1/1" BIG Sam. Sensor , its very close to 1" DSLR now , so quality will be there with 5x - 6x zoom , 1/2" UWIde , Specs are superb , hope it launches worldwide.
Instead of 1/1.52" would have loved 1/1/33" Sensor 108mp on 8 pro & N10ProMax.

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MobileMann21, 05 Apr 2021I was talking in reference to samsung s21 - s21 ultra , the... moreAhaa.. Yes.. Dxo is raving for Mi..

I was talking in reference to samsung s21 - s21 ultra , they have excellent cams ( Now its Mi Note 11 ultra ).

No samsung s8 is expected to be defeated by todays upper midrangers.

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MobileMann, 05 Apr 2021Suraj Grover - We should compare apples to apples - Samsung... moreSo, yesteryear flagship cameras are supposed to beat now a days mid rangers or even upper midrangers?

Suraj Grover - We should compare apples to apples - Samsung S8 is/was a good camera and relevant even today , Samsung s21 series all have good cameras , but in that samsung s21 ultra is best.


AnonD-131754, 03 Apr 2021Hahaha..more than half of what is provided has to meet set ... moreWHEN YOU BACK TO OPPO OLD VERSI, LOOK LIke a oppo mirror, that is the best camera in low price,, ad now so much phone whit 100MP camera but did'n have Qualiy,

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Jayaesh, 31 Mar 2021Thanks Suraj n MobileMann ,so I have gone ahead and ordered... moreBy the way, 6 pro 8+128 is available on flipkart. 🙏

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MobileMann, 03 Apr 2021@Suraj Grover - No , thats just to update members here. ... moreHahaha..more than half of what is provided has to meet set conditions in order to work smoothly.
My father's s8 has a better camera than what is being pushed today in the name of 48/108 binned images.

@Suraj Grover - No , thats just to update members here.

Anyways Slo-Mo has its own issues , it needs proper sunlight / light to work well & mostly useful outdoor.

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MobileMann, 02 Apr 2021Update Guys , i think realme has introduced 240fps SLo-mo i... more.... And yawn...
Because everyone wants to shoot slow mo all the time?

Update Guys , i think realme has introduced 240fps SLo-mo in latest update , as i said in my earlier post.

[deleted post]I know right? For me Realme 7 Pro is a better deal. It even more powerful.
You can view the full durability test of it from youtuber called "CNTechRoom" from india.
It also had stereo speakers compared to 8 pro which is only single bottom firing speaker. And just loud is not enough. You will lose the stereo effects.
The camera even it's has higher 108 mega pixel, is not good enough i think. I heard someone said it has gen 2 sensor from last year made by samsung. And i m o the 64 mp sony imx682 is already very Good Enough. Because "good" cameras is mainly produced by Sony in fact even samsung did use sony camera for their Flagship.
Or you can just buy" a camera" if big mp is what you want.
For me, this 108mp battle camera phone is ridiculous.
What else next 6 month 200mp? 512mp? Lol.
Smartphones really turned to a camera overtime.

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Looks good

Jayeash - don't compare it with S21 as both are worlds apart (Camera) , S21 has best night mode in the market.

@theacidbat - Realme 8 pro has crappy Micro cam. thats why i said UWide & Macro go for Note10ProMax.
There is hope to improve night mode , right now its close to but superior to Note10PM , but loses out to 7 pro & 8 Pro. ( My views , but Purist might rate 8 Pro for its real life dimmer photos ).There is news Realme with introduce 240FPS SLo-Mo ( Right now only 120fps slomo possible ) , so some updates are expected.

Jayaesh - I just answered your question , 8 Pro is not a bad buy , but is not compelling because of 120HzOLED on Note10PM , but yes Realme 8 Pro has good built quality , Redmi Phones are fragile (Cost Cutting) & meant to be used with Case , else it will...

Certified Gamer, 30 Mar 2021Yes the Dare To Leap is craphave u use it can u tell a 120 hez from 60? kids just write crap from the comfort of a crapping phone

Thanks Suraj n MobileMann ,so I have gone ahead and ordered 8Pro, once it arrives I will keep u guys posted n do a comprehensive camera comparison with S21 , I know Apple n Oranges but it will be fun nevertheless, If I don't like it I will not spare the phone, I am not the bloke who defends his purchases, Case in point : My LG CX which I criticize in every forum n incur the wrath of LG Oled fanboys 😜

See u guys in a few days...peace out.